Dentistry, dental treatment and care abroad

Dentistry and dental treatment abroad

In this article, we will tell you the most important information about dentistry, dental treatment and care abroad. You will read about the most popular dental treatments. Also, we have prepared the tips that will help you to choose the right clinic abroad. Additionally, you will find information about why you need to prefer Turkish dentistry if you plan to get medical help abroad. 

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Cost of dentistry, dental treatment and care in our clinic

Dental crowns £120 £180 per tooth

Dental veneers  £215 £237 per tooth

Dental implants £480 £598 per tooth

Teeth whitening  £40 £120 per full mouth

Inlay/Onlay ceramic £200 per tooth

Root canal treatment £49 per root

Gum contouring £250 per jaw

The cost is one of the main reasons why it is better to visit Turkey if you want to correct your smile abroad. The country allows a reasonable price for dental treatment thanks to the low cost of living. As a result, our patients can get dental help at a lower cost than in the UK or the US. It is one of the reasons why dental trips are popular today. It allows foreign patients to choose the place that is more suitable for them. Medica Smile clinic also offers special proposals for foreign patients. You will be able to get treatment packages in our clinic. It is an excellent option for patients to make their treatment cheaper and more comfortable at the same time. The cost can also vary according to the type of treatment. Also, we offer a huge selection of products. That is why you can choose the option that will be suitable for you. 

Which types of dental treatment do we provide?

We provide the most prevalent type of dental treatment abroad. You will be able to correct your smile with crowns, veneers, implants or bleaching. You can read more about them below. These methods will allow you to get the Hollywood smile in a short term. The main advantage of our medical help is a long-lasting result. It is because we use only quality products for our patients. As a result, your new teeth will be durable and withstand. Well, let us tell you more about every dental treatment that we provide for our patients.

Veneer treatment

Dental veneers in Turkey

If you think that only stars of Hollywood can have a perfect smile, you are wrong. Dental veneers will help you to get excellent teeth without any imperfections. Additionally, you will not need to wait for your new smile for a lot of time. Your veneer teeth will be ready in just 1-5 days. This type of treatment is suitable for patients of all ages. That is why if you dream about the Hollywood smile, veneer treatment is a good option for you. Our dentists will inform you about all treatment details. You will be able to check your oral health in our clinic, to decide if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Also, the dentist will help you to choose the material that will be the best for you. We offer E-max and Lumineer veneers. You can read more about each of them here. An approximate time of veneers lasting is 15-20 years.

Crown treatment

Dental crowns in Turkey

Crown treatment is very similar to dental veneers. However, it is not the same procedure. Crowns as veneers help to correct the appearance of your smile. However, crowns are suitable for patients with worse dental diseases. They look like a cup that covers the tooth and protects them. The dentist will advise you on one of the crown types. You can get Metal fused porcelain and Zirconia crowns. If you want to read more about them, follow this link. Crown treatment is a perfect option for patients with teeth that lost their aesthetic view because of repeated restoration with filings. In addition, your new teeth will be long-lasting. You can wear them for 25-30 years. Also, you will be able to replace them several times.  

Implant treatment

Dental implants in Turkey

Even if you have lost most of your teeth, you can return an aesthetic appearance for your smile. Dental implants allow for replacing teeth that will serve patients for a lifetime. It is also a good alternative to dentures that are harmful to gums. That is why if comfort is important for you, implants are the best option for you. You will be able to replace one or several teeth with this dental method. If you want to correct a full smile, you can get full-mouth dental veneers. We offer all-on-4, all-on-6 and 3-on-6 implantation. You can find more information about them here. If you have any contraindication to this method like a poor jawbone, we can also offer sinus lifting or bone grafting surgeons. 

Why is dentistry abroad a good idea for today?

The cost of dental treatment depends on the place. That is why it is better to analyze the details of dentistry in every country if you want to correct your smile abroad. Dental trips allow you to get several benefits like low cost and a huge choice of quality dental products. That is why it is an excellent opportunity to treat your teeth in a modern clinic and save your budget at the same time. You will be able to spend your vacation in a tourist country and correct your teeth during this time. That is why dentistry abroad is a good idea for today.  Well, let us tell you details about every benefit of a dental trip.   

