Dental tourism in Turkey

Dental treatments in Turkish clinic

Do you want to know more about dental tourism in Turkey? We will tell you about the advantages of our clinics, dentists, and services. Also, you can read about the popular treatments that we provide. It will help you to know the features of popular dental procedures. Additionally, you will be able to see the price list below. 

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Cost of dental treatment in Turkey

Dental crowns £120 £180 per tooth

Dental veneers  £215 £237 per tooth

Dental implants £480 £598 per tooth

Teeth whitening  £40 £120 per full mouth

Inlay/Onlay ceramic £200 per tooth

Root canal treatment £49 per root

Gum contouring £250 per jaw

Dental tourism in Turkey provides different types of dental treatment. You can choose one of them to correct your smile. We have prepared short information about each of them for you, which you can read below. It will help you find out their features. That is why let us tell you about the more popular dental procedures in Turkey.

Dental crowns

Crown treatment in Turkey

Dental crowns are suitable for people who need to treat teeth with significant damages. The best candidates for this procedure are people with deep caries, broken or deformed teeth,  sizable gaps between teeth. Crowns improve the appearance of the smile and provide good jawing function. This method involves abrasion of the tooth and covering it with porcelain, metal, or zirconia crowns.

Dental veneers

Veneer treatment in Turkey

Dental veneers are an excellent solution for correcting yellow or crooked teeth. This method helps with minor damages. Dentists advise dental veneers if you want to get the aesthetic appearance of the smile quickly. However, this procedure is not suitable for significant damages. It is because the placing of veneers provides abrasion and coverage only to the front side of the tooth. After getting veneers, you should always cover your teeth. However, you can replace them with crowns in the feature. Additionally, veneers are a long-lasting method and do not need special care. 

Dental implants

Implant treatment in Turkey

Dental implants are the right choice for you if you need to replace the tooth. This method provides placing the metal screw into the jawbone. It is necessary to create support for the crown that covers it. Dental implants guarantee natural-looking results. That is why you can use them for front and beak teeth. You can also choose a full set of implants. It is a good choice if you need to replace several teeth at once.

Teeth whitening

teeth whitening in Turkey

Teeth whitening helps to change their shade of colour. It does not provide any abrasion of the tooth. That is why it is a safe method of correcting the smile. However, you need to consult with the dentist before this procedure. You can choose between home whitening, in-office whitening, and combination home and in-office whitening. 

Why is it better to choose dental holidays in Turkey?

Dental holidays are prevalent today. The main reason for it is the high costs of dental procedures. That is why patients look for a country that can provide them with quality treatment at reasonable prices. A dental holiday in Turkey is an excellent opportunity to correct your smile and visit tourist places. Our clinic also offers a lower cost for dental procedures compared with other countries. After your arrival, our dentists will consult you and choose the best method to treat your teeth. We care about the comfort of our patients. For this reason, you do not need to worry about unpleasant feelings and pain during dental procedures. We use modern equipment that allows us to avoid it. If you want to get high-quality treatment at a reasonable price, visit the Medica Smile clinic. We will care about the health of your smile.

Let us tell you how we can offer their services at such low prices? The main reason is the low cost of living in Turkey. Dentists spend less money on residence and fees. That is why the cost of treatment that they offer is lower compared with other countries. 

We also provide free services for our foreign patients. It will make your dental treatment experience more comfortable. It also allows not to spend extra money on additional procedures. The all-inclusive package that we provide includes such services:

Advantages of dental treatment in Turkey

The best dental treatment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the more prevalent countries for getting dental implants, crowns, veneers, and other dental procedures. The reason is the prices that clinics provide in this country. Dentists offer the cost of their work is less than 50-70% compared with Western Europe and the United States. For this reason, people prefer to have their perfect smile done in Turkey. However, there is not only one benefit of choosing this country. That is why we have prepared for you information about other advantages of dental tourism in Turkey.


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