Inlay & Onlay in Turkey: Price, Types, Benefits

Inlay & Onlay in Turkey

In modern dentistry, there are many ways to treat teeth, including dental onlays and inlays. Many people have heard and know a lot about dental bridges, crowns and dental veneers , but when it comes to inlays and onlays, not everyone understands what it is about.

We can help you choose the best option for your teeth and restore the beauty of your smile. And we will tell you more about what inlays and onlays mean for the restoration of your tooth.

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Cost of dental treatments in Turkey

Dental implants – £480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – £237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – £180 per tooth

Teeth whitening – £40 – £120 per tooth

Inlays and Onlays Costs in Turkey

Many people worry about the cost when it comes to dental treatment. Inlays and onlays will certainly cost more than regular tooth filling. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch; you have to pay for everything. The price of this type of treatment is set based on many factors:

  • the cost of the material used to make the inlays or onlays;
  • amount of time a doctor spends on inlays or onlays installation;
  • whether there are any additional procedures required in addition to the onlays or inlays;

However, the prices in Turkey will be much lower than in Great Britain, due to several factors. The doctor will tell you the final cost of the procedure after the examination of your oral cavity. However, you do not have to worry that the installation procedure will cost you an arm and a leg.

What is Inlay and Onlay in Turkey?

İnlay Onlay in Turkey

Inlays and onlays Turkey are a type of filling usually made of porcelain. The use of porcelain makes onlays and inlays fillings really durable. The price can certainly seem a drawback to many people, but the longevity of the onlays and inlays and their aesthetic appearance are certainly worth it. One porcelain filling can last as long as two composite fillings. It is rather a good investment in your health and a way to save time on treatment.

How are Inlay and Onlay performed in Turkey?

There is a certain protocol on how inlays and onlays can be done in Turkey. Dentists of the Medicasmile dental clinic in Turkey  always follow the given protocols as it is the guarantee of our professionalism and quality treatment. At the Medicasmile clinic, the process of onlays and inlays placement consists of several stages; often several visits to the dentist are required in order to ensure the highest quality of the procedure. The stages include:

  • Consultation with your dentist;
  • Preparation of the oral cavity for onlays or inlays;

The installation process;

Consultation with your doctor regarding the installation of inlays and onlays Turkey

At this stage, the doctor gets to know his patient, listens to the patient’s possible complaints and chooses the appropriate treatment. Typically, patients use this stage to get a feel for the doctor’s level of professionalism and how much they can be trusted. It is important for the client to be as honest as possible with his doctor when answering all the questions, since the quality of the result after treatment depends on this.

In order for everything to be done at the highest level, the dentist will usually examine your oral cavity at this stage, and may also prescribe additional procedures or examinations. After choosing the main treatment, the doctor discusses the procedure plan and its cost. If the client is satisfied with everything, the dentist proceeds to the next stage.

Preparation of the oral cavity

Hollywood Smile price in Turkey

The main point in the preparation of the oral cavity for the installation of inlays and onlays Turkey is the treatment of damaged teeth. Like composite fillings, inlays and onlays should not be placed on damaged or decayed teeth. Quite often, the doctor begins with the removal of the tooth root. Only after that the dentist can put the onlays and inlays fillings. To understand the condition of the canals and roots of the tooth, dentists often prescribe X-Rays. After the teeth are treated, the dentist puts in a temporary filling and schedules the next visit.

The process of installing inlays and onlays

installing inlays and onlays

Before using a temporary filling for a tooth, the doctor takes impressions of it and sends them to the laboratory of technicians. Thanks to modern technology, the manufacture of any kind of dental appliances can occur much faster than a certain number of years ago.

With their help, it is possible to give porcelain exactly the look that is needed just for you. With the use of special techniques, it is possible to achieve a natural look of tooth enamel so that the onlay or inlay does not differ from the natural look of the tooth.

Modern dentistry aims to create maximum comfort for the patient during treatment. Therefore, our specialists always try to complete all the work as quickly as possible and at the same time maintain quality.

Final stage

During the last visit, the dentist places inlays or onlays for the patient. To do this, he or she removes the temporary filling, after which the tooth is polished. The next step is to attach the onlays or inlays fillings to a special cement. This is where the treatment ends.

What is the difference between Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and Onlays in Turkey

In essence, these two types of fillings are the same:

  • they are made from the same material – porcelain;
  • they are installed according to the same protocol;

they are approximately the same in cost;

However, there is one significant difference between them. Inlays are used to restore the tooth in a smaller area. The onlay covers a large area of the tooth. The inlay looks more like a conventional composite filling, while the onlay looks more like a dental crown . Accordingly, the inlay is used to restore a small hole after dental cavities in a tooth, while the onlay can replace and restore a much larger part of the tooth.

Who is suitable for Inlay and Onlay?

As already mentioned, porcelain fillings onlays and inlays are installed only on healthy teeth. Quite often, after dental cavities treatment, only the outer walls of the tooth can remain. This happens if the patient kicks the procedures into the long grass. In this case, conventional composite fillings can do harm, but the onlays and inlays fillings will have a direct appointment.

It is also worth noting the fact that porcelain onlays and inlays are used in cases where old composite fillings become unusable. Most often, dental cavities begin to develop in such a tooth under a filling, and in order to avoid complete destruction of it, dentists put onlays and inlays fillings.

Inlay or Crown: what is the difference?

Difference Between Inlays and Crowns

The inlay and crown are two quite different methods of tooth restoration. Their main difference is in the amount of tooth enamel area that can be restored by them. The inlay is more like a composite filling in its functionality and shape. It can only restore one part of the tooth. A crown is a restoration of the entire tooth. The crown is considered a cap on the tooth, which protects its entire area from further destruction.

To sum up, inlays require a much greater amount of post-treatment tooth enamel than crowns. However, the final choice of treatment that is right for you will be recommended and determined by the doctor after examining the oral cavity.

Turkey is the preferred country for dental tourism

Turkey is one of the best countries for dental tourism as it provides many different benefits to its clients. Dentists in Turkey have one of the best educations. Before entering the walls of the dental clinic, they spend hours practising and learning. The Medicasmile clinic employs only the best doctors who have gone through many years of practice in other clinics before entering ours.

Turkey is famous not only for its dental tourism but also for its rich culture, architecture and azure sea. Dental procedures can always be combined with a holiday in Turkey.

Main Advantages of Inlays and Onlays in Turkey

Dental in Turkey

These types of fillings have several huge advantages over conventional composite fillings. The number of advantages that porcelain fillings have really paid for slight price drawbacks. The main advantages of this type of filling are:

  • possibility to choose the colour of porcelain and fillings;
  • the exact match of the filling with the shape of the tooth;
  • material durability;
  • protecting the healthy part of the tooth from further decay;

The ability to choose the colour of onlays and inlays fillings is a very important factor for many, because the composite does not always repeat the exact natural colour of the enamel. The aesthetic appeal of your smile often suffers from this. Thanks to modern technology, our specialists create the perfect filling just for you from a thin piece of porcelain.

If we talk about the durability of the material, it is worth noting that porcelain itself, with careful treatment of the oral cavity, is almost eternal. Despite its thinness, it is quite resistant to all possible chips or cracks. Many people wear such fillings for years without any problems. It is the durability of linings and inlays that is their main advantage.


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