Hollywood Smile in Turkey: Cost and Planning

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

A Hollywood smile is the standard of an impeccable dentition, which is as white and even as possible. A smile says a lot about a person, and it is the first thing people pay attention to when communicating. The perfect smile will evoke exceptionally friendly feelings and an irresistible desire to smile back at those around you. You will have the world at your feet with a Hollywood smile.

However, what should people do with problematic teeth that are far from ideal? Indeed, natural teeth lose their original lustre over time and are subject to destruction. Of course, the right decision is the procedure for creating a Hollywood smile in Turkey at Medicasmile dental clinic , which will restore the patients’ confidence in their irresistibility and elevate the smile to the level of Hollywood stars.

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Cost for dental surgery in Turkey

Dental implants – £480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – £237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – £180 per tooth

Teeth whitening – £40 – £120 per tooth

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

The Hollywood smile Turkey price is the most pressing issue regarding this procedure. It is important to know that the cost of a Hollywood Smile at Medicasmile depends on the severity of the patients’ dental problems and their personal preferences. That is, there is no exact fixed price, and each treatment plan for one patient differs from the treatment plan for another. The total cost is also affected by the type and quality of dental materials used and the number of teeth being treated.

Turkey specialises in cosmetic dentistry, so the prices for dental procedures in this country are much lower than in the UK. However, the low cost does not negatively affect the quality of treatment – the result will exceed all your expectations!

The procedure for creating a Hollywood Smile at Medicasmile may include the following types of dental treatment and their costs:

  • the cost of laser whitening is about – £120
  • the cost of installing porcelain veneers is about – £237
  • the cost of installing zirconium crowns is about – £135
  • the cost of installing implants is about – £1600-£3200

Including minor and major dental procedures, the average cost of the Hollywood smile in Turkey at Medicasmile can range from £120 to £3200. The exact price depends on the number and type of services required.

What is a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

smile in Turkey

Considering this concept from a historical point of view, the snow-white Hollywood smile in Turkey is the smile that Hollywood stars demonstrate.

For the first time in dentistry, this concept appeared in the thirties, when the American dentist Charles Pincus invented the first Hollywood dental veneers. These were removable teeth pads that Hollywood actors glued to their teeth before filming began. At the end of the filming process, actors easily removed them, as if they were part of the make-up.

The first dental veneers made the teeth perfectly even, snow-white, and gave them a shape that looked perfect in the focus of the camera.

Over the years, the concept of the Hollywood smile has changed a bit, and today it means a complex of such factors:

  • even front and side teeth, the size of which should decrease evenly from the middle to the corners;
  • absence of defects (all teeth in a row are in place, without large interdental spaces or cracks);
  • snow-white enamel;
  • beautiful pale pink gums.
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Why is a Hollywood Smile Treatment Cheaper in Turkey?

As already known, the Hollywood smile cost in Turkey  is much cheaper than in Britain. Often this fact can cause suspicion and even distrust on the part of patients. However, many reasons can easily explain this phenomenon.

No Additional Fees or Hidden Costs for Smile Treatment

Turkish dentistry does not charge extra for consultations, equipment, assistance, or laboratory work. Everything is extremely honest and openly explained to the patient before starting the cheap Hollywood Smile in Turkey process to avoid misunderstandings.

Low Cost of Living

When getting the Hollywood smile treatment in Turkey, you should also know that transportation and accommodation in this country are also cheap. This will save your budget up to 70%. In addition, there are also dental packages that include not only treatment but also transportation and accommodation. Many clinics cooperate with transport carriers and hotels.

Currency Advantage

You will not need to worry about the question “How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey” because this country has a very convenient exchange rate, especially concerning the Turkish lira against the dollar, euro, and pound. Thus, the currency is cheaper, and you get the same quantity and quality of dental services, only much cheaper.

