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Composite Bonding in Turkey is the best solution for quickly correction of your teeth. We guarantee you comfortable treatment for a short time and at a low cost. Our team comprises professionals with extensive experience. They will care about your teeth and make a perfect smile. So, if you want to get high-quality treatment, contact our Medica Smile clinic!  



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In this article, we tell you who is the best candidate for composite bonding. It will help you understand the benefits of this method. We also prepared information about the approximate cost of treatment. So, let’s talk about how composite veneers help to get a perfect smile.

All that you need to know about composite bonding treatment

Composite bonding in Turkey is the most famous method of dental treatment. The reason is a short time and the low cost of the procedure. This method is also known as composite veneers and provides using composite resin for correcting the tooth. It allows changing its colour, form, or size. Dentists do not do abrasion of the tooth for composite bonding and saving its structure.

Composite bonding can stay for 5-8 years. However, it depends on your teeth care. So, it is important to do a daily routine with toothbrushing and dental floss. Also, you need to visit the dentist for polishing the bonding veneers. It helps to keep snow-white teeth colour. You can also remove material at any time after dental treatment. It can be necessary to you in case if your tooth breaks or other problems rise. In such a case, the dentist can remove the bonding material and do new composite veneers

Composite bonding treatment allows you to get a natural looking result. You will be able to eat just in 2 hours after the procedure. However, it is better to avoid coloured food for 24 hours. Also, remember that composite veneers are not the same as natural teeth. That is why you need to be careful while eating hard and solid food. 

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Who needs composite bonding?

Composite bonding in Turkey helps with different dental problems. It is the method of treatment, which the dentists use for correcting teeth. So, let’s talk about which situation this method is suitable for. 

  • if you want to remove the gaps between teeth
  • if you broke the tooth
  • if you have mild dental crowding
  • if you want to enlarge teeth
  • if you want to change the colourcolor of teeth
  • if you need to treat caries

Which are the techniques of composite bonding?

This method of dental treatment can be performed by different techniques. That is why we prepare for your information about each of them. Also, we wrote about the most used method of composite bonding in Turkey

Injection Molded Composite bonding

Injection Molded Composite Bonding provides several steps. Firstly, we get the measure from your mouth and do a plaster model. Then we project the final looks of teeth in this model by dental waxes. The last step includes the injection of composite material into prepared teeth. We also polish the surface of the tooth for a better result.

Direct Composite Bonding

Direct Composite Bonding is the most used  technique. It includes several steps. First, we use acid and smooth teeth with it. It helps to better attach the material. Then, we place transparent tape on the tooth and dry it with ultraviolet. The next step is applying composite material. Then we shape it into the natural form of teeth. Finally, we polish them. 

Composite Veneers Mock-up

Composite Veneers Mock-up is a  technique that provides the same steps as Injection Molded Composite Bonding. The dentist chooses one of them according to the patient’s conditions.

Indirect Composite Bonding

This  technique provides preparing filling material in the laboratory. The next step is bonding it to the tooth surface.

Difference between composite veneers and porcelain veneers

So, which are the differences between porcelain veneers and composite bonding in Turkey? Firstly, it is not the same method of dental treatment. Porcelain veneers are suitable for serious teeth problems. This method provides an abrasion of the tooth. Veneers are also more long-lasting and can stay for 10-12 years. So, composite bonding helps to correct insignificant teeth problems. You should also change the material after 5-8 years. 


So, let’s talk about the advantages of composite bonding in Turkey:

  • It allows getting natural result because the materials eliminate the colourcolor of your teeth. You can also choose the shade of materials. 
  • It has transmittance features. So, it also helps to get a better look at teeth.
  • It can solve different dental problems.
  • It allows avoiding any abrasion and keeping the natural structure of  teeth. 
  • It is the fastest method of teeth corection. You can correct one or all teeth in a day. So, you will get the result in a few hours. 
  • It allows you to get a perfect smile at a low cost.
  • It does not provide anesthetics. You can not worry about unpleasant feelings or discomfort.
  • It allows you to eat the food immediately after the procedure.
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What are the prices of composite bonding?

The price of composite bonding in Turkey is lower than in other countries. The cost of dental treatment can vary from €100 to 250. There are other factors that affect it. If you need to bond the damaged tooth, you will not pay a high price. However, if you need to treat caries or teeth whitening, it will affect the cost.

Why do people prefer composite bonding in Turkey?

Why is it better to prefer composite bonding in Turkey? The first reason is the price. Our clinic cares about your comfort. That is why we offer you free services:

  • Temporary Crown
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Special Consultation
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Mock-Up

Another reason to choose composite bonding in Turkey is our dentists. They are qualified specialists with extensive experience. They also have practice in using modern dental methods and making the latest procedures. That is why our dentists can guarantee excellent results. Our clinics also have quality dental equipment, which makes the process of treatment comfortable and unpainful. So, if you want to get a perfect smile, choose composite bonding in Turkey!


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