Sinus Lifting Procedure in Turkey

sinus lifting in Turkey

Many people are afraid of any dental intervention, especially when it comes to surgical interventions such as the sinus lifting procedure in Turkey. In this article, we will help you clearly understand what sinus lifting is, what are the indications for it and how it is carried out.

We will give you certainty about what to expect during the operation, whether you are a candidate for this procedure, and tell you why you can trust our MedicaSmile clinic. All this will help you get rid of the fear of surgery; your emotional support is very important to us.




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Why do I Need a Sinus Lifting Procedure in Turkey?

Sinus lifting is a rather complicated surgical operation, which is carried out only by experienced and highly qualified specialists of the MedicaSmile clinic. However, despite the complexity of the treatment, we assure you that the doctors will do everything so that you look at the picture of health as soon as possible. The sinus lifting procedure was created to make it possible for more people to restore their smiles with the help of implants.

To install implants, you need a certain amount of bone mass in the human jaw. Speaking of the upper jaw, the lack of bone mass when installing dental implants can cause the implant to hurt your sinus. Of course, there are implant installation methods that involve the procedure even in complex cases of bone atrophy, however, such methods are not suitable for all patients. That is why sinus lifting is quite popular in modern dentistry.

Sinus Lifting - What Is It?

sinus lifting in Turkey

A sinus lifting is a surgical operation that is performed on the person’s upper jaw to increase the distance between the teeth on the jaw (or where the teeth used to be) and the maxillary sinus. Doctors perform this surgery by adding a bone graft to the person’s jaw. The procedure is most often performed under general anaesthesia, so the patient does not need to be afraid of pain during the operation.

During the surgery, the doctor’s goal is to carefully raise the sinus to the desired level using medical instruments and insert the right amount of graft into the sinus cavity. The skill and experience of the doctor are needed, first of all, during the stage of raising the sinus to the desired level. Because it is very important that the surgeon does not damage the sinus.

Doctors of the MedicaSmile clinic have performed many similar operations, so in our clinic, you can count on being as fit as a fiddle at the end of the dental treatment.

Sinus Lifting Methods

The surgeon chooses the type of sinus lifting operation, depending on how much the bone has decreased, and how much materials are needed to increase its bone mass.

In modern dentistry, doctors use two methods:

  • closed sinus lift
  • open sinus lift

Closed Sinus Augmentation

sinus lifting in Turkey

The closed sinus lift is considered to be less surgically invasive and therefore requires a shorter recovery period. Quite often, doctors perform a closed sinus lift along with the installation of dental implants. This allows you to reduce the amount of time required for all dental treatments, and make fewer surgical interventions.

Closed sinus lifting can last from half an hour to an hour, however, it all depends on the individual case of each patient. The doctor will tell you the final amount of time for the procedure. If we add to this operation the surgery to install dental implants, then the amount of time spent on treatment as a whole, of course, increases.

However, our surgeons are ready to do everything for you to spend this time with the greatest possible comfort, and most importantly, without pain and fear. Doctors of the MedicaSmile clinic are really very experienced and professional in their field. The MedicaSmile clinic performs hundreds of such successful operations every year, and the excellent reputation we have is emphasised by the reviews about us.

Indications for a Closed Sinus Lift

Closed sinus lifting is prescribed by doctors in cases where the thickness of the remaining bone is not less than 7-8 mm. This indication is due to the fact that with a closed sinus lift it is possible to add a much smaller amount of bone than with an open sinus lift. Due to the peculiarities of the procedure with this method, doctors can add the amount of the bone by no more than 3-4 mm.

This limitation is set because of the risk of damage to the sinus membrane when a larger amount of bone graft is injected. This transplant can be taken both from the person himself and from a donor. Sometimes doctors resort to taking a transplant from an animal.

Features of a Closed Sinus Lifting

This method has several tangible differences from the open method of operation. Several of them have already been named, and the rest relate to how the operation is carried out. With the closed method, the surgeon makes an incision in the place where the implant will be inserted later. Bone material is added through such a tunnel to the bone. Due to the fact that one incision is made for both the sinus lift and the implantation of teeth, the operation is considered less invasive than the open method.

Open Sinus Augmentation Procedure

The name of this method speaks for itself. It implies more surgical intervention and correspondingly gives better results. Everything has its price. Due to the higher level of trauma during the open method, the patient needs a longer recovery period after dental treatment. Usually 4 to 6 months after the operation until the implants are installed. During this time, the material added to the jawbone must harden and take root, so that later surgeons can insert a dental implant into this place.

Indications for an Open Sinus Augmentation

Doctors prescribe this method in the most severe cases of bone atrophy. Usually, at the time of the start of treatment, the bone is no more than 4-5 mm. In order for dentists to be able to install an implant, which is from 12 to 16 mm in length, it is necessary to restore from 7 to 11 mm of bone, which is quite a lot. This can only be done in cases of a lateral incision, which is used for open sinus augmentation.

Peculiarities of an Open Sinus Augmentation

If with the closed sinus augmentation the incision is made vertically upwards, then with the open sinus augmentation the incision is made horizontally, on the side of the bone. This treatment protocol allows you to add more bone material without damaging the sinus.


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