E-max Coatings in Turkey

emax coatings in turkey

E-max coatings in Turkey are a relatively new way of restoring teeth, using porcelain which has become popular among our customers. E-max is a truly innovative material, both in terms of quality and characteristics, which can restore the aesthetic of your smile.

In the MedicaSmile clinic, our doctors use this material in all methods of restoring your smile: in veneers, crowns and bridges. We sincerely try to make your smile as dazzlingly white and attractive as possible, because often the beauty of a smile affects how a person’s life develops.

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What are E-max Coatings in Turkey?

The E-max material for crowns, veneers and dental bridges is made of fine porcelain. It has definitely revolutionized the world of dentistry. After all, this material can give a truly snow-white shade to the teeth, and at the same time maintain its strength and durability. 

emax coatings turkey

What is E-max Material?

This is a thin-layer porcelain that is used to cover teeth to give them a whiter hue. Thanks to the characteristics of this material and modern technologies, specialists select exactly the shade of enamel that the patient needs. Moreover, a significant advantage of this material is how well it copies the shape and structure of the enamel.

However, there is another side to the issue to consider. For the result that the patient receives in the end, you have to pay more than just for ordinary zirconium crowns or veneers. Because there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, Turkey is famous for its cheaper prices for all dental procedures. Doctors at MedicaSmile clinic will make E-max crowns and veneers for you at high-quality and at an affordable price.

On which Can This Teeth Prosthesis be Installed?

Usually, this material is used on front teeth. To determine how many veneers or crowns of this material a person needs to make the smile look aesthetically appealing, the doctor determines the patient’s smile line. The smile line is those teeth that are visible when a person smiles. And although this material will not cost you an arm and a leg, it is still cheaper to install this material only on those teeth that are visible when smiling.

emax in turkey

What Other Materials Do We Use?

Modern dentistry uses many different methods to make your smile snow-white, here are a few materials that our doctors use:

  • Zirconium
  • Porcelain

E-max vs Zirconium

Despite the amazing characteristics of the first material, many dentists recommend to use it only for aesthetic purposes. Zirconium, like any metal, will undoubtedly be stronger and more durable. However, the main disadvantage of zirconium is its less aesthetic appearance. With zirconium, it is much more difficult to replicate the exact structure of the enamel. These are its main disadvantages. If we talk about the price, zirconia prostheses are cheaper. Usually, if you need to restore the whole smile at once, doctors use zirconium for the lateral teeth, this allows you not to spoil the aesthetics of the teeth, and to get the right strength for the chewing teeth.


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