Tips You Need to Know To Find the Best Dental Centre and Dentist in Turkey

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Read this article and find useful tips you need to know to find the best dental centre in Turkey. We have prepared information that will help you choose qualified dentists to create an excellent smile for you. We know how to check if the clinic offers quality dental care. Well, let us tell you more about dentistry in Turkey.

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Cost for dental surgery in Turkey

Dental implants – £480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – £237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – £180 per tooth

Teeth whitening – £40 – £120 per tooth

Why Come to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

Why do people from around the world select dental centres and prefer Turkish dentists? The smile treatment can take a lot of time. Even the most simple procedure as root extraction can take about a month in the UK or US. This is because you have to wait your turn when the dentist is free and can provide you with treatment. Moreover, the process of getting the procedure can include several phases. First of all, you will need to visit your local dentist who will check your oral cavity. Then you  will be referred to a specialist who will be able to perform the procedure that is necessary for you. If you visit a Turkish dental centre you will get teeth treatment in the very short term. You will be able to get all the necessary procedures and correct your smile in just a week.

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Furthermore, our doctors can provide a Hollywood smile at an affordable price. This advantage of Turkish dentistry is one of the reasons why people select our centres. This allows them to get the perfect dental care at a lower price than in other European countries. Moreover, the quality of teeth treatment is high. Thus, we can guarantee that you will be happy after seeing the final result of the treatment. The biggest difference is noticeable in the prices of dental implants. This method is so expensive in the UK that people cannot afford it and are looking for a cheaper alternative. Affordable prices in Turkish clinics allow clients to get smile restoration and forget about the discomfort of toothlessness.

Dental tourism in Turkey is a popular option that will help you forget about exorbitant prices for smile correction. You can see that thousands of people search Google every day for information about teeth treatment in Turkey. Well, why is dental care in this country so prevalent? Turkish dentistry is of higher quality compared to dentistry in Moldova, Costa Rica, Mexico or Thailand. Turkish dentists are known as qualified specialists in the whole world. That is why people from all around the world choose Turkey if they want to correct their smile for 30 years. Initially, the services of Turkish dentistry were used only by Turks living in other countries. This allowed them to save a lot of money. However, later Turkey became the leader of dental tourism and became known among residents of other countries. The reason for its popularity was the high quality of teeth treatment, which patients can get at a cheaper price than in their own country.

Dental Accreditations in Turkey

To obtain dental accreditation, dentists must complete a special education in Turkey. All doctors must study for 5 years to graduate. Moreover, they need to become members of the Turkish Dental Association. It confirms that they can start working as dentists. Moreover, this will allow them to work in a centre that is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Points to Check While Choosing a Dentist in Turkey

Most dental centres are qualified in Turkey. However, there are also centres that are not accredited by the Ministry of Health and may provide poor-quality dental care. So, how do you choose the right dental centre that has qualified dentists and provides the best services? We have prepared the points that you need to check when choosing a dental centre in Turkey.

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  • All dental centres must be accredited by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. This allows for controlling the quality of services that dental centres provide. This accreditation approves a high level of the clinic. That is why this is one of the main criteria that will help you choose the right option.
  • You should check dentists’ qualifications to be sure of their skills. You can find this information on the clinic’s website. Read about doctors’ experiences that affect their knowledge and skills to be sure of the result they will provide for you.
  • If you want to find out if the dentist can provide the result that you would like, you can see the photos with the results of their work. You can also find them on the centre’s website.
  • Ask your doctor about products they use for teeth treatment. They will have to inform you about the products and brands. Choose only the best material that will serve you for the long term.
  • It is necessary to find out if the doctor will give you a guarantee of the treatment. You need to be sure that you will be able to contact your doctor after you go back home in case of complications after treatment.
  • Qualified dentists provide quick results. Find out how much time the teeth treatment will take. It will help you to be sure that your smile will be ready in the short term.

Extra Services and Hidden Costs in Dental Clinics in Turkey

Why do some Turkish dental centres offer teeth treatment at the same price as in the UK or USA? Let us explain to you what hidden prices are and how it affects the cost of dental care. Turkish dental centres try to make the experience of their patients easier. Thus, they prepared special treatment packages that include such services as the installation of artificial teeth, transfer, accommodation, local anaesthesia, and other options. You can see the price that will provide getting all of these options. That is why it can be higher than the cost of just teeth correction. However, usually, it is more profitable to take treatment packages than to pay separately for all the options that it contains. We encourage  people to find out what services are included in the price before starting treatment. This is because the final result can be distinct from your expectations. Furthermore, we recommend you ask about the treatment package by choosing the dental centre. This will help you save money. 

Dental Centre Warranty Terms

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Even if you are sure of the high quality of the dental procedure provided by the dental centre, it is better to ask about the warranty terms. It is better to do this before the treatment. You can ask the client coordinator or doctor about the guarantee that the clinic offers. We do not recommend you think negatively about the result of the smile correction that you will get in advance. What’s more, you may never need the warranty. However, it will allow you not to worry about possible complications after treatment.

We recommend you read the entire warranty terms to know what you need to do when you need to use it. Ask the doctor how you can use the warranty. Will you need to come to Turkey if you need to correct your smile after treatment? It is the main question you need to find out. If you need to come back to Turkey, ask who will pay for the trip. Find out if you can get dental help in your town and just get a refund. Also, you need to ask about the warranty period. The doctor will have to inform you about warranty terms and approve its validity with a signature. Our MedicaSmile dental clinic in Turkey offers a one-year warranty for dental treatment. Moreover, we provide support to our patients during the recovery period. You will be able to contact our doctors at any time to inform them about your well-being after getting treatment. They will help you as soon as possible. This is because we care for our patients until they will be happy with the final result.

Locations of Dental Clinics in Turkey

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You can fly to Turkey at any time of the year. If you prefer a direct flight, you can get the teeth treatment in Antalya or Istanbul. These are beautiful tourist cities with interesting places that you can visit during your stay in Turkey. Our doctors will create a perfect smile for you in just a week. During this period you will have free time. Thus, people often combine a dental trip to Turkey with a vacation. You can spend your free time walking along the sea. Also, you can get to know our culture better. We are sure that you will spend an unforgettable time in our cities.

You can visit Turkey at any time. Thus, you can select the season when the flight tickets are more affordable than at another period. This will allow you to save money. For example, you can plan your trip in winter. The price of flight and accommodation is very affordable at this time.


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