Cheapest dental implants abroad

The cheapest dental implant treatment abroad

Let us tell you where you can get cheap dental implants abroad. In this article, you will find information about the cost of dental treatment in different countries. Also, we will tell you about the most prevalent types of implantation that allow getting teeth for a full jaw. Additionally, you will find tips that will help you to choose the best place for getting dental implants abroad.

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Cost of dental implants in Turkey

  • Straumann Dental Implant£480
  • Nobel BioCare Implant – £598
  • All-on-4 implantation – £1.600
  • All-on-6 implantation  –  £2.400
  • 3-on-6 implantation  – £4520   

Cost is the main reason why a large number of patients visit Turkey every year. That is why if you want to get the cheapest dental implants abroad and be sure of the quality of treatment, this country is a perfect option for you. You will get perfect teeth in a short time here. Our Medica Smile clinic provides quality dental help for a reasonable price. Additionally, we offer a special proposal for foreign patients. You will be able to get special packages and various discounts in our clinic. We arrange flight tickets, VIP airport transfers and hotel accommodation.

What affects the cost of implant treatment abroad?

The cost of dental implants abroad can vary according to several factors. The first of them is a type of implantation. That is why the price for implants depends on the number of teeth that you need to replace. Also, you will be able to choose the materials for dental implants. Our dentists will tell you about every type of implant. You will be able to get the option that will allow you to realize your wishes. The main factor that affects the cost of dental implant treatment is the place. That is why a dental trip is a very prevalent option today that allows patients to save their spending on getting the cheapest dental implants abroad.

Dental implantations that we provide

Implant treatment allows for replacing one or several teeth at once. That is why you can choose simple implant placing or get full-mouth implants. If you plan to correct a full smile, you can do it with all-on-4, all-on-6 or 3-on-6 implantations. We will try to tell you about every type. You will be able to find out how implantation performs and what is the main difference between them. It will help you to understand which of the types is the most suitable for you. 

Simple/multiple implantation

Traditional method for getting dental implants

Multiple or simple implantations involve using a traditional method of placing an implant. This procedure includes pitting the titanium screw into the jawbone and covering it with a crown. It is the easiest method that allows getting a new tooth. The screw replaces the tooth root and provides a supporting role. That is why it is important to be sure that it is sustainable and will withstand a press. The healing process after getting a screw can take several weeks. When it passes the dentist can cover it with an artificial tooth.      

All-on-4 implantation

All-on-4 implantation

All-on-4 implantation is distinct from a simple method. This option is suitable for patients who plan to correct a full mouth. All-on-4 implantation is a popular dental treatment abroad that involves getting 4 titanium screws. This method is suitable for patients who lost most of their teeth. The dentist will check your oral health and decide if you can get this type of treatment. They need to be sure that the screws will heal and be able to support a full denture. If your jawbone is poor, the dentist can offer you bone graft surgery.   

All-on-6 implantation

All-on-6 dental implantation

All-on-6 implantation also helps to correct a full jaw at once. However, this method involves using 6 titanium screws. More screws provide better support. For that reason, all-on-6 implantation is suitable even for patients with a poor jawbone. The dentist will put the screw in and wait until the healing process will end. It can take 2-3 months. The next step involves covering screws with a full denture.  

3-on-6 implantation

3-on-6 dental implantation

3-on-6 implantation is one of the most sustainable options that provide a long-lasting result. The main benefit of this method is the opportunity to repair new teeth quickly. It is because the procedure involves using 3 brides and 6 screws. As a result, the dentist will be able to replace one of them if it breaks. Also, a large number of screws will continue the support of the bride even if one of them needs repair. For that reason, dentists prefer and advise this type of implantation.     

Which benefits can the Turkish clinic offer you?

