Full Set of Dental Implants in Turkey

full mouth dental implants

Most patients choose a full set of dental implants in Turkey as this procedure is very beneficial and convenient. People can forget about dental problems forever thanks to full mouth dental implants and return to their daily life like a path strewn with roses. Patients with dental implants have no restrictions on food and do not get into awkward situations during communication since the implants are securely fixed and do not slip off like removable dentures.

The problem of missing teeth these days is not quite serious and is solved thanks to the installation of full mouth dental implants in Turkey. Favourable cost and high-quality service will please any patient and leave only good memories and treatment experiences.

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2 visits


from £3200


15 years


local or local with sedation

Straumann Implant –  £ 400

Nobel BioCare Implant – £ 600

All-on-4 dental implants – £ 1600

All-on-6 dental implants – £ 2400

All-on-8 dental implants – £ 3200

3-on-6 dental implants – £ 2400

What is the Cost of a Full Set of Teeth in Turkey?

The cost of a full set of dental implants in Turkey is more favourable and cheaper than in Britain. The treatment cost depends on factors such as the number and brand of implants to be placed, the amount of dental work required, the level of experience and skill of the dentist, and the clinic’s location.

dental implants

The cost of installing twelve dental implants varies from £4800 to £5000.

The cost of installing fourteen dental implants varies from £5600 to £6000.

The final cost of installing full mouth dental implants in Turkey will be known to the patient after a preliminary consultation with the dentist.

Application of Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

Full mouth dental implant treatment in Turkey improves the patient’s standard of living and self-esteem and provides the person with great everyday comfort. Six to eight implants are placed into the lower jaw and six to eight into the upper jaw in a full mouth treatment.

In general, a full set of dental implants is recommended for patients considering the following factors:

Full Mouth Dental Implants Benefits in Turkey

Getting full mouth dental implants in Turkey has many benefits, which you can read below.

  1. Improving the functionality of the teeth. Due to the reliable and stable fixation of the full mouth implants into the jawbone, the chewing function and speech of the patient improve.
  2. Improving the aesthetics of a smile. Dental implants in Turkey are externally indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  3. Long service life. Full mouth dental implants are designed to be worn throughout life.
  4. Convenience. Dental implants fit comfortably in the mouth and do not feel like a foreign object, providing maximum patient comfort.
  5. Easy to care for. Full mouth dental implants need not be removed and cleaned like traditional dentures; they need to be cared for like natural teeth.
  6. Improving oral health. Implants prevent further bone loss due to missing teeth and generally improve overall oral health, thus preventing future dental problems.

What are the Stages of Full Mouth Dental Implantation in Turkey?

dental implants treatments

The full mouth implant procedure is lengthy due to osseointegration (implant engraftment into the bone). Treatment includes several stages.

Initial Consultation and Preparation of a Treatment Plan

First, the dentist evaluates the general condition of the patient’s oral cavity, takes X-rays, and performs other diagnostic tests to determine if the patient is suitable for implant treatment. Next, the dentist develops an individual treatment plan that takes into account the preliminary examination data and the specific needs and goals of the patient. The plan also includes the number and brand of implants to be placed. At this stage, the patient learns the exact cost of the entire treatment.

Preparatory Procedures and Implant Placement

Before installing the implant, the dentist removes the remains of the teeth or performs a sinus lift or bone grafting (if necessary). The dentist inserts full mouth implants into the jawbone surgically under general or local anaesthesia. Once the implants are placed, the process of osseointegration begins, during which the implants grow over the surrounding bone and heal. This process usually takes several months.

Installation of Abutment and Prosthesis

Abutments (connectors between implant and prosthesis) are installed at the end of the osseointegration process. They provide a stable base for future prostheses. Then a bridge or removable prosthesis is installed on the abutments (depending on the type of restoration chosen). After the treatment, the dentist provides the necessary instructions and recommendations for care.

Why are the Package Offers and Costs of a Full Set of Teeth Different in Turkey?

The cost of full teeth implantation and package deals in Turkey varies depending on various factors. At a minimum, the different materials used affect the price range of implants. Each clinic has its budget for research, procurement of new materials and development. Customs conditions, taxation, payment terms, or inventory costs directly affect package offers and the cost of a complete set of dental implants.

The cost of doctors and the rent of the clinic premises also affect package offers and the cost of a full set of teeth. In addition, each dentist has a different experience and skill level, and each clinic uses different expensive equipment and dental instruments. The more expensive the equipment and instruments, the more expensive dental implant treatment can be.

However, full mouth dental implants are not something to skimp on. The oral health of patients is directly related to how much they are ready to invest in it. Due to unnecessary savings, patients with cheap and low-quality implants often face various problems.

Choosing the right dentist and clinic is very important, as the quality of full mouth dental implants will depend on it. The reputable clinic MedicaSmile dental clinic in Turkey can be your choice, thanks to which you will not regret that you trusted our specialists!

Additional Procedures for Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

Full mouth dental implants may be accompanied by additional procedures, depending on the patient’s general and oral health. Such procedures can be bone grafting or sinus lift. However, not all patients need additional surgeries. The need for them depends entirely on the individual wishes, requirements, needs and goals of the patient.

Consult a qualified and experienced dentist at MedicaSmile before choosing and developing an individual treatment plan.

Bone Grafting in Turkey

bone grafting

Bone grafting in Turkey is a fairly common and popular dental treatment. Its essence is to increase the density of bone tissue in the jaw, as this may be required for maximum success in the installation of dental implants. Bone grafting in Turkey is safe and effective treatment performed exclusively by experienced specialists.

The bone grafting procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia and includes the following steps:

  • taking a bone mass from another part of the patient’s body: for example, from the chin or thigh (the use of synthetic bone material may be an alternative);
  • placement of a bone graft in the place where the implant will be installed in the future;
  • integration of bone material into the existing bone.

Patients can return to their daily routine within a few days after treatment. There may be slight discomfort and swelling after the procedure, but ice and pain medication easily manage these side effects.

The cost of bone grafting in Turkey ranges from £60 to £100 on average, depending on the type of bone material used and the complexity of the operation.

Sinus Lifting Turkey

sinus lifting

Sinus lifting in Turkey is a popular and widespread dental treatment. The essence of this procedure is to add jawbone mass, especially in the sinus area. This treatment is a good option for those patients who have lost upper jawbone density and need implants in that area.

Sinus lifting is safe and effective procedure, performed under sedation or local anaesthesia, and includes the following steps:

  • the dentist cuts the gum a little to expose the bone of the upper jaw;
  • elevating the sinus membrane to make room for the bone graft;
  • placement of the bone graft in the freed space;
  • suturing of gum tissue.

After the treatment, swelling, and discomfort may be observed, easily eliminated by painkillers and ice.

The cost of a sinus lift in Turkey ranges from £149 to £200, depending on the complexity of the treatment and the type of bone graft material used. However, a sinus lift in Turkey is an affordable procedure, especially when compared to the UK. This is the reason why Turkey is such a profitable place for dental tourism.


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