All-inclusive Dental Implants in Turkey Packages

All-inclusive Dental Implants in Turkey Packages


5-6 days


from ₤1630




local or local with sedation

Dental implants in Turkey packages are the most profitable investment in your dental health. Thanks to the All-inclusive package, you have the opportunity not only to save money but also your time, so that the treatment will pass without unnecessary worries and stress.

In addition to the dental implant installation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Turkey from the tourist side. You can organise your holiday in peace, as the clinic will take care of the rest if you purchase an All-inclusive package.

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What Services Does All-Inclusive Package Offer for Dental Implants in Turkey?

The All-inclusive dental implant package is designed to create convenience and comfort for patients and provide them with everything they need during treatment.

Here are some of the services that are included in the All-inclusive package at MedicaSmile:

What Factors Influence the Dental Implant Package Cost in Turkey?

What Factors Influence the Dental Implant Package Cost in Turkey

The All-inclusive dental implant package cost in Turkey depends on the following factors:

  • the number of implants (this factor is crucial because the more implants you need to place, the higher the cost can be);
  • the complexity of the case (if there are additional dental problems, such as the need for tooth extraction or reconstructive surgery, this may affect the cost of the package);
  • choice of materials (more durable and aesthetically pleasing materials may be more expensive);
  • reputation and experience of the clinic (clinics with prestige and high-quality standards may have a higher cost, but they may also offer a higher level of service and results);
  • clinic location (clinics in large cities or tourist areas may have a higher cost than clinics in less popular locations).

What Are Dental Implant Packages in Turkey for?

All-inclusive dental implant packages provide foreign patients with the convenience and complete organisation of the entire dental implant process in Turkey.

These packages include all the necessary services and costs associated with dental implants so that patients can focus on their recovery without worrying about additional details.

The packages include the cost of the implant procedure itself, including all necessary materials, instruments and medical services provided by experienced dentists and surgeons.

The packages may also include accommodation in a hotel or inn, as well as transport between the airport, clinic and hotel. This makes it easier for patients to organise their trips and reduces stress during treatment.

All On 4
With Straumann Neodent Implants

£1630/ Per Jaw
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • 4 Straumann Neodent Implants
  • Free Hotel Stay

All On 6
With Straumann Neodent Implants

£2430/ Per Jaw
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • 6 Straumann Neodent Implants
  • Free Hotel Stay

How Can a Dental Implant Package Be Applied?

The All-inclusive dental implant package includes multiple stages and services to provide clients with a complete experience and convenience during treatment.

Implant Brands We Install

MedicaSmile uses different implant brands, and the choice of a particular brand depends on the dentist’s preferences and the patient’s needs.

Some popular implant brands that can be placed at our clinic include the following:

  • Straumann, which is one of the leading implant manufacturers in the world;
  • Nobel Biocare, which is also a well-known and respected implant brand;
  • Zimmer Biomet, which offers implant systems using modern technologies;
  • Alpha-Bio, which offers affordable and high-quality implants widely used in many countries.

Dental Implant Package Advantages in Turkey

Dental Implant Package Advantages in Turkey

The All-inclusive dental implant package offers the following several benefits for patients who decide to visit our dental clinic in Turkey:

  • an integrated approach (a full range of procedures and services throughout the treatment, which allows patients to receive all the necessary stages and procedures in one place without having to look for different specialists or clinics);
  • convenience and time savings (patients can save time and effort on organising their travel and treatment);
  • comfort and support (airport transfer, hotel accommodation, interpreter and support throughout the treatment);
  • flexibility and individual approach (the All-inclusive package can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient).
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FAQ About Implants Package in Turkey

  • 1. How Long Do I Have to Stay in Turkey for Dental Implant Installation?

    The total time for dental implant placement can range from a couple of months to six months or more. The time for dental implantation in Turkey also depends on the chosen treatment plan and the procedure’s complexity.

    The stage of preliminary consultation and diagnosis can take from a couple of days to one week, depending on the clinic's workload and the specialists' availability.

    The stage of surgical implant placement can take from a few weeks to several months. And the last stage of prosthetics, which is carried out after the completion of osseointegration, can take from several weeks to several months.

  • 2. How Many Times Do I Need to Go to Turkey for Dental Implant Treatment?

    The number of visits to Turkey for dental implant placement depends on the chosen treatment plan and the complexity of each case. In most cases, the dental implant process involves several stages that may require multiple visits.

    The first visit is necessary for a preliminary consultation and diagnosis. Surgical implant placement may require one or two visits. Temporary and permanent prosthetics may also require one or two visits.

    In summary, four to five visits may be required, depending on the clinic's workload, the complexity of the treatment, the osseointegration process, and the schedule of the dentists.

  • 3. What Is the Cost of the Cheapest Dental Implant Set in Turkey?

    On average, the cheapest set of dental implants cost in Turkey ranges from ₤350 to ₤550 per implant.

    Be careful when looking at implant prices in different clinics, as the total cost of treatment may not include additional services such as preliminary consultation, diagnostics, surgical instruments and prosthetics.

    The cost also depends on the chosen material for implants and prostheses, such as ceramics or cermets. More expensive materials may have better aesthetic and functional characteristics.

    Sign up for a consultation at MedicaSmile right now, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the favourable cost of dental implant installation!


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