Zirconia veneer treatment in Turkey

Zirconium veneers are a prevalent dental treatment in Turkey. It is an excellent option for correcting the shape, colour and size of teeth. Also, it is one of the quickest methods to treat your smile. In this article, you will find some information about the advantages of zirconia veneers. Well, let us find out when this type of dental treatment is the best option together! 

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Cost of dental veneers in Turkey

Zirconium crowns£160 per tooth

E-max laminate veneers £200 per tooth

Lumineer veneers£245 per tooth 

Turkey provides low costs for zirconium veneers. That is why if you plan to correct your smile with this dental procedure, it is better to plan a little dental trip to this country. It will allow you to save a part of your spending on dental treatment. Your flight will take no more than 4-5 hours. You will be able to correct your smile and spend your vacation time in a beautiful country. Our dentist will offer you new teeth at a reasonable price and in a short time. In addition, you can be sure of the result that you will get. It is because we use only high-quality zirconium veneers. 

Cost of dental Zirconium veneers in our clinic

The main reason for a reasonable price is the low cost of living in Turkey. That is why you can be sure of the quality of the dentist’s work, despite a cheap dental treatment. Our MedicaSmile clinic provides the best services for foreign patients. We will care about you during your whole treatment period. You will be able to get free services. We will meet you at the airport and take you to the clinic. Also, we offer free X-ray, tomography and temporary teeth. As a result, you will be able to correct your full smile and save your spending.  For that reason, if you want to get quality dental treatment at a low cost, choose our clinic.

What are Zirconium veneers?

Zirconia veneers

Veneers that are made of zirconia are one of the most prevalent methods of correcting a smile among our patients. The main reason is the perfect result that this type of shell provides. Zirconia is an excellent material that is transparent and does not contain metal. That is why it will not provide a dark shade for shells. For that reason, you will get shiny and natural-looking teeth. Also, zirconia is safe for patients with an allergy to metal. That is why if you want to get biocompatible shells, this type is an excellent option for you. In addition, zirconia is extremely durable. That is why veneers of this material will serve you for 15-20 years. Of course, it also depends on your care about shells. 

Advantages of Zirconium veneers

  • Zirconia provides a white colour thanks to absent metal that adds a dark shade to veneers. It will allow you to get a Hollywood smile.
  • Zirconium veneers are transparent and provide an aesthetic result. That is why it is the best option for correcting front teeth.
  • Also, they are a suitable option for posterior teeth because of their durability. 
  • Zirconia is safe for patients with allergy to metal. This type of veneer is biocompatible. For that reason, you can be sure that it is a safe method of dental treatment for you. Porcelain shells contain metal and can cause different gum diseases for patients with an allergy. 
  • Zirconia has wellhot reflection properties. That is why cold and hot do not cause sensitivity.  
  • You can correct even a super dark tooth with shells from zirconia. Also, you can be sure that they do not change the shade after the time. The white colour will be safe for many years. 
  • Zirconium veneers have a natural structure. That is why your new teeth will not be distinct from others.
  • You do not need to worry that metal will be seen through the ceramic because of light with zirconium veneers.
  • They are thinner and lighter than shells with metal support.          
  • You will not feel a metal taste in the mouth.

Disadvantages of Zirconium veneers

  • The cost of veneers from zirconia is higher than for other types. However, you will get a durable and aesthetic smile for a long time at this price.
  • They are not the best option for posterior regions of the mouth with long toothless space. It is because veneers can break. 
  • It is not easy to place hells of zirconia. It can take more time than placing other types.

Stages of treatments for Zirconium veneers

Veneer treatment is provided using local anaesthesia. The first phase involves taking measures for shells. Then the dentist will get them to the laboratory. Your shells will be ready in a short time. The veneer treatment takes 3-6 days. During this time, the doctor will prepare your teeth. They will braise the enamel from their front side. When veneers will be ready, the dentist will fit them. They will correct the form and size of shells during this process. The latest step involves attaching veneers to the teeth with special glue.

What is the difference between E-max and Zirconium veneers?

