Why To Choose Safe Installation Of Dental Implants in Turkey?

dental implants in turkey

Dental implants in Turkey have become an increasingly popular option for those seeking to replace missing or damaged teeth. Not only do they provide a durable and long-lasting solution, but they also look and feel like natural teeth, restoring both function and confidence to the smile.

If you’re considering dental implants, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to have the procedure done in Turkey. As a leading dental clinic in Turkey, our clinic is committed to providing safe, effective, and affordable implant treatments.

In this article, we’ll explore why implants in Turkey are a viable option for those seeking high-quality dental care and why our clinic is the best choice for your dental implant needs.

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2 visits


from £400


15 years


local or local with sedation

Straumann Implant –  £ 400

Nobel BioCare Implant – £ 600

All-on-4 dental implants – £ 1600

All-on-6 dental implants – £ 2400

All-on-8 dental implants – £ 3200

3-on-6 dental implants – £ 2400

How Much Do Dental Implants in Turkey Cost?

Dental implants are undoubtedly one of the most effective solutions for replacing missing teeth. They are designed to look, feel and function like natural teeth, providing a long-lasting and comfortable solution to individuals suffering from tooth loss. However, despite the advantages of implants, some people often shy away from considering them due to the fear of high costs. But did you know that you don’t have to break the bank to get quality implant treatment?

One of the main reasons why people choose to have implants in Turkey is the cost. Dental implant procedures in Turkey are considerably less expensive than in many other countries, including the USA and Great Britain. This makes Turkey a prime destination for individuals seeking affordable, high-quality implant treatment. It is important to note that while the cost of implants in Turkey is comparatively lower, it doesn’t mean the quality of service is inferior.

dental implantation

The price of the installation of the implants in our clinic may vary due to the fact that it depends on several factors:

  • the material used to make the implants;
  • the number of implants needed;
  • the method of installation.

Usually, the price of this procedure in our clinic varies from £400 to £600.

Who is a Good Candidate for Getting Dental Implants in Turkey?

Dental implants are an excellent solution for people who struggle with tooth loss. Unlike other alternatives like dentures or bridges, implants offer a permanent, long-lasting solution to restore your smile and improve your oral health. Here in Turkey, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists who specialise in implant procedures.

When it comes to implants, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Generally speaking, individuals who have lost one or more teeth due to injury, decay, or disease and have healthy gums and sufficient jawbone density are good candidates for implants. Additionally, patients committed to maintaining good oral hygiene practices and keeping up with regular dental checkups are ideal candidates for implants. This is because the success of the procedure depends greatly upon the patient’s dedication to proper dental care and follow-up appointments.

At our clinic in Turkey, we also take into consideration the patient’s lifestyle and habits. Smoking, for example, can increase the risk of implant failure, and heavy alcohol consumption can also be harmful to oral health.

Is It Safe to Have Dental Implants in Turkey?

While many people are hesitant to undergo implants, we want to assure our patients that it is a safe and effective procedure provided in our clinic in Turkey. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced dentists who will guide you through the entire process of implant installation with expertise and compassion. Our dentists continuously update their skills and knowledge based on the latest technologies and innovations in the dental industry.

When it comes to the procedure itself, our clinic uses modern tools and equipment, ensuring that the surgical process is safe, efficient and minimally invasive. We perform thorough pre-implant assessments, including CT scans and other diagnostic tests to avoid any complications that may arise.

Our clinic uses only high-quality implants which are biocompatible and long-lasting. This means the risk of dental implant failure or rejection is incredibly low. We use only the most reputable brands available on the market, and we guarantee the quality of the prosthetics, which come directly from the manufacturer.

Additionally, your dentist will closely monitor your recovery and healing process after the surgery. They provide detailed instructions on postoperative care, such as medication, dietary restrictions, and oral hygiene practices. This ensures that the implant heals correctly and integrates with your jaw, providing a stable and long-lasting foundation for your new teeth.

Are There Any Benefits and Risks in Dental Implants Installation?

dental implants patient

Dental implants offer a variety of benefits, but like any medical procedure, they also come with some risks. We have asked our dentists about the main benefits and risks of the implantation procedure and decided to mention them below.

Benefits of the implant installation procedure in Turkey

First and foremost, dental implant costs in Turkey are significantly lower than in many other countries. This means that patients can undergo the procedure at a fraction of the price and still receive high-quality treatment. Getting dental treatments in Turkey can save you a significant amount of money without compromising the quality of service. Our clinic in Turkey offers affordable prices for implant treatment, which is typically 50-70% lower than in Western European countries and the United States.

Also, this procedure is pain-free. Our clinic uses local anaesthesia during the procedure and offers sedation options for patients who are anxious about the process. Another benefit of getting new teeth in Turkey is the high professionalism of dentists. Our dental clinic in Turkey employs experienced and well-trained dental professionals who have extensive knowledge of implantology. Our team includes oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and periodontists, except dentists. All of them use only high-quality materials for our dental procedures, which ensures durability and long-lasting results when installing your new teeth.

Risks of Getting Implants in Turkey

The first possible risk is regulatory compliance. To ensure the safety of dental procedures, strict regulatory compliance must be adhered to. In our clinic in Turkey, this is no exception. Our clinic upholds strict standards of regulatory compliance, providing our patients with a safe and secure environment for their dental treatments.

Another possible risk of getting dental treatments in Turkey is the language barrier. However, the professionals at our clinic are fluent in English, making communication easy and seamless for our English-speaking patients.

Which Dental Implant Brands Are Used in Turkish Dental Clinics?

One of the biggest concerns of our patients is the type of dental implant brands used in foreign clinics. At our clinic in Turkey, we use only the most reputable and advanced dental implant brands available in the market. We use dental implant brands that are recognised worldwide for their superior quality, durability, and reliability. Some of the popular dental implant brands that we use include:

  • Straumann
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Zimmer Biomet

Straumann is considered one of the world’s leading dental implant brands and is well-known for its innovative and reliable implant designs. Nobel Biocare is a trusted name in implantology and is recognised for its cutting-edge technology and superior implant solutions. Zimmer Biomet is another top-tier implant brand that offers a broad range of implant options for all types of cases. Our dentists are highly skilled in the use of these brands and have years of experience performing successful implant procedures.

MedicaSmile Clinic Is the Best Solution for You

dental implantstion surgery

At our MedicaSmile dental clinic in Turkey, we have made it our mission to provide cost-effective implant treatment that can meet the various needs of our clients. Our implant treatments are available at a significantly lower cost than what you would pay in many other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, for example. At our clinic, we use state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials in our dental implant treatments, ensuring that our patients get the very best service.

Our experienced dentists work tirelessly to provide professional treatment for our clients and satisfy their needs.

At our clinic, we take great care to ensure that each patient receives personalised treatment based on their individual needs and goals. Our team will evaluate your oral health, discuss your options, and create a treatment plan that is customised just for you.

In addition to our clinic’s cost-effective implant treatment, we also provide all-inclusive dental implant packages that include airport transfers, hotel accommodations, and transportation to and from appointments. Book an appointment with us today, and let our experienced dentists take care of all your dental needs, including implant treatment, at an affordable price.


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