Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry

Do you want to know why you need to prefer cosmetic dentistry in Turkey? Let us answer this question for you in this article. We will inform you about the best type of cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, we have prepared interesting facts about teeth treatment in Turkey.

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Cost of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

Dental crowns £120 £180 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 £237 per tooth

Dental implants£480 £598 per tooth

Teeth whitening £40 – £120 per full mouth      

Inlay/Onlay ceramic £200 per tooth        

Gum contouring £250 per jaw 

Our MedicaSmile clinic has prepared the best services for you. We guarantee high-quality dental care that will improve your life. Moreover, we provide low-cost dental treatment. Thanks to this, everyone can get a perfect smile at a reasonable price in our clinic. Furthermore, we care about every patient and consider the individuality of their organism. Thus, you can be sure that you will get an excellent final result. 

Addedly, our clinic offers special proposals. You will be able to get treatment packages, which include a set of free services. It allows patients to get procedures at a more affordable price. Packages include such offers:

  • set of crowns, veneers or implants 
  • free X-ray or tomography 
  • consultation with the dentist
  • transfer from the airport and back
  • accommodation
  • dentist’s work and time

How does cosmetic dentistry improve life?

Result of cosmetic dentistry

A perfect smile is the best decoration for everyone. Due to this, we recommend cosmetic dentistry that will improve your smile and life at the same time. You can get perfect teeth with different procedures. Our dentist will aid you in choosing the best method for you. As a result, you will forget about tooth imperfections, which can make you feel ashamed. Moreover, dental diseases can cause discomfort and pain. Thus, we recommend you visit the dentist on time. 

Dental treatment will help you to improve your appearance and be more confident. Well, we invite you to our clinic. We will make a Hollywood smile for you. 

Types of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

You can get the most popular dental procedures in our clinic. More about each of them you can read below. We have prepared interesting facts about veneers, crowns, onlay/inlay ceramic correctness and teeth whitening. Moreover, we have tried to answer the most general questions about these procedures. We want to inform you about each treatment because they provide different results. Tush, are suitable for solving different dental diseases. Our dentists will aid you in choosing the best option for you. So, if you do not know which dental procedure is better for you, you can consult with our dentist about it. They will check your oral health and tell you which method will help you to get perfect teeth.


Dental veneers

The quickest method to get a charming and attractive smile. This option is super popular among our patients. People choose this method because of the simple steps that it provides. The dentist will place veneers without a lot of tooth preparation. They will abrase only the front side of teeth and cover them with thin shells. Our clinic laboratory will create veneers for you. The dentist will take measures of your teeth to make veneers, which will be suitable for them. Thanks to this, shells will look super natural. You will be able to forget about tooth imperfections that worsen their appearance with them. 


Dental crowns

If you have lost most of the tooth material, you can get crowns. They look and feel like natural teeth. You can get another chance for your tooth with a crown. They look like small cups that hug the tooth from all sides. Moreover, they protect it from external damage. Dentists advise this method for patients who have had their teeth treated several times. Such patients can not get veneers. That is why we advise them on the alternative, which will help them to correct their smile. Furthermore, you will get a long-lasting result with crowns.

Inlay/Onlay ceramic

Inlay Onlay ceramic

Inlay and Onlay ceramic are popular methods that allow you to correct small damages to your teeth. This option provides quick tooth correctness with ceramic. The dentist will check your tooth and decide which of the two methods is more suitable for you. Inlay ceramic helps to correct the damage in the middle of the tooth. The only option is suitable for patients who need to repair the tooth surface. The dentist will take measures for the ceramic filings. Then they will fit them using special glue.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

If you want to return the white shade to your teeth, you can get teeth whitening. This procedure allows patients to forget about the dark smile that lost its attractive appearance. It can be the result of bad hygiene. Moreover, your teeth can change colour if you like to drink coffee or black tea. Bleaching allows our patients to make their teeth snow-white. Furthermore, it will not take a lot of their time. If you plan to get teeth whitening, you should consult with the dentist. They will tell you how much time the bleaching will take, considering your wishes about the final result.

Duration of dental treatments

The time of each procedure depends on the patient’s oral health. The quickest method is Onlay/Inlay ceramic correctness. You can treat your tooth with this option in just 1-2 days. Moreover, this method does not provide a long recovery period. You can come back to normal life immediately after the procedure. Other quick methods that will help you to correct your smile are veneers and crowns. The dentist will place them in 1-5 days. Bleaching can provide 3-6 visits to our clinic. It depends on the result that you want to get with this procedure.

How long will the result stay after treatment?

Patient got dental cosmetic treatment

If you get Inlay/Onlay ceramic correctness, you will wear them for 30 years. The main reason for such durability is their strong material. Veneers and crowns also can serve you for 20-30 years with good oral hygiene. The result of bleaching can last from 3 months to 3 years. It also depends on your daily routine. Well, if you want to increase the duration of the treatment, you shout to take care of your oral health. 


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