Turkey Teeth: Everything You Must Know About This Social Media Term

Dental Sosial Media in Turkey

The social phenomenon “Turkey Teeth” recently appeared on the Internet and immediately became a popular trend. Sometimes, people receive poor-quality dental treatment from the wrong dentists in little-known clinics, and then they share their experiences on social networks. In this way, people want to warn their surroundings and protect others from a similar situation.

However, dental treatment in Turkey is a great experience when patients get a quality result at a very nice price. Unfortunately, cases are not associated with Turkey, because this can happen in any country in any corner of the world. Poor quality dental care depends on many factors, and people should be aware of them to avoid unpleasant situations.

This article will bust the myth about the low quality of teeth made in Turkey, tell you more about the essence of the Turkey Teeth trend, and help the patient make a safe choice and get high-quality Turkish dental treatment at a low price.

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Cost for dental surgery in Turkey

Dental implants – £480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – £237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – £180 per tooth

Teeth whitening – £40 – £120 per tooth

What are Turkey Teeth?

Turkey teeth meaning implies precisely the procedure for installing veneer or crown when the dentist grinds the teeth excessively for this. Such a strong decrease in tooth and enamel volume can lead to complications after the procedure. Most often, such situations, called “Turkey Teeth,” are clarified on social media such as TikTok and YouTube.

It is important to know and remember that dental veneers or crowns do require grinding, as the dentist needs to create the correct tooth surface for further installation. But inexperienced dentists can make a mistake and over-grind the tooth, which has consequences. Many patients neglect to carefully select a dental clinic and check its reputation and may fall victim to the “Turkey Teeth” trend.

The term “Turkey Teeth” is also often used in a sarcastic sense to emphasise the fake beauty and artificiality of a smile for which people sacrifice their healthy teeth.

Turkey Teeth: Why is it a Trend?

Dental trends in Turkey

Having answered the question “Turkey teeth: what is it?”, it is necessary to find out why this phenomenon has become a trend.

The trend of “Turkey Teeth” appeared gradually. At first, ordinary people shared their stories on TikTok who received unsuccessful treatment and, as a result, had side effects and long-term complications. Many have stated their disappointment with Turkish dentistry, and many honestly admitted that they were not sufficiently aware of the procedures and did not know what the consequences would be. Then, stories of famous and influential people who received poor-quality treatment began to appear on social networks, and the trend began to spread more actively on the Internet.

Social networks have a huge impact and a lot of trust among people. Therefore, previous unsuccessful experiences strongly influence the opinion of those who have never even undergone dental procedures in Turkey. The idea is widespread in society that inexpensive things cannot be high quality; however, this is not entirely true. Turkey is known for high-quality dental treatment at a low cost.

It is important to remember that the location and cost of the procedure do not affect the occurrence of unpleasant situations. They can happen anywhere and anytime. The most important thing in the quality of dentistry is not the country but the qualifications and professionalism of specialists, as well as the use of high-quality and modern technologies and materials. You can be sure that all these important factors are present in Turkish dentistry.

Celebs Choose Turkey for Making Their Turkey Teeth Done

Dental clinic in Turkey

Despite the prevalence of the Turkish teeth trend and negative reviews, many famous influencers got their teeth in Turkey. For example, Dan Osborne, Brooke Odun, Katie Price, Jack Reid, Laura Ivanova, Jack Fincham, and many others.

You can explore them on TikTok, where they share their treatment history and opinion about teeth in Turkey. This will be useful, as you will be able to take into account all their mistakes and shortcomings, and Turkish dentistry will become a pleasant experience for you, not a nightmare and disappointment.

Is a Cut-Price Reality for Turkey Teeth?

Many are wondering how real the cut-price for Turkish Teeth is. It is important to note that installing a veneer or crown in Turkey is already much cheaper than in Britain. You can save up to 70% of your budget if you undergo treatment in Turkey.

