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Our best dental clinic in Turkey makes a healthy-looking smile available to everyone. We offer you pleasant and quality dental treatments. Our dentists have extensive experience in undertaking modern technology. They care about your comfort and impression after treatment. We can also help you with dental phobia and change your mind about teeth treatment. This is why if you want to get a perfect smile, contact our clinic in Antalya

In this article, we tell you about the advantages and types of treatment we provide. Also, we will answer you why it is better to choose a clinic in Turkey. We will tell you about all the conditions we offer while visiting our country. Therefore, if you search for quality and comfortable dental treatment, visit our Medica Smile website


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Why is it better to choose a dental clinic in Turkey?

The major task of our the best dental clinic in Turkey is making your perfect smile and take care about your comfort. That is why we offer advanced travel arrangements. We take care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport. We can consult you on different aspects of your travel:

You can ask our coordinators about all questions you worry about. It will help you if it is your first visit to Turkey. So, you do not need to worry about the dental treatment experience in Turkey at all. We will create a schedule that will be comfortable for you. You can also combine your treatment with enjoying the country. 

Additionally We use quality equipment and technology, which makes visiting the dentist painless and without discomfort feelings. So, if fear is one of the reason why you dislike dental treatment, we will help you get rid of it. Let’s talk about the advantages of our clinic in Antalya.


We try to make your dental treatment quality and pleasant. That is why we use new technologies. It allows providing the best dental care for you. You can get high-quality X-Rays and Panoramic 3D Scans. Also, new technologies allow solving your dental problems quicker.



Our dentists in Antalya have approaching knowledge of undertaking different dental procedures. All of them are general dentists and also are oral dental surgeons and orthodontics. Doctors in our clinic are qualified and have extensive experience. For this reason, they can help you with such procedures as dental veneers and dental crown treatmentsOur staff includes dental specialists who are members of the Turkish Dental Association. They improve their knowledge in undertaking last procedures and dental programs. That is why we can guarantee high-quality results for you. Our dentists in Antalya can also speak English. As a result, you do not need to worry about communication.

Dental products

We use modern products and materials. It allows us to make a quality design for dental crowns, veneers, or implants. So, all materials are FDA-approved. It guarantees long-lasting results and an authentic view of teeth. We choose brands that can approve of their quality. These can be E.Max, All-on- 4, or Zirconium. The same products are used in Canada, British, USA, or Germany. It confirms that we do not save on dental materials and your health. 

What dental treatment do we provide?

We are the best dental clinic in Turkey, which can help you to get a perfect smile! Our dentists can help you to solve all dental problems. There are different solutions. Only dentists can choose which of them is more appropriate for you. That is why we offer you consultation with the doctor and check your teeth. It is a necessary part of the treatment. Our clinic in Antalya can provide different dental treatments for it. So, let’s talk more about each of them.

Dental crowns

Dental crown is a method that provides a covering of your teeth. It is a solution for yellow or braked teeth. The advantage of this method is the short time to get the results. You can choose different materials for designing crowns. It affects the end view of teeth and cost. 

Dental implants

Dental implants in Antalya are the most popular solution for missing teeth. It provides implanting titanium screw into the jawbone. Then the dentist uses a crown, which covers it. So, you get an authentic look and chewing function of your teeth.   

Dental veneers

Dental veneers in Turkey is a method for covering the front side of teeth. It is an excellent solution if you want to get the authentic look of your smile quickly. It is a lost-lasting procedure, which provides a natural-looking result. Veneers is a popular method for correcting the colour, size, or shape of teeth in Antalya

Smile makeover

A smile makeover in Turkey is a process that provides the improving an authentic view of your teeth. It includes several steps. Firstly, you need to consult with the dentist. It will help to choose the best solution for your dental problems. The dentist will show you a 3D model of your perfect teeth. You can discuss changes to the last view. The dentist will take them into account. In this way, you will choose the most suitable plan for your treatment together.

Dental phobia helps

Dental phobia

If you are afraid to visit the dentists, our best dental clinic in Turkey will help you with it. Sometimes fear is one of the reasons why people do not treat their teeth in advance. Our dentists know how to get rid of this phobia. If you feel anxiety before visiting dentists, you need to tell us about it. Our dental clinic in Turkey has experience in communication with such patients. 

So, we promise you to support and consult before the treatment. At first, we begin our talk with an explanation of all stages of the procedure. It will help you to understand that you do not need to worry about anything. We can offer you anesthesia, which makes procedures painless and comfortable. So, it will make your visit more pleasant. Our staff is ready to help you and search for a solution to deal with your fear.  

Cost of dental treatment in Turkey

Our best dental clinic in Turkey offers you not only quality results but also cheap prices. The reason is the cost of living in our country. That is why it is better to choose our clinic in Turkey. However, it does not affect the quality of the treatment. We use modern equipment and the best materials. Therefore, we can offer you excellent results. We also prepared for you a list of approximate prices of dental treatment in Turkey we provide.


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