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A tooth extraction in Turkey may be necessary as a prerequisite for another dental procedure, such as the dental implant installation, or to remove damaged teeth that can’t be saved. As with other types of dental procedures in Turkey, tooth extraction is affordable and performed by skilled dentists at MedicaSmile clinic.

Tooth extraction in Turkey is a safe procedure that can be performed in a single visit to the clinic or as a part of a more comprehensive treatment.

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What is a tooth extraction operation?

Tooth extraction is used to remove a patient’s tooth from the oral cavity. This operation may be performed for several reasons. Often, a dentist will remove a patient’s tooth to free space for a dental implant or bridge. Tooth extraction is also performed if the patient’s tooth fractures from a physical trauma.

It can also be used as a treatment for embedded wisdom teeth. Impacted (embedded) teeth can be a serious health problem, as they can grow into healthy teeth, displacing them and causing inflammation or infection.

How much does tooth extraction cost in Turkey?

The cost of tooth extraction depends on how the operation is performed. There are two types of tooth extraction treatments. These are simple extraction and surgical extraction. A simple extraction is used if the patient’s tooth is whole and costs less. Surgical extraction often involves making incisions in the patient’s gums to help the dentist extract parts of the patient’s tooth if it is fractured or impacted.

Dental treatments in Turkey are more affordable than in many other countries, so no matter what type of tooth extraction you need, the cost of the treatment will be smaller than in the UK. The price does not negatively affect the quality of the operation as lower prices in Turkey are caused by lower living costs and government subsidies for dentists.

Price in Turkey
Price in UK
Tooth Extraction
£20 - £100
£50 - £350
Surgical Tooth Extraction
£140 - £260
£225 - £500
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
£100 - £140
£395 - £495

How is tooth extraction performed?

Simple and surgical tooth extraction procedures are performed differently. Both types of dental procedures are performed under anaesthesia. Usually, the dentist will only use local anaesthesia, but in some cases, he might need to use other anaesthesia types.

To perform a simple tooth extraction, the doctor grabs the tooth with dental forceps and loosens the tooth before extracting it. Then, the doctor will apply a cotton pellet to the site of extraction and cover it with gauze.

The surgical extraction requires the dentist to make an incision in the gums to aid with removing the tooth. The dentist may choose to divide the tooth and extract every piece separately. Surgical extraction costs more because it is significantly more complex to perform, requiring the doctor to have more experience and take more care during the operation.


Why might a patient need a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a last resort treatment because most dentists will try less invasive options if they are available. The following are several reasons why a patient might need this treatment.

Severe infection

If the patient has a severe dental infection that has spread through the root canal, the dentists might be unable to treat it with a conventional root canal treatment. To reach the primary site of infection, the dentist may need to remove the tooth. Otherwise, the infection can lead to serious and, in some cases, life-threatening complications.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease affects the patient’s periodontal pockets, areas between the teeth and the gums. This disease can make the gums lose their ability to support the tooth. A dentist may recommend extracting a poorly supported tooth to minimise the risk of fracture, which would require a more complex extraction procedure.

Crowded teeth

Some patient’s teeth are larger than normal for their jaw, causing them to grow close to each other. They may get crooked or grow in front of other teeth. A dentist may remove some of them in preparation for an orthodontic procedure to free some space to move other teeth.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that were unable to emerge from the gums. They may grow sideways, displacing other teeth and causing damage to the gums, causing infections and other issues. Surgical extraction is used to remove these teeth.

Recovery after tooth extraction

After the procedure is completed, the doctor will give the patient recommendations on how to care for the operated area to minimise the chances of getting complications.

The patient’s gums may bleed for several days after the procedure. The patient should regularly change the cotton and gauze on their gums to promote faster healing. Since tooth extraction is an invasive surgery, the patient may feel pain after the procedure. The dentist may recommend the patient to take painkillers to minimise these symptoms.

If the patient’s gums get swollen, the patient can apply an ice pack to them. The patient should keep the ice for up to ten minutes at a time to reduce the swelling. The patient should not use a toothbrush to clean their teeth until the wound heals. He should regularly rinse his mouth with a saline solution instead.


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We can perform tooth extraction procedures as part of other treatments. You can get many types of tooth restorations and cosmetic dental procedures at our clinic at very affordable prices.

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