Best Dentist to Get Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implantation  treatment in Istanbul, Turkey, is a new progressive stage in modern dentistry, which helps patients forget about dental problems forever. Dental implantation has gained wide popularity and demand for over forty years. For this reason, Turkish dentists have a rich experience and professionalism in this field, have many years of knowledge and medical practice, and work like magic.

If you are looking for value-for-money implantation, then Medicasmile dental clinic  in Istanbul, Turkey, is the best choice for any patient. This is explained by the fact that there is an opportunity to supply implants at a very low price in Turkey and be satisfied with excellent quality for a very long time. Dental treatment in Istanbul, Turkey, saves about 75% of the patient’s budget, unlike treatment in the UK.

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15 years


local or local with sedation

Cost of dental treatments in Turkey

E-Max veneers – £200 per tooth

Lumineers £237 per tooth 

Inlay / Onlay ceramics £200 per tooth

Metal fused porcelain crown£120 per tooth

Zirconium crown – £135 per tooth

Dental Implants in Turkey Cost

Istanbul offers the best dental implant in Turkey at a very low price, which is 75-80% cheaper than in the UK.

The treatment cost depends on the implantation type and the installed implant brand. The most common types of implantation treatment in Turkey have approximately the following cost:

  • the cost of installation of a single implant is about £400
  • the cost of installation of All-on-4 implants is about £1600
  • the cost of installation of All-on-6 implants is about £2400
  • the cost of installation of All-on-8 implants is about £3200
  • the cost of installation of 3-on-6 implants is about £2400

If you dreamed of a perfect smile and were shocked by the cost of implantation in the UK, then Istanbul is the perfect solution for patients and their smiles that will sparkle and please the eye of patients for a lifetime.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental İmplant in Turkey

Best Turkish dental implants are solid titanium structures in the form of a kind of screw, which is implanted into the jawbone in place of a tooth removed or missing due to adentia. It helps to fix a regular or bridge denture better. This is a great way to solve the problem of complete or partial absence of teeth, close the gaps and make the smile of patients shine in a new way.

The success rate of implant placement is about 95%. The implant is fixed very securely, which prevents its displacement. The installation of implants allows patients to solve the problem of missing teeth, speech defects, and digestive difficulties. Also, implantation prevents the loss of jawbone mass caused by the complete absence of teeth.

An important factor is that titanium, from which the implant is made, is absolutely hypoallergenic and has high biocompatibility, which allows implants to be installed in almost all cases for any patient.

Who is Suitable for Dental Implants?

Restoring the integrity of the dentition with the best teeth implants in Turkey is necessary in any case, even in the absence of one tooth, so that the function of the entire dentoalveolar system is not disturbed. Implants are suitable for almost everyone of all ages, especially in demand in old age. Indications for dental implant treatment are as follows:

İmplant in Turkey
  • loss of one tooth, especially with healthy neighbouring teeth;
  • absence of two or three teeth in a row;
  • the last teeth in the row are missing (end defects of the teeth). In this case, implantation is almost always the only way to restore the series;
  • complete absence of teeth (many patients are sceptical about removable dentures);
  • allergic to dentures and the inability to install them (implantation in this case is the only way out).

In the presence of gum disease, implantation is applied after the dentist has eliminated these problems.

It is important to remember that implant treatment can be dangerous for chronic heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, and people under 18-20 who have not yet completed bone formation.

Advantages and Side Effects of Dental Implants

The best dental implants in Turkey look like real teeth and feel natural without discomfort. Dental implant treatment has many benefits and several side effects.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Among the advantages of dental implants treatment are the following:

1) protection against loss of jaw bone mass;

2) no risk of slipping or falling out. Implants are more comfortable than prostheses, as they are securely fixed into the jawbone;

3) preservation of natural facial expressions and smoothing of wrinkles;

4) return of natural bite;

5) no damage to the adjacent healthy tooth;

6) correction of speech defects;

7) the absence of mental stress, which may occur, for example, when wearing a removable prosthesis.

