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Do you want to know how to decide between a metal porcelain crown and a full veneer? You will find the answer to this question in this article. We will tell you about the advantages of these two treatment methods. It will help you to understand which of them you need to prefer. We also have prepared for you approximate prices that you can see below. 

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Costs of crowns and veneers

Metal Porcelain crown £100

Zirconium crown £160

Inlay/Onlay ceramic – £200

E-max laminate veneer  £200

Lamineer veneer – £245

The price of dental treatment is another factor that can affect your choice of crown & veneer. That is why we have prepared a price list for you. You will be able to choose a more suitable variant for you due to it. An approximate cost of crowns is £100 – £160 per tooth. The price for veneers varies from £200 to  £245 per tooth.

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1-2 days


from ₤100


15 years


local or local with sedation

What are the dental crowns?

We will tell you about the metal porcelain crown and full veneer to explain the difference between these methods. It will aid you in making your choice. Let us start by talking about crowns and in which way you need to choose rather this dental treatment

Dental crowns are suitable for correcting a smile for a long-term period. This method involves abrasion and covering the tooth for renewal of its looks and function. It also allows for restoring the size and shape of natural teeth. We also have prepared information about types of crowns for you. Let’s talk about their features.

Types of dental crowns

Metal porcelain crowns

Metal fused porcelain crowns

Metal porcelain crowns involve using a metal base. It is one of the oldest methods, which is long-lasting and looks aesthetic. The metal base is firm and durable. Additionally, this type provides a natural look and is the most budget-friendly. That is why this type of crown is one of the most prevalent among the patients. 

Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns

Zirconia crowns involve using ceramic material. That is why you will get an authentic look at your teeth. Therefore, you can use it anywhere in your mouth. This type also does not cause allergies because of biocompatible material. Also, you will get a long-lasting and healthy result. 

Inlay/Onlay ceramics

Onlay Inlay ceramic

Inlay/Onlay ceramics help to correct demaged tooth. This material is shiny, transparent, and durable. That is why it provides long-lasting and natural-looking results. Another advantage of this method is its ability to fix and save the structure of the tooth. 

What are dental veneers?

Let’s also talk about dental veneers. We have prepared information about performing this method. It will help you to understand the main difference between a metal porcelain crown and a full veneer

Veneers are an excellent variant for correcting discolored, crocked, or damaged teeth. This method of treatment provides abrasion and covers the front side of the tooth. The dentist uses thin prosthetic devices for it. It helps to get an excellent appearance of teeth in a short time. You can get full-mouth veneers, which generally include 8 prosthetic devices. This variant is cheaper than getting dental veneers for one or two teeth and provides an opportunity to look like natural teeth. However, the choice between these two variants depends on the number of teeth.

How to choose between crowns and veneers?

Unhealthy teeth can bring you much discomfort. However, the MedicaSmile clinic can correct your smile using crowns or veneers treatment. These dental methods will help you even with significant damages to the tooth. That is why you can be sure of the result that you will get. Also, we care about the comfort of our clients. That is why our dentists use modern technologies and equipment, which make dental procedures more pleasant. Visit our clinic and forget about discomfort because of unhealthy teeth

Let us find out what is better to choose a metal porcelain crown or full veneer. Both of these methods of treatment provide correcting the appearance of your teeth. All of them are suitable for different occasions. We have prepared the information about the main differences between these methods of treatment. We also will tell you when you need to prefer both of them.    

When do you need to prefer crowns?

Dental crowns placing

Crowns are a perfect solution for fundamentally damaged teeth. You can use them for badly broken or cracked teeth or the tooth with sick roots. This method provides covering and saving of teeth from further damages. It allows delaying the moment of its extraction. 

Dental crowns are also suitable if the edge of the tooth is damaged. You can not use the veneers for it because they cover only the front side of the tooth. So, if your teeth need to be ground down, the crowns are the best variant. Additionally, it will help you to correct the colour and shade of the tooth.

Advantages of dental crowns

  • You can use them for front and back teeth.
  • They have high durability.
  • Crowns have strong bonding and do not fall away during wearing.
  • They support weak teeth.
  • It is a cheaper method than veneers.
  • They improve the appearance of teeth.

When do you need to prefer veneers?

Dental veneers in Turkey

Veneers are the right variant if you need to correct the esthetic look of teeth. They are not the right choice for significant damages. This method helps to deal with minor cracks, chipped, or badly stained teeth. So, it is a solution for quickly correcting the appearance of the smile.

Veneers are permanent, but you may need a replacement after a long period. Also, you will always need to require the covering of the tooth after doing this procedure. However, you can also use crowns after wearing veneers. So, if you choose this method, you need to understand that it is not a temporary correction of the smile. 

Advantages of dental veneers

  • It is a quick method to correct teeth.
  • Give the natural-looking result
  • They are durable and permanent
  • This method helps with treating enamel loss
  • Provide removing fewer teeth material 

Why is it better to get dental crowns or veneers in Turkey?

Why is it better to choose a Turkish clinic for getting a metal porcelain crown or full veneer? Firstly, you can correct your smile at a low cost. It is an important factor for patients who visit this country. The cost of living in Turkey allows dentists to offer you their work at a reasonable price. 

Turkish clinics use modern equipment that will make your visit to the dentist more pleasant. That is why if you have dental phobia because of pain or discomfort during the treatment, come to us. We will change your mind about the dentist visiting. 

Another reason to choose a Turkish clinic is dentists. They are specialists with extensive experience. Also, they have knowledge about using new dental technologies. That is why they provide different types of treatment. If you want to correct your smile quickly and at a low cost, contact our clinic! 


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