Happy patients after getting dental implants in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most prevalent places where patients correct their smiles. The main reason for this is a lower price in comparison to the UK or US. That is why if you want to get the cheapest dental implants abroad, Turkey is an excellent variant for you. Additionally, Turkey offers not only cheap but also high-quality dental treatment. The dentist will guarantee you a perfect smile in a short time. They are qualified specialists who know how to make your dream about perfect teeth real. It is important for patients who want not only to save their budget but also get a long-lasting result. Turkish clinics are also prevalent because of modern equipment. We care about our patients and try to make your treatment comfortable. For that reason, we use only modern technologies that make the treatment process painless. That is why if the visit to a dentist is terrible for you, this option is important for you. We guarantee you that you will forget about dental phobia after visiting our clinic in Turkey. 

Where can you get the cheapest dental implants abroad?

You can visit one of the most prevalent countries and get the cheapest dental implants abroad. The cost of this method of treatment varies according to the place. That is why we advise you to plan a dental trip and treat your smile for a reasonable price. The most popular countries that people visit are Turkey,  Mexico, Poland, Thailand, Hungary and Costa Rica. These countries offer cheap dental implants thanks to a low cost of living. Patients from the US or UK can save 50-80% of their budget in these places. Well, which of the countries is the best place for getting dental implants? We will tell you about dental care in every country below. It will help you to find out the advantages and disadvantages of implant treatment in different countries.  Also, we have prepared a list of prices for dental implants abroad.    

Turkey £300 £750

Mexico £500 £900

Poland £550 £1,000

Thailand £600£1,500

Hungary £700 £1,100 

Costa Rica £780£1, 200 


Turkey is the best place for getting dental implants.  This country will offer you the best services. You will be able to treat your teeth in a modern clinic with quality equipment. It allows getting a perfect result. For that reason, we guarantee that you will be back home with the smile of your dream. Our dentists will care about you during the whole treatment process. You can be sure of the best treatment result. You will get quality dental implants that will suffer you for a lifetime. Additionally, we offer a huge choice of materials. For that reason, you will be able to choose the most suitable one.  


Patients choose Mexico because of the cheap price of dental care. That is why it is an excellent opportunity to save your spending. However, you need to be careful choosing the clinic. The reason for it is the large number of unqualified dentists in this country. They can offer a low price but do not provide a long-lasting result. That is why you need to spend time choosing the right clinic in Mexico. However, it will protect you from unqualified dental help that can cause complications. For that reason, it is better to prefer reliable dentistry than a cheap price.  


Poland dentistry is known thanks to skilled dentists. They can guarantee a perfect result for you. That is why patients who visit this country can be sure of the quality dental help here. Also, you will be able to visit famous tourist places during implant treatment in Poland. However, the cost of the procedure is higher here than in Turkey. Additionally, the quality of dentists’ work is not better. That is why if you want to get a perfect result for a reasonable price, it is better to prefer Turkey. 


Dentistry in Thailand is a place where patients can get implant treatment for a low price. That is why if your budget is limited, this option will be suitable for you. However, the most popular question among patients is about the quality of dentistry in this country. The answer to this question is not unambiguous. You can get excellent dental implants here. However, you will need to check the clinic before a visit. Also, it is better to find information about the dentist’s qualifications. 


The main reason why people visit Hungary dental clinics is their dentists. They are skilled professionals who know how to help every patient and create a perfect smile for them. The reason for it is Hungary dental schools that prepare skilled doctors. That is why you will get implants that will serve you for the long term here. However, the cost of dental implants is much higher in Hungary than in Turkey. That is why if you want to save your spending on getting dental help abroad, it is better to visit Turkey.

Costa Rica

If you want to spend your dental vacation in a beautiful place, Costa Rica is a suitable option for you. You will spend your free time interesting here. Combination of dental care and vacation is the main reason to get implants abroad. However, dentistry in Costa Rica has such disadvantages as a lower price than in the above-mentioned countries abroad. Also, Costa Rica has an uncomfortable location. That is why you will need to spend more time to get to the country. 


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