Hollywood Smile Package Deals in Turkey

Hollywood Smile price in Turkey

There is an option to purchase the Hollywood Smile Turkey package, which includes many other special features besides the dental treatment itself:

  1. an experienced dental professional;
  2. free X-ray if necessary;
  3. transfer from the airport to the clinic for a hassle-free trip;
  4. some dental clinics offer a discount if you refer a friend or relative;
  5. some dental clinics also provide a host;
  6. guarantee of excellent price and quality results;
  7. special discount for accommodation.

Different Techniques for the Hollywood Smile

Different techniques are used to achieve the best Hollywood smile in Turkey at Medicasmile, which are selected according to the patient’s needs and preferences.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the Hollywood Smile method in Turkey that involves correcting the colour of the teeth using a special gel containing hydrogen peroxide and a laser. Over time, the smile can lose its original lustre and turn yellow, and whitening is a great solution to this problem. On average, the laser teeth whitening treatment can last from twenty minutes to one hour, depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth.

laser teeth whitening

Zirconium Crowns Installation

Crowns differ from dental veneers in that they completely cover the entire tooth, which has been severely damaged or has lost its functionality.

Zirconium dental crowns  are a more aesthetic alternative to dental prosthetics. These crowns are made of hypoallergenic and very durable material – zirconium dioxide. The unique properties of this metal combine aesthetic appearance and high reliability. Zirconium crowns are universal and are used to replace both posterior and anterior teeth.

Zirconium crowns

Dental Implants Installation

This technique is one of the Hollywood Smile Turkey options, which involves surgical intervention and the installation of a special titanium screw into the jawbone – a dental implant . It imitates the tooth’s roots and completely replaces it functionally. This method solves such problems of people with complete or partial absence of teeth as speech defects, problems with chewing food, and even digestion.

Dental implants are placed under local anaesthesia, but there is also the possibility of such treatment in themedication sleep.

Dental implants in Turkey

Hollywood Smile Veneers

Dental veneers in Turkey

Hollywood Smile Veneers Turkey is one of the methods of smile makeover treatment at Medicasmile. Dental veneers  are thin shells that the dentist glues to the surface of the patient’s teeth. This technique helps to eliminate problems such as discolouration and darkening of teeth, enamel decay, broken teeth, cracks, interdental spaces, and others.

Lumineers and E-max are the most famous brands of veneers for smile treatment. Lumineers are ultra-thin plates of ceramic or composite material approximately 0.2 mm thick. Lumineers are almost transparent and are so thin that they can be placed without grinding down the teeth. E-max veneers are porcelain veneers that require minimal grinding of the enamel and imitate the natural teeth as much as possible.

Hollywood Smile Recovery Period

The recovery period of each patient differs depending on the chosen dental procedure.

For example, the protective layer of enamel after laser whitening is restored within two weeks.

After the installation of veneers, the gum heals within three to five days, and mild discomfort persists for another ten to fourteen days.

In the case of a crown, the gum takes the desired shape around the crown and fills the interdental space in two weeks.

After implantation, complete healing takes place within three to four weeks, and the engraftment of the implant and its implantation into the jawbone takes about six months.

Maintaining regular smile care after any procedures is very important, following the dentist’s recommendations.

Why Turkey for Dentistry?

Dental clinic in Turkey

It is safe to say that Turkey is the best country for dental treatment, and Medicasmile is the best Hollywood Smile dental clinic in Turkey. All this is due to several reasons.

The first reason is highly qualified dentists who meet all standards and requirements. Thousands of students study diligently in the best dental educational institutions in Turkey. Every future dentist undergoes very rigorous and demanding training.

The second reason is strict rules and standards. Each dentist passes a special exam to confirm qualifications. A dentist can only work with a special license, and in the absence of it, the doctor may even face a term in prison. Becoming a dentist is very difficult and tiring, so doctors consciously take this step and gradually earn respect and experience.

The third reason is the latest dental technology for smile treatment. Turkey has a wide dental infrastructure, and each clinic is equipped with the best innovative technologies.

The fourth reason is the opportunity to combine treatment and rest. Turkey is a very famous and rapidly developing tourist country. Patients can enjoy high-quality dental treatment for their smile at low prices and a wonderful vacation in the best resorts in Turkey.


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