Some clinics may reimburse losses in case of unsuccessful dental procedures. But there are also such dental clinics that can ignore the patient in case of poor-quality service. It is very important to check the clinic’s reputation in advance and trust only proven dentistries

Turkey Teeth: Bargain Smiles or Big Mistake

Beautiful smile in Turkey

You should decide for yourself the best option, but we still recommend getting new teeth in Turkey at Medicasmile dental clinic in Turkey . The value for money will surely delight you.

The most important thing is to be able to distinguish good clinics from bad ones and thus avoid unsuccessful procedures. You can follow some helpful tips:

  • read and listen carefully about the type of treatment you need, exploring its advantages and disadvantages, as well as indications and contraindications;
  • check the reputation of the dental clinic by reading reviews and viewing their work;
  • communicate with your dentist and ask him all the questions you are interested in regarding the procedure, even if they seem silly or inappropriate to you;
  • check the reputation of the dentist by studying his achievements, results of work, and approaches;
  • be realistic and do not demand too much in a short time;
  • be wise and do not enter into conflicts; think over your every step in advance.

What Does Turkey Teeth Perform: Crowns or Veneers?

The concept of Turkish Teeth means the installation of dental veneer or crown.

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Veneers in Turkey

Dental veneers  are ultra-thin overlays for the tooth to correct small chips, cracks, and interdental spaces and give a smile of whiteness and aesthetics. Before installing the veneer, the top layer of enamel is ground down a little so that it becomes rougher for better adhesion to the veneer.

However, when considering the concept of “Turkey Teeth”, it sometimes happens that an inexperienced or incompetent dentist can grind a tooth too much, which leads to unpleasant consequences, complications, and side effects

This can happen for several reasons:

  • the patient was not properly informed about the procedure;
  • the dentist did not provide information about the veneer at all;
  • the doctor did the wrong thing.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns , unlike veneers, are installed on the entire surface of the tooth and not just on the front. They are already intended for a more destroyed tooth, which has lost its functionality and structure. Crowns can be both temporary and permanent and require preliminary tooth grinding for correct installation.

In the case of crowns, an unpleasant situation can also occur when an inexperienced dentist grinds too much of a tooth or grinds an adjacent healthy tooth.

There are several reasons for the improper installation of crowns:

  • the patient was not sufficiently informed about the irreversibility of the procedure;
  • the dentist did not provide information about the crowns at all;

the doctor did the wrong thing.

Why are Teeth Cheaper in Turkey?

The cost of new teeth in Turkey is very low, and several reasons can explain this:

1) no additional or hidden fees. The cost of treatment also includes the work of a laboratory, an assistant, and the use of modern medical equipment. Most often, in Britain, an additional fee is charged for these services;

2) favourable currency exchange. As you know, it is very profitable to exchange the pound, dollar, and euro for Turkish lira, which is charged for dental treatment in Turkey;

3) low costs for clinics. The state covers a significant part of dental expenses. Dentists also work for low wages, which is why the cost of procedures is so low;

4) low living cost. In addition to cheap prices for dentistry, Turkey also has a low cost of living, which adds up to lower overall costs. Thanks to this, you can also combine the procedures and a pleasant stay in Turkish resorts;

5) the existence of package offers. Thanks to these packages, you can save a lot on transfers and accommodation, which the clinic can help you with.

What Does Medicasmile Do to Avoid “Turkey Teeth”?

Turkey teeth

As already indicated above, location and cost do not affect the existence of treatment failures. This can happen in any clinic and any country.

However, Medicasmile closely monitors the quality of their service and does everything to avoid unpleasant situations and make their patients as happy and satisfied as possible with the results  of their treatment.

Medicasmile has a trained team of experts who will be happy to answer all your questions  and serve you at the highest level. Our highly qualified dentists and assistants will solve any doubts that arise.

Medicasmile does not force procedures on a patient that are not actually required. For example, if you have a problem with a discoloured smile that can be easily solved with whitening or veneers, then our clinic will not offer unnecessary invasive procedures.

Thanks to our detailed explanations, you will be thoroughly informed about all the advantages and disadvantages of each service. Dentists at Medicasmile use only quality dental materials and equipment and don’t grind patients’ teeth too much or carelessly.

Medicasmile is highly trusted by patients and does not disappoint them with “Turkey Teeth”.


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