E-max and zirconia are two of the most famous materials of veneers. It is because they provide an aesthetic and long-lasting result. That is why patients consider which one to choose for correcting their smile. Some people think that they are the same. However, there are several differences between these types. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. That is why they can be suitable for different patients. For that reason, we have prepared the information about the features of each of them for you. It will help you find out which one is better for you. So, let us tell you when it is better to prefer E-max or Zirconium veneers. 

When do you need to prefer E-max veneers?

E-max veneers in Turkey

E-max shells are made of lithium disliked glass ceramic. The advantage of this material is a high transparency that provides aesthetic appearances for teeth. Also, E-max shells are light and thin. That is why you can fit them almost without teeth preparation. It will save their structure. Also, it reduces the likelihood of tooth sensitivity. This type of veneer is a suitable option for patients who want to correct front teeth.

E-max shells will provide a natural-looking appearance for your smile. However, it is not a good option for super dark teeth which will transmit through the thin shells. In addition, E-max shells are biocompatible. 

When do you need to prefer Zirconium veneers?

Zirconia veneers in Turkey

Shells from zirconia are durable and aesthetic. These features make them one of the most prevalent types of veneers. Also, they are suitable for front and back teeth, thanks to it. They provide long-lasting results and can withstand a big press. That is why you do not need to worry about them jawing food. However, it is better to avoid a hard product that can harm your shells from zirconia. (You can read about how to care about them below).

In addition, zirconium veneers are also biocompatible and save for people with an allergy to metal. That is why, if you plan to correct your smile in a short time, this type of shells are the best option for you. However, they are not suitable for a long toothless region in the mouth. Also, they provide more abrasion of enamel. For that reason, if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, shells from zirconia can be a not suitable option for you.

How to take care of Zirconium veneers?

Dental products for cleaning teeth

Take care of your Zirconium shells like about natural teeth

Remember to brush your teeth twice a day. It will help to avoid accommodation of decay. Use a soft toothbrush and special toothpaste which will not harm your zirconium shells. It is better to consult with your dentist about it. Do not forget about mouthwash. It will provide additional protection for your zirconium shells. 

Protect your gum from diseases  

It is better to care about your gums. Protect them from any diseases. It is because they can cause swelling of gums. It can cause the exposition of veneer edges. As a result, it can harm your zirconium shells or affect their appearance.  

Stop smoking cigarattes

Cigarettes can cause gum diseases. That is why it is better to give up this habit. Also, cigarettes cause the stain on zirconium shells. You will not be able to whiten them in the future. So, it is better to care about them in advance. 

Use mouth guard if you love active sport

If you love contact sports, it is better to care about additional protection for your new teeth. You can use a mouth guard for that. It will protect your veneers during the hits in the face. It will also maximize the time of their lasting. As a result, you will not need to replace them more often than is necessary. 

Remember about scheduling oral checking

If you want to wear your zirconia veneers longer, you should visit your dentist every six months. It will help you to avoid diseases of your oral health, which can harm your zirconium veneers. Professional checking and cleaning your mouth will increase the time of their direction. 

Do not grind teeth

Another bad habit that can damage your new teeth is grinding. Also, it can cause tooth sensitivity. If you have such a habit, you need to inform your dentist about it. It can be one of the reasons why you are not a suitable candidate for veneer treatment.

The reasons to get veneer treatment in Turkey

Our dental clinic provides the best veneer treatment. You will get a perfect smile with a guarantee. That is why you can visit our dentists if you will have any problems with new teeth. We also provide other services that will make your dental treatment experience more comfortable. Additionally, we offer low costs. For this reason, you can correct your smile at a reasonable price and be sure of an excellent result.  

Well, let us tell you about our dentists. Only qualified doctors work in our dental clinic. They care about the comfort of our patients during the dental treatment. Also, our dentist has extensive experience in the dentist industry. They improve their skills and practice new dental technologies that affect the process and result of dental treatment. That is why if you plan to correct your smile, visit our clinic. We guarantee high-quality dental treatment. 


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