Dental treatment and care in Turkey

Dental treatment and care

If you dream about a charming smile, dental treatment and care in Turkey is a perfect option for you. You will get the best services at a reasonable price here. The best dentist will help you to get an excellent smile. Well, let us inform you about our dental care and the results that we provide for our patients. 

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Cost of dental care in Turkey

Dental implants £300 – £750 per tooth  

All-on-4 implantation £1.600 per jaw

All-on-6 implantation £2.400 per jaw

Dental veneers £200 £245 per tooth 

Dental crowns£100 £245 per tooth  

Teeth whitening £125 per full mouth 

The lowest cost and the best quality are our clinic’s main benefits. We are the best option for foreign patients who want to treat their teeth. Our clinic guarantees a perfect final result. Moreover, your new teeth will serve you in the long term. If you visit our clinic, you will be able to treat your smile at a reasonable price that is affordable for everyone. It allows patients with a small budget to get high-quality treatment. You can see all prices for dental procedures here.

Treatment packages

We offer super affordable proposals for our patients. You can get treatment packages that involve getting a set of veneers, crowns, or implants. Moreover, these packages include such free services as:

  • temporary teeth
  • consultation with the dentist
  • local anaesthesia
  • laboratory fees
  • X-ray and tomography
  • antibiotics and painkillers. 

How can dental treatment affect your life?

Patient with perfect smile

A perfect smile adds self-confidence to everyone. It is because the smile is the first thing that attracts people attentions at the first meeting. We will help you to forget about crack, crooked or yellow teeth. Our dentist will choose the way to make your smile perfect and attractive. We offer a lot of cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, crowns, gum contouring, or dental bonding. The dentist will help you to correct tooth imperfections with these options. If you want to get new teeth, our dentist will advise you on dental implants or dentures. We will help you to choose the most suitable option for you, which will correct your smile and make you happy.

The most prevalent dental treatment in MedicaSmile

You will get a huge choice of dental procedures in Antalya. We offer the best treatments that will allow you to correct your smile in a super short time. Our dentist will help you to choose the right method to treat your teeth. We also want to tell you about the most popular dental procedures in Antalya.   

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

If you are tired of the dark shade of your smile, you can correct it with teeth whitening in a super short time. Visit our clinic at a suitable time for you. Our dentist will help you to get excellent teeth. Bleaching is a simple procedure that allows patients to be the owner of a Hollywood smile. We use a special laser that allows patients to get the desired result quickly. Furthermore, our dentist can give you a kit for bleaching your teeth, which you can use at home.

Dental implants

Dental implants

If you have lost one or several teeth, you will be able get implants in Turkey. Let us tell you why it is the best option for people who suffer from toothlessness. First of all, dental implants are super comfortable. They do not harm gums and do not need special daily care. These are the main reasons why patients prefer dental implants when they choose between this option and denture. You can get new teeth in just 1-3 months with this type of treatment in Turkey.

Dental crowns/veneers

Dental veneer and crown treatment

Dental crowns and veneers allow people to correct the appearance of their teeth. These two types are very popular in Turkey. Crowns are the best option for teeth that have been restored several times. The dentist can save your tooth with a crown in a short time. The crown treatment provides tooth restoration in just 3-5 days. If you want to correct minor damage, you can get veneers. These are small shells that will cover the front side of the tooth. As a consequence, you will get a smile with a new attractive appearance.

Turkish dentists

Dental treatment process

A high-quality result is the main reason why patients choose clinics in Turkey. That is why we offer only the best final results of the treatment. Our dentists consider the patients’ wishes. You will be able to choose the form and colour of your new teeth together with the doctor. Another important step of the treatment is a check of oral health. We provide quality X-rays and Tomographs. They help our dentist to check your teeth and jawbone better. As a result, they will choose the best dental treatment for patients.

Let us tell you why our dentists are popular among foreign patients. Well, you can be sure that our dentist will provide the best dental care for you in Turkey. It is because they have extensive experience and know how to solve your dental problems. They know how to check and treat your teeth to make your smile perfect. You can ask the dentist any questions that disturb you. They will inform you about each step of treatment. 

Another reason why you can be sure of our dentists is their qualifications. It is super difficult to get a dental education in Turkey. For that reason, every dentist spends a lot of time getting qualifications. Moreover, you can check which education and experience the dentist has. You can find this information on our site. Furthermore, they improve their knowledge every time. Due to it, the dentist visits practices where they can learn new techniques.

We guarantee quick results

Our dentists offer quick results of the treatments. That is why you will get a perfect smile in a short period in Turkey. That is why you do not need to plan a long trip to Antalya to treat your teeth. Moreover, if you want to find out the exact time, you can ask our clients’ coordinator about it. They will inform you about the duration of any type of treatment. However, it also can vary from patient to patient because of the individuality of every organism. Thus, it is better to ask the dentist about the duration of your treatment after the first consultation in Turkey.  

Get dental care in our clinic and forget about dental diseases!

The best dental care

There are several reasons why you need to choose our clinic in Turkey if you want to get a perfect smile. Qualified dentists are one of them. They know how to help every patient begin to love dental treatment. That is why if you suffer from dental phobia or do not like to treat teeth, our dentist will change your mind about it. Moreover, our dentist will provide an excellent final result for you. In addition, Antalya clinics offer super affordable prices. 

Thus, you will save spending and treat your teeth at one time. Welcome to our clinic in Turkey! Our dentist will make a Hollywood smile for you.


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