Tom Cruise’s Teeth

When people think of people with perfect smiles, one of the first to be mentioned is Tom Cruise. The successful Hollywood actor has one of the most well-known smiles.

It may then be surprising to learn that Tom Cruise’s teeth were not naturally perfect. The actor probably has had multiple teeth treatments that have given him his recognisable smile.

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Who is Tom Cruise?

What Was Wrong With Tom Cruise’s Smile Tom Cruise is one of the most popular Hollywood actors, known for starring in films such as  “Magnolia” and for directing the “Mission: Impossible” film series. Tom Cruise is also famous for not using stuntmen in his films and for having a famous smile.

Tom Cruise has a long acting career, first appearing on screen in 1981. But if we compare Tom Cruise’s smile in his earliest films to his current appearance, it becomes clear that his teeth look more healthy and straight now. What treatments helped him get his recognisable smile?

In the past, Tom Cruise’s smile looked quite different. Of course, in the 1980s, dentistry was far less advanced than it is now. For example, Tom Cruise only got his current perfect smile sometime in the early 2000s.

Back in the 80s and 90s, some of Tom Cruise’s front teeth were visibly misaligned. Tom Cruise’s dental midline, an imaginary line that crosses the middle of all the person’s teeth, was not in alignment with his facial midline. Tom’s teeth were also stained and slightly protruding forward, making his smile imperfect.

Tom Cruise's Adolescent Teeth Problems

dental veneers

The possible reason for Tom Cruise’s teeth misalignment is that he had a mesiodens tooth as an adolescent. Mesiodens teeth are extra teeth that some people can get when they are young. These extra teeth can cause other teeth to grow in a crowded manner, distorting the person’s smile. It is usually removed surgically, but if left to grow can cause many dental issues that can make a smile imperfect, such as improper alignment.

Tom Cruise must have gone through several different dental treatments to fix his adolescent teeth problems and transform his smile.

How Did Tom Cruise Fix His Teeth

We can make a few assumptions about what type of dental treatments Tom Cruise had to transform his smile, as the actor never disclosed the full details of his dental procedures.

Before the actor could make his teeth whiter, he must have fixed the bite misalignment. To do this, the actor wore braces. As his smile had a radical transformation in the 2000s, we can deduce that Tom wore braces when he was in his early forties. While braces are associated with teens, this teeth treatment is very common in adults as well. People of any age can get braces. Tom Cruise most likely had ceramic braces, as they are matched to the colour of the teeth to be less visible. In the early 2000s, this was an expensive treatment, but now it is very affordable.

After the actor’s teeth alignment was corrected, Tom Cruise must have had either teeth whitening procedures or installed dental veneers.

Does Tom Cruise Have Veneers?

While there is no definite answer to whether Tom Cruise has dental veneers, considering the scale of teeth restoration he must have had to transform his smile, he likely does.

Tom Cruise might opt for dental veneers to change his smile, as they can make teeth whiter and more straight and orderly. Veneers can cover gaps in teeth, and quality veneers look just like natural teeth. In the early 2000s, it was already possible to install veneers made of translucent dental porcelain that perfectly mimic the look and feel of the teeth’ enamel. At that time, it was a high-priced, cutting-edge treatment, but at our clinic in Turkey, anyone can afford the type of veneers most likely used by  Tom Cruise to transform his smile.

Why Should You Prefer Veneers?

Dental veneer installation is a dental treatment that can transform anyone’s smile permanently. The veneers are thin but sturdy sheets of material placed on the front of the teeth to alter their shape and colour and also to fix small imperfections in the teeth’ structure.

Dental veneer installation is also a comparatively non-invasive dental surgery. The dentist, at most, needs to file down a little of the teeth’ enamel at the front, and some veneers can be installed without altering the patient’s teeth.

It's Possible to Smile Like Tom Cruise

At MedicaSmile dental clinic in Turkey, anyone can get a smile like Tom Cruise’s one for an affordable price. We use the best dental supplies from famous companies. The price of our teeth treatments includes additional services to make travel to Turkey easier.

Our clinic offers a full range of smile restoration treatments, so any patient can get the full set of teeth procedures to get a Tom Cruise-like smile here.


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