Dental Work in Turkey: Treatments and Prices

Dental Work in Turkey: Treatments and Prices

Dental work in Turkey is highly demanded by many patients from other countries, especially from the UK. It is known that the cost of dental treatment in Britain and other countries is as expensive as a private jet. For this reason, many patients seek options abroad. That is why Turkey is so attractive while providing the most favourable and affordable cost.


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Dental Work Cost in Turkey

The cost of dental work in Turkey will pleasantly surprise you with its affordability and competitiveness. Knowing the prices for procedures in Turkey and providing quality results, you will choose this country to solve your dental problems!

The cost depends on the procedure chosen by the patient:

  • the cost of installing dental crowns varies from  to £240 to £320;
  • the cost of installing dental implants ranges from £300 to £1150;
  • the cost of installing dental veneers varies from £80 to £160;
  • the cost of orthodontics ranges from £1280 to £1700;
  • the cost of oral surgery and general dentistry varies from £40 to £90.

Reasons to Choose Turkey for Dental Treatment

There are many beneficial reasons to choose Turkey for dental care. Affordability, high quality, safety, professionalism of dentists, all-inclusive packages, and tourist destinations stand out among them.


Turkey is known for its affordable prices for dentistry. Here you can get quality treatment at a lower cost than in other countries. It is especially attractive to patients looking for cost-effective options while maintaining high-quality results.

High-Quality Dental Work

Turkish clinics are famous for their high-quality work. Many clinics are equipped with advanced equipment and use the latest treatment methods. The clinic staff undergoes continuous training to skillfully use innovative medical developments.

Safety and Reliability

Turkey has a developed healthcare system and strict medical legislation. Dental clinics must meet standards and be regularly accredited. It ensures the safety and reliability of procedures performed in clinics.

Professional Staff

Turkey has highly qualified dentists with rich experience and knowledge. They specialise in various areas of dentistry and constantly improve their skills. You can safely put yourself in the hands of experienced and professional specialists.

All-Inclusive Packages

Many Turkish clinics offer all-inclusive packages. It means that the cost of care includes not only dental procedures but also accommodation, transfers and other additional services. It is convenient for those who need to organise a complete package of services without any hassle.

Tourist Destinations

Turkey is a popular tourist destination with rich history, culture and beautiful beaches. A visit to a clinic can be a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure: treatment and amazing sightseeing in Turkey.


Dental Procedures That Are in Demand in Turkey

Choosing a clinic is very important. We recommend you visit MedicaSmile, a trusted and accredited clinic with experienced professionals and a wide range of dental procedures.

Dental Crowns

Dental, also known as dental caps, are protective shells worn over damaged or weak teeth. They can be made from metal, ceramic, metalloceramic, porcelain or zirconium. Crowns allow dentists to restore the tooth’s shape, size and functionality, and improve its appearance.

Dental Crowns Installation

Dental Implantation

Dental implants are the most popular way to replace missing dentition. They are artificial roots inserted into the jaw and serve as the basis for attaching replacement teeth. The operation includes surgical implant installation, healing, and denture placement over the implant. Implants cost in Turkey is more beneficial compared to other countries.

Who Needs to Make Dental Implant in Turkey

Dental Veneers

Dental are custom-made plates bonded to the front teeth surface. They are used to correct cosmetic defects in the teeth, such as bumps, stains, or lack of shape. Veneers can be made from ceramic or composite materials. Veneers in Turkey are popular due to their naturalness, aesthetics and affordability.

Who Needs Dental Veneers in Turkey


Orthodontic treatment is used to correct misaligned teeth and overbite. It may include the installation of braces, clear aligners, or other devices. Orthodontic treatment helps to create the correct alignment of the teeth and improve the functionality and aesthetics of the smile. Turkish orthodontics is offered in various clinics with experienced orthodontists.

Orthodontic braces

Oral Surgery and General Dentistry

Oral surgery includes various procedures, such as tooth extraction, apicoectomy, implantation, and other surgical interventions. General dentistry includes routine procedures such as preventive check-ups, teeth cleanings, caries treatment, and other general dental services. There is a wide range of Turkish clinics offering both general dentistry and oral surgery.

Oral Surgery and General Dentistry
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FAQs About Dental Care in Turkey

How Safe Is Dental Care in Turkey?

Dental work in Turkey is considered safe and of high quality. It is crucial to choose reliable and accredited clinics staffed by experienced and qualified professionals. Such clinics usually follow strict hygiene and safety standards and use modern equipment and quality materials.

Are There Any Language Issues When Getting Dental Care in Turkey?

Many Turkish clinics have staff who speak English and other foreign languages. It allows staff to communicate with you and explain procedures and instructions to them.

However, there may be language barriers in some small clinics or among medical staff, so it is recommended that you go to a clinic that has staff who speak your language or use an interpreter if necessary.

How Long Does It Usually Take for Dental Work in Turkey?

The treatment duration in Turkey depends on the specific procedure and the case’s complexity. For example, dental implants require several months for osseointegration (healing).

More simple procedures, such as crowns or veneers, can take several days or weeks. The dentist determines the care time depending on the patient’s condition.

What Is Included in All-Inclusive Packages?

All-inclusive packages for dental work in Turkey usually offer a comprehensive approach to patients. Such packages include the following:

  • airfare: the package usually includes a round-trip airfare from the patient’s country of residence to Turkey;
  • accommodation: hotel or inn where the patient will be accommodated during treatment;
  • transfers: transportation of the patient to the hotel and clinic;
  • treatment: the cost of the procedure itself or a set of procedures, including all necessary materials and services;
  • support: all-inclusive packages include medical support and accompaniment throughout the treatment.

Can I Have a Pre-Dental Consultation in Turkey?

Yes, you can get a consultation at MedicaSmile before dental care in Turkey. The consultation is an important part of the process as it allows the doctor to assess your dental and oral health, discuss your needs and wishes, and develop a personalised care plan.

Our dentists can conduct a consultation in the clinic or remotely through an online consultation. We provide the opportunity to contact us by phone, email or through dedicated consultation platforms. Our dentists are ready to consider any case and offer an optimal care plan.

Thus, you can be sure that you will have the opportunity to get advice and discuss all the details before starting dental work.


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