How Much Does It Cost to Have Dental Procedures in Turkey?

treatments in turkey

Maintaining good oral health is an essential part of our overall well-being. However, dental treatments can be costly, especially in countries with high healthcare expenses.

With its modern clinics, experienced dentists, and affordable prices, Turkey has become a go-to destination for individuals who are looking for high-quality dental procedures. In this article, we will explore the cost of fixing teeth in Turkey, including the various factors that influence pricing and what you can expect from the overall dental experience in this beautiful country.

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1-3 days


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5 years


local or local with sedation

Cost of dental treatments in Turkey

Straumann Implant –  £ 400

Nobel BioCare Implant – £ 600

E-Max veneers – £200 per tooth

Metal fused porcelain crown£100 per tooth

Zirconium crown – £135 per tooth


How Much Are Dental Implants in Turkey?

dental implants

Dental implants in Turkey are the ideal solution for people who have lost all or one of their teeth and want to restore their smile to its former beauty. They are a permanent and long-term solution that can improve the overall appearance and functionality of your teeth.

One of the best places to get dental implants is the MedicaSmile dental clinic in Turkey, where you can find high-quality services at affordable prices. The cost of dental implants in Turkey depends on several factors, including:

  • the type of implant;
  • the qualification and professionalism of the dentist;
  • the number of implants needed;
  • the material of implants that you chose before the procedure.

On average, dental implants in our clinic in Turkey cost about £400 to £598 per implant, which is significantly lower than the prices in other countries, for example in the UK.

How Much Are Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns in Turkey?


Dental veneers in Turkey are one of the most popular treatments at our clinic. Our doctors perform thousands of veneer placement procedures at our clinic each year. Turkey is more and more often chosen for veneers by clients from the UK or the USA and not without reason. The main advantage of Turkey over the UK, USA or other European countries, in the veneer placement procedure, is the good value for money. In Turkey, veneers cost from £180 to £270 per veneer, which is three times lower than prices in other countries. In our clinic, the price per veneer is usually £100.

It is also worth mentioning dental crowns in Turkey and the cost of this treatment. Dental crown installation is another popular procedure at our clinic in Turkey. At our clinic, this procedure costs approximately £100. Although the final price depends on many factors and may vary, getting a crown in Turkey will not cost you a fortune.

What Other Dental Procedures Besides Veneers And Implants Can Patients Receive In Turkey?

Turkey is most often chosen as the best place to get new teeth with implants or to get a whiter smile with veneers. However, apart from veneers and implants, dental tourism in Turkey can offer various procedures. In addition to veneers, crowns and implants, there are several other popular dental procedures patients can get in Turkey such as teeth whitening, root canal treatment, gum treatment and the installation of dental bridges.

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that can help to remove stains and discolouration of teeth. This procedure is quick and painless, and patients can see significant results in just one session. This procedure is a great alternative to veneers. Often, patients who have no direct indication for veneers are first suggested to have their teeth whitened. If the patient refuses, then veneers are installed.

Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatments

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is used to treat infected or damaged teeth. This procedure involves removing the infected pulp and replacing it with a filling material to restore the tooth’s function and appearance. Often, this procedure has to be applied before veneers or crowns are placed. In order to successfully place veneers or crowns, the teeth must be completely healthy.

Gum Treatment

gum treatment

Gum treatment is a dental procedure that is used to treat gum disease. This treatment involves cleaning the gums and removing any plaque or tartar to restore the health of the gums. This treatment may also have to be applied before veneers or crowns are placed. This is why the final cost of placing your veneers may vary.

Dental Bridges

dental bridge

Dental bridges are a dental procedure that is used to replace missing teeth. This treatment involves placing a bridge of artificial teeth over the surrounding teeth to fill the gap and restore the patient’s smile.

Why Dental Treatments are Cheaper in Turkey?

The price of veneers or crowns, for example, is primarily influenced by the standard of living in the country. Don’t underestimate the fact that prices for veneers or implants can be as high for locals as they are for the British in the UK, for example. The prices of treatments in Turkey are also influenced by currency differences. The Turkish lira is not as stable and expensive as the euro, the dollar or the pound.

In any case, low prices for treatments do not affect their quality by any means. In addition to all of the above, clinics here value very highly their reputation and the trust of their clients.

How Is The Price Of Dental Implants Formed In Turkey?

dental implants

Dental implants in Turkey are an affordable and effective solution for those looking to improve their dental health. When considering dental implants in Turkey, it is essential to consider the various factors that can influence the price.

First and foremost, it is important to mention the lower cost of living and operating expenses in Turkey. This is definitely one of the main factors that influence the price of dental implants in Turkey. Thanks to this, the quality of treatment remains high despite the low prices compared to the UK. Additionally, Turkey has become a popular destination for dental tourism, and many clinics offer package deals that include accommodation and transportation, making it even more cost-effective for patients.

The type of implant used is another significant factor that affects the price. There are various types of dental implants available, including:

  • All-on-4 method;
  • All-on-6 method;
  • All-on-8 method;
  • All-on-12 method.

These methods of installing the implants are the most common and cost-effective options. If you want to have your new smile with the help of dental implants, contact us now and we will help you choose the method that suits you the best.

Last but not least, the expertise of the dentist and the location of the clinic can also affect the price of dental implants in Turkey. Highly qualified dentists may charge more for their services, and clinics located in popular tourist areas may have higher prices.

Are There Any Hidden Costs In Having Teeth Treated In Turkey?

While dental treatments in Turkey are generally more affordable compared to other countries, it’s essential to be aware of any potential hidden costs that may arise during the treatment process. Some of the hidden costs that patients should be aware of you can find below.


This is one of the first factors that may affect the extra cost during treatment in Turkey if you are flying in from a long distance. If your dental treatment requires multiple visits or an extended stay, you may need to book the hotel for at least several nights. Some clinics offer packages that include accommodation, but it’s essential to confirm this with the clinic before booking.

Additional Procedures

In some cases, additional procedures may be required during or after the treatment, which may come with additional costs. It’s essential to discuss these possibilities with your dentist before starting treatment. Such additional procedures that you may need during treatment may include X-rays or CT scans. Often, however, clinics either offer these procedures free of charge in-house or accept the results of such examinations from their colleagues in your country.


If the clinic is located far from your accommodation or the airport, transportation costs may increase. Some clinics offer transportation services as part of their package, but it’s crucial to confirm this before booking. Also, flight costs should be taken into account at this point. Usually, the benefit of treatment in Turkey compared to treatment in the UK outweighs any additional flight costs. However, when it comes to finances, it is worth calculating everything in advance.

Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates may change, affecting the overall cost of treatment. The Turkish currency will definitely be weaker than the dollar or the euro. However, it’s essential to monitor exchange rates and plan accordingly to avoid any unexpected costs.

It is worth mentioning that MedicaSmile clinic offers dental packages, which include all the possible hidden costs mentioned above. We do our best to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible during their treatment experience with us. 


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