Can a dental implant fall out?

Dental implant operation

Our dentists often hear the question: “Can a dental implant fall out?” from patients. Thus, we want to answer this question in this article. We will tell you if you can lose your implant and what you need to do in such a situation.  

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Which are the reasons for implant failure?

Dental implant fall out

Well, implant treatment is a super reliable method. However, some patients can face complications after this dental surgery. Before it happens, the implant will become loose. The main signs of it are pain and bleeding around the tooth. It can happen for several reasons. Let us tell you about the most common options that cause loss of the artificial tooth. So, it can be the reason for gum diseases. If you want to get new teeth, you should treat your gums first.

Addedly, you can experience implant failure if you have poor dental maintenance. You should remember about good oral hygiene after the surgery. It affects the last of dental implants. Other diseases that can cause implant failure are rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. They affect a patient’s immunity. As a result, the healing process will take more time, or your jawbone will not fuse with the screw. Furthermore, we recommend you stop smoking for 2-3 months after getting a dental implant. It can also be the reason for its failure because smoking restricts blood flow. As a result, the healing process of your jawbone will be worse. Thus, doctors advise patients to stop smoking during the recovery period.

What do you need to do when it happens?

If your loose dental implant fails, you should inform your dentist about this immediately.  They will tell you what you need to do in such a situation. Moreover, remember that you should keep calm. Panic can make you stressed and badly affect your actions. Well, you should make a deep breath and follow these steps:  


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