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Dental crowns in Turkey are the best solution for damaged, cracked, or yellow teeth. Our Medica Smile clinic offers you quick and high-quality dental treatments. You will be able to correct your smile at a lower cost compared to other countries. Our dentists guarantee natural-looking and long-lasting results. 

Unhealthy teeth bring discomfort to your life. For example, you can feel pain and unpleasant feelings during eating. Damaged teeth also affect the appearance of your smile. The Crown involves creating a new structure of the tooth with quality material. If you need to correct your smile, crowns are an excellent solution for you.




1-2 days


from ₤100


15 years


local or local with sedation


The cost of crowns in Turkey is the major reason to choose this country for correcting the smile. We provide high-quality dental treatment at a responsible price because of the low cost of living and labor. However, it does not affect the result of the dentist’s work. That is why you can get quality porcelain or zirconia crowns at a low cost. We also have prepared for you a list with approximate prices. 

Porcelain crown£100 

Full set of porcelain crowns – from £1010 to £3210

Zirconia crown£160

Full set of zirconia crowns – from £1390 to £4600

E.max crown£200

Full set of E.max crowns – from £3350 to £4100


You can choose between several materials for dental crowns. It affects their appearance and characteristics. We have prepared for you information about all types of dental crowns. It will help you to understand their advantages.

Metal porcelain crown

The metal porcelain crown is an old type that dentists still use. It is also one of the more durable variants due to the metal base. It guarantees long-lasting wearing of the dental porcelain crown. They also look like natural teeth because of the porcelain material that covers the metal base. It is also a high-functionality and bugged-friendly method.

A porcelain crown needs the proper performance of finishing. It affects the appearance of the result. That is why dentists use new technologies and quality products to get natural-looking dental crowns. So, it is the perfect method for covering unhealthy teeth and getting a durable result.

Zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns are the most popular type among patients. The reason is the aesthetic result that they give. They also are suitable for front teeth because of it. Zirconia crowns are more natural-looking than dental porcelain crowns. So, if you want to get a perfect appearance, this method is better for you. 

Zirconia crowns are an excellent solution to correct yellow and decay teeth. Additionally, they are suitable for patients with allergies to metal. Because of its zirconia composition. This type of dental crown is also long-lasting.

E.max crown

The main advantage of e.max crowns is their material. They are fully made from ceramic, which has shiny, durable, and transparent properties. It gives crowns an aesthetic appearance and long-lasting strength. They will help you to cover teeth damages. Additionally, dental e.max crowns save tooth structure. Clinics in Turkey can offer you the same e.max crowns at a lower price. 

Placing e.max crowns needs proper techniques and appropriate dentists qualifications. That is why it can perform only these doctors who are masters at CAD/CAM solutions. It guarantees the perfect teeth with the best looking and functional. 

Metal crown

Metal crowns are the most durable. They can be made of gold, platinum, or nickel. Also, dental metal crowns are very residence to wear. However, they do not have an authentic look. That is why dentists advise them for posterior teeth. Despite that dental metal crowns do not look natural, patients choose them because of their durability.  


The Crown is like a cap for your tooth. The dentist covers all teeth damages due to it. Performing this method involves abrasion of the tooth. Then the dentist covers it with a crown for saving from further damages. You can use crowns to treat teeth and correct their appearance. Additionally, it helps to plumb the cheek and lips to get rid of lines around the mouth. 

You can get dental crowns in Turkey in 7-10 days. It also includes the production and placing of crowns and last checking after dental treatment. This method is long-lasting. You can wear the crown for 20 years. However, it depends on the right oral hygiene. (You can read about how to take care of dental crowns below)

You can also get a full set of dental crowns, which include from 20 to 28 crowns. This variant is suitable if you need to treat several teeth. You can choose the number of dental crowns that you will get. It depends on the number of teeth that you need to replace. 


Who is the best candidate for crowns in Turkey? Everyone who wants to change the appearance of the smile can choose this method of dental treatment. It is also an excellent solution for patients who suffer from:

  • decayed teeth
  • broken or cracked tooth
  • deep fillings
  • tooth with diseased
  • yellow teeth


  • Support damaged by decayed teeth.
  • Save the tooth from further damages.
  • Provide treatment and protection for tooth roots.
  • Save tooth structure.
  • Can cover a dental implant.
  • Correct the colour and shade of the tooth.
  • Crown can be used for front and back teeth.
  • Have a long-lasting period of wearing.
3D model of dental crowns


Turkish dental clinics are one of the most popular clinics for getting dental crowns. Patients visit this country to get treatment for several reasons. Let us tell you why it is better to get porcelain crowns in Turkey.

The main reason is the price of dental crowns in Turkey. You can get treatment at a lower cost. That is why patients prefer this country to get crowns. Dentists can offer their work at a reasonable price due to the cost of living in Turkey.

Turkish dental clinics offer excellent conditions treatment for their patients. The dentists care about their comfort. That is why Turkish clinics have modern equipment. It makes dental treatment painless. It is necessary for patients who have dental phobia. 

Turkish dentists have an appropriate qualification, which allows them to perform different dental treatments. All of them have extensive experience and can advise you the best solution for correcting your smile. Turkish dentists also improve their knowledge all the time. That is why they know how to use modern dental technologies.

Turkish clinics are also all-inclusive packages for their patients. They include such services:

  • High-quality dental treatment without discomfort or pain during the procedures.
  • Qualified dentists with extensive experience in using new dental technologies.
  • Free X-ray for checking the condition of your teeth.
  • The best price for getting a dental crown in comparison to other countries.
  • If you have friends or family members who also need dental treatment, you can use a special discount. 
  • Private transfer from the airport to the dental clinic and back.
  • Personal host for comfortable stay in Turkey
  • Reasonable rate for accommodation in Turkey during dental treatment.


Crowns need to be cared for. It affects the period of their wear. That is why it is better to refuse hard food, which can damage the crown. Also, remember about scheduled visits to the dentist. If you feel discomfort during eating, pain, or crown mobility, you need to inform your doctor about it. 

Try to use the other side of the mouth to eat food in the first days of the adaptation period after dental treatments. You can also have sensitivity to cold or hot drinks, but it will pass in time. Additionally, remember about daily care about teeth. It also affects the time of wearing the crown. That is why it is necessary to use dental floss and mouthwashes for better daily care. 

Additionally, you need to prepare for dental treatment. It is better to have the meal before the procedure. It is because you can not drink and eat for two hours after treatments. You need to inform the dentist about your chronic disease. Also, if you get any medication, you should say about it. Follow all dentist’s recommendations.


There are patients who think that dental crowns and veneers are the same methods of treatment. However, they are not. That is why we have prepared information about the major differences between this method for you.

  • Veneers are one of the types of crowns.
  • Porcelain crowns cover all sides of the tooth. They are like a cap. Laminate veneers cover only the front side of the tooth. 
  • Both methods provide abrasion of the tooth. However, placing the crown involves more tooth tissue removal than veneers. It is because the dental crown is sicker. 
  • Crowns can fix the crowing, unlike veneers.
  • You can use crowns to improve the appearance of your smile and save the tooth from further damages. Laminate veneers are only for the correct aesthetic look of the tooth. 


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