Main Alternatives to Dental Implants in Turkey

dental implant in Turkey

Dental implants  in Turkey are one of the most common types of dental treatment, which gives one of the best combinations of price and quality. Many doctors prefer this type of dental treatment.

However, in modern dentistry, there are cases where dental implants are not suitable for the treatment of a particular patient case. In this case, doctors use alternatives to dental implants, which will be described below.

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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implant in Turkey

The advantages of implantation over other types of dental correction are:

  • the long service life of the structure. If properly installed and maintained, they can last a lifetime;
  • during implantation, there is no injury of nearby teeth;
  • bone tissue does not atrophy;
  • the load on the jaw is distributed evenly;
  • implants are aesthetically appealing;
  • you can install any number of implants without limitation;


  • a large number of available implants treatment methods allow you to choose the treatment method of implantation for each case individually;
  • titanium material from which the post is made – the most compatible with human bones, due to which the positive survival rate is more than 97%;
  • after the adaptation period has passed, it feels like implants become like natural teeth;

But due to the fact that implantation is a surgical intervention, it will not be recommended for everyone. This is the main disadvantage of implantation. There are certain contraindications for the installation of implants, which you can ask your doctor . Moreover, the price of the installation of implants is not affordable for everyone.

The Cost of A Dental Bridge in Turkey

One of the main types of alternatives to dental implants is dental bridges. The first question that interests many clients is how much dental bridges cost in Turkey. The price varies depending on several factors:

dental bridge in Turkey
  • what material for crowns on top of bridges the client prefers;
  • what material the client prefers as the base;
  • how difficult the client’s case is;
  • how many bridges the doctor installs for the client;

The prices for dental bridges in Turkey range from 350 to . The doctor will tell you the final price at the first consultation, however, it will definitely not cost you an arm and a leg. It is worth considering the fact that in Turkey all prices for dental services are several times lower than in Great Britain.

Why are prices in Turkey lower than in Great Britain?

First, it is necessary to indicate that the price difference does not affect the quality of the services provided. All doctors of the dental clinic  MedicaSmile have extensive experience in the field of dental services.

The economic condition of the country influences pricing in Turkey. It is worth considering the fact that the currency and standard of living in the country are different from Great Britain. Prices for dental services for local residents are not as cheap as they may seem to foreigners.

What is Dental Prosthesis?

Dental Prosthes in Turkey

Prosthesis is another alternative to implants. Prosthesis is not the best solution for restoring the chewing function of the teeth, but this solution is suitable for some people. Dentures are considered to be a more budgetary solution, among all of the above. However, they are less user-friendly and have a shorter lifespan. But you should not worry about the aesthetics of the oral cavity, since modern prostheses are created in such a way as to completely copy the natural colour of the enamel.

Types of Dental Prosthesis

There are different types of dental prostheses. The main difference between them is the number of teeth they cover and the way they are worn. Your doctor will tell you which type of prosthesis to choose based on your impressions.

Traditional full dentures

A traditional full denture is used if the patient has completely lost his teeth. Before installing it, it is important that the patient’s jaw is completely healed. The healing process may take several months. Quite often, clients ask to install temporary removable dentures in order to restore the aesthetics of the oral cavity and the function of the teeth.

Full removable temporary dentures

Full removable temporary dentures are installed after the complete removal of the remaining teeth. Temporary dentures are placed to temporarily restore the chewing function of the oral cavity. Since they are temporary, they need to be replaced with permanent dentures after a few months. This is due to the fact that the bone can change its shape during healing. As a result, the prostheses become loose and cease to fulfil their basic function.

Removable partial denture

Removable partial dentures are attached to a metal base that is attached to your own teeth. Sometimes the doctor decides to put dental crowns  on the patient’s own teeth. They serve as a support for dentures. Partial dentures are a removable alternative to bridges.

full removable temporary dentures in Turkey

How is Dental Bridge Made in Turkey?

In simple words, dental bridges are several crowns connected together that are placed on posts. Dental bridges are installed in several stages:

  • consultation;
  • preparation of teeth for installation;
  • installation of dental bridges.

Consultation with doctors

Consultation with doctors​ in Turkey

At this stage, you are invited to get to know your doctor. The specialist examines your oral cavity, prescribes additional treatments if necessary, and prescribes a plan for further treatment. At this stage, the cost of the entire treatment is also discussed with the patient. If the patient is satisfied with everything, then you are invited to the next meeting with the dentist.

Preparing teeth for dental bridges

To install dental bridges correctly, the teeth under them must be of a certain shape, and most importantly, healthy. Before preparing teeth and enamel, the doctor often first performs root canal treatment and filling. After that, posts are inserted there, on which the enamel of the desired shape is then built up. If the teeth are severely damaged but do not require root canal treatment, the dentist just grinds them to the desired shape. Then he takes impressions and sends them to the laboratory.

Installation of dental bridges

The final stage in the installation of dental bridges is their fitting. The dentist installs the bridge, if the patient is satisfied with everything, then the bridge is attached to a special cement. This is where the treatment ends.

Advantages of Dental Bridge

dental bridge​ in Turkey

Dental bridges have several advantages over dental implants. These advantages are especially evident in the examples of posterior teeth.

Installation for bone atrophy

With the loss of teeth and their long absence in the oral cavity, in the place where they were, bone atrophy can begin. When this disease is detected, the installation of dental implants becomes much more complicated, which cannot be said about dental bridges.

Bridges are attached to adjacent healthy teeth, closing the hole in place of the missing tooth. Thus, a tooth can be installed at the site of bone atrophy without any additional operations. This is really important, because chewing teeth are able to withstand huge loads on themselves. If in some place it is absent, not only will the bone atrophy, but the dentition may also change. Neighbouring teeth may begin to crawl into the empty space nearby.


Another advantage is dental bridge price. The three-crown ceramic-metal bridges cost , and the three-crown zirconia-ceramic bridges cost 440. It is cheaper than the price of dental implants, and the result will be almost the same.

How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

If the patient follows all the tips that will be given below, a dental bridge will last up to 15 years. It is important to take care of porcelain. It is not recommended to bite hard food on porcelain crowns or chew on hard objects. Follow all the tips, and you will forget for a long time what the installation of a dental bridge is.

Tips for Taking Care for Your Dental Bridge

Proper care of the bridge is the key to its long service to you. This applies not only to dental bridges, but also to healthy teeth. It is very important to plan 10-15 minutes a day for oral care, in order to save hours spent in the dentist’s chair later. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your bridges and help you be as fit as a fiddle:

Care Dental Bridge in Turkey
  • brush your teeth regularly, at least two to three times a day;
  • use dental floss regularly to remove any food debris under the bridge;
  • visit the dentist regularly; it is recommended to visit a doctor at least once every six months;
  • use rinses to remove any possible bacteria in your mouth that may have remained after brushing your teeth;


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