Cost of Getting Your Teeth Fixed in Turkey

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Getting dental treatment in Turkey is a cost-effective and best choice you can make. Due to the affordable and cheap treatment cost, patients can save 75-80% of their money. Highly-qualified specialists in Turkey provide dental care at the highest quality level.

Since dental treatment in the UK is sky-high, many patients seek help abroad. That is why Turkey is the most popular country for dental tourism. In this article, you will learn about Turkey’s most popular dental procedures and their cost.

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2 visits


from £100


15 years


local or local with sedation

Straumann Implant –  £ 400

Nobel BioCare Implant – £ 600

E-Max veneers – £200 per tooth

Metal fused porcelain crown– £100 per tooth

Zirconium crown – £135 per tooth

Dental bridge – £348

Laser teeth whitening – £150

Ortodontic treatment – £1300

Getting Your Teeth Done Cost in Turkey

The cost of getting teeth fixed in Turkey directly depends on the procedure that the patient needs and the amount of work required. The most common and popular dental treatments in Turkey have the following approximate cost:

  • the cost of dental implantation varies from £375 to £600;
  • the cost of installing dental veneers varies from £100 to £240 per tooth;
  • the cost of installing Lumineers varies from £250 to £300;
  • the cost of installing a crown varies from £100 to £240 per tooth;
  • the cost of installing a bridge varies from £348 to £505;
  • the cost of laser whitening varies from £100 to £175;
  • the cost of orthodontic treatment varies from £1300 to £4350.

These prices are indicative and vary depending on the clinic’s characteristics and the dentist’s qualification.

Popular Dental Treatments in Turkey

The most common and popular treatments are dental implants, veneers, Lumineers, crowns and bridges, laser whitening, and orthodontic treatment.

Dental Implantation in Turkey

dental implants

Dental implants are artificial rods shaped like a tooth root implanted into the jaw bone and provide a solid foundation for further prosthetics with permanent crowns and bridges. Implants can also serve as an additional fixation for removable structures. Implants are made from durable biocompatible materials: most often from titanium, less often from ceramics or metal alloys (titanium and zirconium dioxide).

The advantage of implantation treatment is that implants can replace one missing tooth or jaw with adentia. It allows not only to abandon a removable prosthesis completely but also to preserve the volume of bone tissue as much as possible and relieve the load from neighbouring teeth when eating.

Since the implant fuses with the bone, it provides the high functionality of natural teeth, unlike removable dentures, which can make chewing difficult. Dental implants allow patients to eat their favourite products without pain and confidently.

Dental Veneers Installation in Turkey

Veneer installation has been a very popular aesthetic procedure in orthopaedic dentistry recently. Veneers are very thin layers of dental material with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm, which are attached to the front side of the tooth (most often in the smile area) using special cement. These micro-prostheses allow patients to correct their teeth shape, position, and colour, eliminate aesthetic defects, and protect their smiles from destruction.

dental veneers

Indications for the installation of veneers are:

  • the desire to change the shape of the tooth;
  • the desire to change the colour of the enamel (stains on the enamel, darkening of the fillings);
  • damage, chips, and cracks on the enamel.

When installing veneers, the top layer of enamel is slightly processed. However, veneers are so thin that this process is minor and does not affect the tooth’s health.

Dental Lumineers in Turkey


Dental Lumineers are a type of classic veneers. However, their main difference is that Lumineers are ultra-thin porcelain, ceramic or composite plates about 0.2 mm thick. Due to their almost complete transparency, they mimic the natural appearance of enamel. The placement procedure is minimally invasive as Lumineers are so thin that they can be easily bonded without grinding the tooth.

The treatment is designed to correct discolouration, misalignment, tooth chipping, and other aesthetic problems. Lumineers can last up to 20 years with proper care.

Dental Crowns and Bridges Installation in Turkey

A dental crown is an excellent option for patients with a missing, decayed, or damaged tooth. A crown is an artificial crown part of a tooth. It can be installed on the patient’s tooth’s remains and on an artificial implant.

Modern crowns are no different from natural smiles. They are made from porcelain, composite, metal-ceramic, or other materials.

dental crown & bridge

Indications for the crown installation are as follows:

  • discolouration of tooth enamel due to fillings or for other reasons;
  • worn or damaged tooth (cracks, chips, etc.);
  • absence of a tooth (the crown is installed after implantation);
  • the need for a bridge or denture.

Bridges are permanent prostheses fixed in the patient’s jaw by processing adjacent teeth. A bridge is usually offered to patients who have lost multiple teeth and if adentia is on only one side of the mouth.

The base of the bridge is usually made of metal, while the artificial tooth placed on top is made of porcelain and matches the shape and shade of the patient’s natural smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey

laser teeth whitening

It is not always possible to maintain the natural whiteness of tooth enamel, as the use of colouring foods, drinks, and smoking affect its colour. The whitening procedure makes it possible to get a snow-white smile, which liberates a person in communication with loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Laser whitening is a treatment in which a gel is applied to the teeth and activated by a laser, which is as safe as possible for the tooth tissues. After laser whitening, the sensitivity is much less than after exposure to the ultraviolet rays of a whitening lamp. On average, the duration of laser whitening is 40 minutes.

Orthodontic Treatment in Turkey

ortodontic treatments

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of defects in the growth of teeth and dentoalveolar anomalies: malocclusion, close arrangement of teeth, tooth gaps, and so on. The task of an orthodontist is to correct the bite and align the dentition using special devices – braces, retainers, and so on.

Unfortunately, malocclusion is a very common problem, and depending on the degree of deviation, it can cause many problems: from a violation of aesthetics to improper functioning of the chewing function, as a result of which the teeth wear down quickly and the temporomandibular joints receive excessive stress.

Thus, orthodontic treatment solves two main tasks: it improves chewing function and aesthetics, allowing you to get a beautiful smile for many years.

Why Getting Your Teeth Fixed is Cheaper in Turkey?

As mentioned earlier, Turkey is the most popular country for dental tourism. Several reasons contribute to this.

  1. Well-developed healthcare system. Many clinics in Turkey can be proud of innovative equipment and highly-qualified and well-trained dentists. Thanks to this, there is an ideal value for money.
  2. High demand for dental procedures. Thanks to this, Turkish clinics offer them at a lower cost.
  3. Low cost of living in Turkey. This reason also affects the reduction in the cost of dental care.
  4. State support for dental tourism. The Turkish government is promoting this tourism area by offering benefits to foreign patients. Such support from the state helps to keep the cost of treatment at the most affordable level.
  5. Competitive market. Due to the high competition between clinics, many offer lower costs to attract clients.

Reasons to Choose MedicaSmile for Dental Treatments

MedicaSmile is a modern clinic in Turkey that cares for its patients. You can choose our clinic for dental treatment for the following reasons:

  • competitive, favourable, and affordable prices for procedures;
  • state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest quality dental care;
  • highly-qualified dentists trained in the latest techniques and with many years of experience in providing dental care;
  • the availability of all-inclusive packages, which include special discounts for group purchases of procedures, hotel accommodation, transfer from the airport to the clinic and hotel, assistance with filling out documentation and translation, and post-operative care;
  • individual approach to each patient to meet individual goals and needs;
  • English-speaking staff, which facilitates communication for foreign patients;
  • convenient location, so our clinic is easily accessible from anywhere in the city;
  • strict hygiene standards, cleanliness, and safety of our offices;
  • many patients are satisfied with our service.

Sign up for a consultation right now, get more detailed information about what interests you, and do not let this chance slip!


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