Side Effects of Dental Implants

teeth implants turkey

Like any other dental treatment, implants can have some disadvantages and side effects, among which are:

  • difficulty opening the mouth on the day of surgery and a few days after it;
  • pain effect after treatment, which is eliminated by painkillers prescribed by the dentist;
  • swelling that persists for several days immediately after surgery;
  • soreness of the tissues when pressed.

Why do People Prefer to Get Dental Implants Abroad?

Medicasmile is the best dental implant clinic in Turkey. British patients prefer to get their teeth done abroad, because these procedures are much cheaper in Istanbul, and the result of the treatment  is always pleasing with its excellent quality.

In addition, Turkish clinics use only the highest quality premium materials, allowing dentists to install implants even better. Also, using innovative dental technologies speeds up and digitises all work processes. Experienced dentists know and love their job due to their high professionalism and qualifications.

Turkey is known for its hospitality and constantly developing tourism industry. People have the opportunity not only to get implants treatment but also to relax in the beautiful Turkish resorts, see gorgeous views and sights, and relax their bodies and souls.

Why Should You Choose Istanbul for Dental Treatments?

İmplants in İstanbul

Istanbul is known for its dentistry and dental procedures, especially for the best Turkey dental implants. This city is considered the centre of world-class clinics, such as Medicasmile. Istanbul is an ideal choice for dental treatment as the prices are reasonable and competitive, and the quality of service is maintained with the latest technology and experienced dentists.

Istanbul offers all types of dental treatments at affordable prices and dental implants package deals  that include transfer and accommodation in addition to the procedures themselves. Istanbul dentists use the most effective treatment methods and have high-quality skills in their field.

Turkey is one of the top three countries in Europe for dental services and implant placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients can check out the most frequently asked questions answered by the best dentists in Turkey for implants

Can a Person Have an Allergy to Dental Implants?

The cheapest dental implant treatment abroad

In all forty years of the existence of dental implants, cases of an allergic reaction to them have never been reported. The titanium from which the implant is made is hypoallergenic, which is why it is often used in dentistry and during treatment.

However, if you decide to install cheap implants of an unknown brand, then there is a possibility that more impurities may be added to the titanium alloy. One of these additional elements that can cause allergic reactions in the body is vanadium.

Dental Implantation Stages

Dental implantation treatment takes place in the following stages:

Dental in Turkey
  1. Consulting. First of all, the dentist must examine the condition of your oral cavity and, if necessary, eliminate undesirable factors (such as gum disease), which are not recommended for implants. Next, the dentist develops a treatment plan.
Dental Local Anaesthesia
  1. The process of implantation. Local anaesthesia is usually sufficient for implantation, but if you wish, you can be put under anaesthesia and have the operation performed in your sleep. First, the dentist makes special holes in the jawbone for dental implants using a dental burr. Next, the implants are placed into these holes and sutured from above. After the treatment, you should take the prescribed medications on time for fast and proper healing. If desired, there is the possibility of making temporary prostheses.
Oral hygiene and rinsing
  1. Healing. The dentist removes the stitches a week after the treatment. To avoid the formation of bacteria, dentists recommend maintaining oral hygiene and rinsing.
Dental crowns implant in Turkey
  1. Recovery. Within two to six months, the implant takes root in the bone. After this time, your oral cavity will be ready for the dental crowns or bridge treatment.

Healing Process of Dental Implants

The healing period after surgery can vary from two to nine (in the worst case) months. It usually takes about three months for the maxilla to fuse with the jawbone and for the mandible two months.

After-care Tips

Dental İmplant in Turkey

It would be best to take care of your implants like natural teeth, as they do not require specific care. Remember daily oral hygiene: brush your teeth twice a day. You can also floss gently. Avoid foods that are too hard and sticky. Pay attention to regular visits to the dentist every six months and your doctor’s recommendations.

Is Getting Dental Implants Very Painful?

Dental implant treatment is absolutely painless, as it is performed using local anaesthesia. If you are afraid of surgery or just at your request, the dentist can put you into medication sleep. After treatment, you may experience postoperative pain and discomfort, which can be relieved by pain medications prescribed to you. Pain after surgery is a natural body reaction to the placement of an implant.


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