Quality dental treatment for a low price

The main reason why patients fly abroad to get dental treatment is a reasonable price. It allows patients to save their spending. Also, it is an excellent opportunity for people who can not treat their teeth because of a higher price. The most prevalent countries that patients choose are Turkey, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, Hungary and Costa Rica. You will get dental treatment for a lower price here than in the UK  or US. We have prepared the list of approximate prices for a single dental implant abroad.  It will help to compare the cost of treatment in these countries. 

Turkey £300 £750

Mexico £500 £900

Poland £550 £1,000

Thailand £600 £1,500

Hungary £700 £1,100 

Costa Rica £780 £1, 200 

Experience dentists

Another benefit of a dental trip are experiencing dentists. The reason for it is a large number of patients that visit clinics abroad. As a result, dentists help a lot of people every day. That is why they have a huge experience and will help you to get a perfect smile. However, not every clinic can guarantee you a high-quality dental treatment. For that reason, it is necessary to check the clinic abroad before visiting it. You can do it on its site or read the forums. You will be able to find information about the dentists and the results of their work here.

Quick result

You will get a quick result with the dental trip. The dentists will try to provide a short treatment process for patients. You will get dental help quickly and be able to go back home. Dentists will try to correct your smile as soon as possible. That is why you will not need to spend a lot of your time abroad. 

Combining with vacation

A dental trip is not only an opportunity to get quality and cheap dental help but also a good option for people who plan a vacation abroad. The dentist will inform you about the treatment plan. It will allow you to know on which days you need to visit a clinic. You can spend your free time walking around the city. For that reason, patients prefer a country with beautiful tourist places. It will help you to make your dental trip more interesting.  

Why is it better to prefer a Turkish clinic?

Dental care in Turkey

Turkey is the best place where you can get dental treatment abroad. This country is known thanks to qualified dentists. You will be able to get excellent medical help here. That is why patients from other countries visit Turkey to correct their smiles. If you plan to combine your treatment abroad with a vacation. Your treatment plan will allow you to spend your free time on your own. You will be able to visit popular places in Turkey. Additionally, you can spend your free days near the sea. Does it not look like a perfect vacation?   

Another reason why you need to visit Turkey if you plan to get medical help abroad is the reasonable prices. You will get cheaper dental treatment here, compared with other countries. For that reason, a large number of patients visit Turkey to treat their teeth. The main reason for low prices is the low cost of living in the country. For that reason, dentists are able to correct your smile for a lower price than in the US or UK. In addition, our dentists care about patients and try to make their treatment experience comfortable. Additionally, they help patients with dental phobia. It is a popular problem that is a reason why people do not treat their teeth in advance. If you also suffer from this problem, our dentists will help you with it. Your dental treatment will pass quickly and without discomfort feelings. Dentists will tell you all the details about dental treatment. They will show you what the medical procedure will look like. In addition, dentists consider the individuality of patients. It guarantees that the treatment will be suitable and the best solution for you.

How to choose the right clinic abroad?

If you plan to get dental treatment abroad, you need to check the clinic. It will help you to avoid unqualified medical help. That is why it is necessary to find information about dentists. You can visit the clinic site and search for examples of their work here. Also, you can write to the client’s coordinator and ask them to show you the result of the treatments that the patients got in the clinic. Also, it is better to check the dentist’s qualifications. You can find out by verifying them with the issuing body. Additionally, it is better to choose a dentist with a huge experience.  

The next step involves checking the materials that clinics use for their patients. You can ask them to give you the information about the products and the certification to them. Also, it is better to find out if the clinic provides a treatment guarantee for patients in advance. It will allow you to avoid misunderstandings after getting medical help. In addition, it is better to find out if the clinic offers treatment packages that include accommodation and transfer for patients.


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