Dental Makeover in Turkey

Dental Makeover in Turkey

Turkey is the leader in affordable and high-quality dentistry. It is why many thousands of tourists visit the country solely to get a dental smile makeover or fix their smile.

Turkish dentists can perform all the popular and cutting-edge dental treatments, combining them into unique procedures that transform their patients’ smiles. They can help the patient to get the smile of their dreams, no matter the state of their teeth.

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What are the Smile Makeover procedures in Turkey?

A smile makeover is a name for any treatment which aesthetically transforms the patient’s smile. It can be a single smile-improving procedure or a combination of several performed during a single visit or over some time. The procedures can include teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers or crown installations and other treatments that change the patient’s teeth to make the smile appear more beautiful.

Many patients come to Turkey to improve their smiles, as dentistry in Turkey is not as expensive as in the UK, and the patients can get cost-advantageous package deals that combine the treatments for their teeth with extra services. As there are many types of smile-improving procedures, not all of them can be combined. Some just change the appearance of the patient’s teeth, others modify the smile with implanted material, while others completely replace all or some of the patient’s teeth.

Cost for dental surgery in Turkey

Root canal treatment – £49

Surgical tooth extraction –  £ 75

Dental implants£480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – 237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – 180 per tooth

Who is a good candidate for Smile Makeover Treatment?

A smile makeover can consist of many different treatments, so there are no general criteria for eligibility. Treatments such as dental implant installation have requirements for the patient’s jaw density, while teeth whitening just requires the patient’s teeth to be free of untreated decay.

Of course, the patient should not have any life-threatening illnesses to get any cosmetic smile treatment. These include diagnosed cancer and other similar diseases.

Which Smile Makeover Treatment procedures are commonly performed?

There are many smile makeover procedures, but these are the most popular ones to get in Turkey.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are used for fixing small cosmetic issues with teeth, such as chipped enamel or gaps between the teeth. The veneers are made of thin sheets of material, usually ceramic or porcelain, and are installed to the front of the tooth. Their installation requires shaving some of the patient’s tooth as they replace the front part of the tooth’s enamel.

 Veneers can also be used to permanently change the colour of the patient’s teeth, as they are more resistant to staining than natural enamel. Installing veneers for a smile improvement usually takes several visits to the clinic, as they need to be manufactured in the lab before installation and are made to order.

Full Veneers / Crowns

Dental crowns, or full veneers, are similar to regular dental veneers, which can also be called laminates, but they cover the whole tooth, not just the front. They serve a cosmetic function, but can also be used to restore severely damaged teeth. Some materials used in crown manufacturing are even stronger than natural teeth, so they do not limit the patient’s dental function.

Composite bonding

A composite bonding procedure is used to alter the shape and colour of the patient’s teeth, but unlike a veneer, the composite material does not need to be formed in the lab. Instead, the composite material is applied directly to the teeth and is hardened using a special procedure. Composite bonding can also be used to improve the patient’s smile regardless of the scale of the procedure required, as the doctors can treat whole teeth or only their edges. It makes the procedure suitable for many patients.

Gum Contouring

A gum contouring treatment is used if the patient’s smile is too gummy or their gum line is uneven. The treatment reshapes the patient’s gums, making the smile more even and proportionate.

Dental Implants

Dental implant in Turkey

Dental implants replace the tooth root and can be a prerequisite for crown installation. They can stop the bone density loss caused by missing teeth. The implants can be made of metal or ceramic.


Invisalign treatment is an alternative to regular dental braces with special transparent aligners. This procedure improves the smile by treating crowded or crooked teeth without installing conspicuous braces.

Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening procedure can improve the patient’s smile by making the teeth whiter using a whitening agent. The procedure can be performed either at the clinic or at home.

Dental Lumineers

A Lumineer is a type of dental veneer. They are thinner than regular veneers, so the doctors don’t need to shave as much of the enamel to install them. They are often used to make subtle changes to the patient’s teeth.

Inlay, Onlay and White filling

Inlays, onlays and filling are used to fill the cavities where the dentist has removed tooth decay. They help protect the tooth and improve the smile by hiding the holes after other procedures.

Smile Makeover Package Deals

Smile makeover treatments are offered in packages with other procedures and services. They make the process of getting a smile makeover much easier. For example, a package may include such services as accommodation at a hotel, as well as an X-ray scan, anaesthesia and other medical services. The resulting price of a smile makeover package is much more affordable than if the patient was paying for all the services separately.

Why MedicaSmile?

Happy patient after dental treatment

MedicaSmile’s smile makeovers are some of the best in Turkey. We can offer our patients state-of-the-art smile-improving procedures performed by experienced and qualified doctors. Our clinic has many positive reviews from patients around the world.


How long does a full recovery from a smile makeover take?

As smile makeovers can include many different procedures, there is no general recovery timeline. Some smile makeover procedures are performed in a single visit and have no recovery time, while others, such as dental implants, need several visits and up to a year of recovery.

Is Smile Makeover Painful?

All smile makeover procedures can be performed under anaesthesia, which makes them pain-free. If the procedure is very invasive, the patient can feel aches after the anaesthesia wears off.

Is Smile Makeover a permanent treatment?

Most smile makeovers are permanent if they are well cared for. Treatments such as teeth whitening can lose effect with time, such as if the patient consumes staining foods and may require to be repeated.


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