Dental lumineers in Turkey

Dental Lumineer veneers

Dental lumineers in Turkey are a quick method to get a charming smile. These are small and thin shells that will be attached to your teeth and cover all their defects. This is the best option that helps people to have an excellent smile.    

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1-3 days


From ₤200


15 years


local or local with sedation

Price for dental veneers in Turkey

Lumineer veneers £275 per tooth

E-max veneers £215 per tooth 

Turkish dentistry will allow you to get the best treatment at a reasonable price. Furthermore, you will be able to visit a popular tourist country and spend your free time walking along the beach. Our MedicaSmile clinic is an excellent place to get dental lumineers. You can contact our client coordinator and ask about all the questions that trouble you. Moreover, you can see the price list for dental procedures in our clinic. We offer a low price on dental care. Due to this, you will be able to get lumineers at a more affordable price than in other countries.

Who needs lumineers?

Example of dental lumineers

Lumineers provide very quick results. Thus, this option suits patients who want to repair their teeth. Moreover, lumineers are a safe method to correct your smile. It is because this type of veneer does not require a lot of tooth preparation before the procedure. Well, placing lumineers is painless. You can get this dental procedure even if you are afraid of dental treatments. You will not feel discomfort during the procedure of veneer placement. 

However, this dental method is not suitable for patients with bad bites or unhealthy gums. It is better to solve this problem before getting veneers. It is because they can harm the shells.

Steps of veneer treatment

If you want to get lumineers, you should visit our dentist and get a consultation. This step is necessary and is one of the main phases of treatment. It is because the dentist will decide if this option is suitable for you. Moreover, they will tell you about the oral health screening that you will need to do and the steps that it involves. They can ask you to do an X-ray or tomography. Addedly, if you have any diseases, you should inform the dentist about them. The next step of the treatment involves tooth preparation. The dentist will abrase the front sides of your teeth. Lumineers are super thin and light. For that reason, the dentist will not prepare your teeth so much. It allows the patients to avoid tooth sensitivity after this procedure. It is especially important for people who suffer from this problem before getting veneers. It is because the sensitivity may increase.  

Advantages of lumineer veneers

The best veneer treatment

How long do lumineers last?

This type of veneer is super durable and reliable. Thus, you can be sure that these shells will serve you in the long term. You can wear the lumineers for 15-20 years. Moreover, you do not need to worry about your new teeth when you eat. They are sustainable for hard food. However, if you want to increase the duration of lumineer lasting, you should take care of your oral health. You can read more about this below. 

How to take care of lumineers?


Well, how do you need to take care of lumineers? Let us inform you about several simple rules that will help you to increase the time of veneer lasting. Your daily routine will also save the white shade of your lumineers. Moreover, it will protect new teeth from decay, which is harmful to veneers. Due to this, we recommend you brush your teeth twice a day. It is one of the main rules.

Furthermore, we advise you to use dental floss to get rid of the food that is stuck between the teeth. It is the main reason for the appearance of decay. Addedly, dentists recommend that patients use mouthwash after teeth cleaning. It also will maintain the cleanliness of your teeth. As a result, your oral health will be protected from any diseases. However, a daily routine is not the only rule that must be followed. You also should be careful with your lumineers. It is better not to eat nuts or hard apples and not use your lumineers to shell sunflower seeds. Moreover, dentists advise patients not to eat colored food. It is because it can change the shade of your lumineers. Another important rule involves visiting the dentist every six months. It will allow you to maintain the health of your teeth.

What do you need to do if lumineers fall off or get damaged?

Patients often ask the doctor about veneer repair. Well, let us tell you what you need to do if lumineers fall off or get damaged. So, the shells can be damaged by hard food or fall off because of the bad fitting. If you notice any changes in your veneer teeth, you should inform your dentist about it. Do not try to fix the damage by yourself. The dentist will check up on the problem and tell you how it is better to repair lumineers. They can place new shells on your teeth if the previous ones are not repairable.

Getting dental lumineers in Turkey


Our Medica Smile clinic offers excellent dental treatment. Moreover, we provide the best services for foreign patients. Due to this, you will get high-quality dental care and a perfect final result. Moreover, we offer low costs for dental procedures. As a result, you will get affordable teeth treatment in our clinic. Moreover, we provide a guarantee for the treatment. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the treatment result. Also, you can contact us after you go back home if you notice any complications. Our client coordinator will help you at any time. Furthermore, our dentists are qualified specialists who improve their knowledge every time. It allows them to use modern techniques that improve the quality of teeth treatment. So, our patients get the best dental procedures without discomfort and with long-lasting results. 

Moreover, we offer high-quality dental veneers. It is the quickest method to get perfect teeth. Addedly, we guarantee the reliable result of treatment at a reasonable price. Well, visit our clinic and get the best lumineers to correct your smile.


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