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Dental veneers are thin shells that are used in aesthetic dentistry for restoring the visual properties of the smile. Being typically installed on the front teeth, veneers are recommended in case of minor dental defects in the smile zone or if the patient wishes to see the result as soon as possible. Most often, such microprostheses are placed on 10 upper teeth and 8 lower teeth though the patient can also opt for the whole set of veneers.





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Medica Smile chain of clinics in Antalya performs the veneer installation with the use of the most advanced and reliable materials. We also offer professional dental consultations and carry out other types of high-quality dental treatment. 


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How much do dental veneers cost in Antalya?

The price of veneers depends on how many dental prostheses are needed and what material is selected. Today the following types of veneer materials are used in aesthetic dentistry in Turkey: 

  • Ceramics (porcelain). The main advantage of this material is that it looks exactly like the natural enamel, so no one will ever be able to guess that you have had your teeth covered by veneers. Ceramics is strong and durable, and there is a multitude of shades to choose from. Such veneers do not change their color with time, do not dim, and serve for up to 20 years. 
  • Composite. This is the same material that is used for producing dental fills. Unlike ceramics, composite does not require expensive equipment and, therefore, is rather economical. However, composite veneers are less strong and need to be replaced at least every 5 years. 
  • Zirconium. Here we deal with a combined technology that involves using a zirconium frame filled with ceramic mass. Being very strong and reliable, zirconium veneers serve for 10-20 years but have a slightly less natural look than ceramic ones. 

To learn more about what veneer installation services are offered by Medica Smile clinics, please follow the link. You may also find it useful to opt for one of our package deals (more information on their scope and prices is provided here).

What do veneers serve for?

Veneers are an ideal solution for patients with the following dental issues:

  • darkened enamel that is resistant to teeth whitening;
  • crack and chips;
  • non-carious enamel problems (fluorosis, tetracycline-stained teeth);
  • irregular or misshapen teeth.

The manufacturing and installation of dental veneers are performed either directly or indirectly. The direct technique implies shaping and fixing shells in the patient’s mouth while the indirect method means that veneers get produced in laboratories with the use of dental imprints and then installed on the patient’s teeth.

Advantages of veneers

Dental veneers are the most popular tooth restoration technique in Antalya that is selected by numerous patients with minor dental problems. Among the indisputable advantages of this technology are:

  • Long service time. Provided that the patient takes care of his or her veneers and follows all the doctor’s recommendations, the strongest veneers can serve for up to 20 years.
  • Stain resistance (ceramic veneers). This material is resistant to tooth-staining foods and drinks as well as other staining agents. Ceramic veneers do not change their appearance even after 10-15 years of service.
  • Natural look. The veneers’ colour gets selected so that it was identical to the shade of the patient’s teeth, which makes such shells look very natural.
  • Quick installation. The manufacturing of dental veneers takes up to two weeks while the whole treatment requires just one or two visits to the clinic.
  • Easy installation. Unlike crowns, veneers require only slight enamel facing, so the procedure is much less time-consuming and less traumatizing.

Should I get my veneers in Antalya?

Turkish dentistry has a worldwide reputation, so this is one of the best places for undergoing veneer installation. This procedure is indispensable for patients with high tooth sensitivity, visible enamel defects, and numerous fillings in the smile zone. Yet, apart from being a medical solution, veneers serve also for improving the aesthetics of your smile, and in such a case it is up to you whether to opt for the veneers restoration.

Dental veneers require a delicate and artful approach. Such microprostheses are not more than 0.6 mm thick (0.1 mm for laminated veneers, or Hollywood lumineers), so the creation of an ideal smile is impossible without the involvement of highly qualified dentists and laboratory technicians who rely on the most advanced equipment and high-quality materials. Medica Smile clinics have all of these key advantages.

What are the benefits of dental treatment in Antalya?

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Dental services in Antalya are known to have the best price-quality ratio. Local clinics offer contemporary and reliable dental treatment with a long-term guarantee, while the cost of such treatment is several times lower than in the US, Europe, or Asia.

In the course of conducting comprehensive dental diagnostics and therapy, Medica Smile clinics in Antalya practice an individual approach to each patient. The latest technologies and cutting-edge high-precision equipment allow not only detecting all possible dental problems and elaborating the treatment plan but also visualizing the future result before the treatment starts. Another important advantage is the use of contemporary materials that improve the quality of the veneer installation significantly.

The dentists that work in Medica Smile clinics in Antalya undergo regular medical training and enhance their skills in the world’s most renowned medical institutions. Exceptional professional knowledge and expertise enable them to offer high-quality dental assistance even in the most complicated and rare cases.

Finally, our clinics have no rivals when it comes to the organizational aspect. Our English-speaking managers promptly react to the incoming requests, provide answers to all the questions, and help the patients in planning their trips. When communicating with the doctor, each patient can use the services of an interpreter. You may rest assured that the staff of Medica Smile clinics will do their best to make your stay and dental treatment in Antalya as comfortable as possible.


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