Do Veneers Damage Your Natural Teeth?

Dental veneer treatment

Do veneers damage your natural teeth? This question is super popular today. Due to it, we have prepared information about veneer treatment. We will tell you about the steps of dental veneer placement to help you find out if this procedure is safe for your teeth.

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How do porcelain veneers affect your teeth?

Example of dental veneers

Dental veneer treatment involves tooth preparation. The dentist will use a special tool that allows them to abrase tooth enamel super quickly. This dental procedure will take about 2-3 hours. The duration of tooth preparation depends on the number of veneers that you plan to get. The tooth preparation procedure involves abrasion of the enamel only on the front sides of the teeth. Thus, the risk of tooth sensitivity is very low. The material that we use for bonding porcelain veneers to your teeth is also safe for your enamel. Thus, it will not harm your teeth too. The dentist will cover your teeth with veneers hiding all their imperfection. This cosmetic procedure will allow you to forget about a dark smile. It is because porcelain veneers look like tooth enamel. As a consequence, you will get a new natural-looking smile. Well, we invite you to our MedicaSmile clinic to get excellent teeth! 

Advantages of dental porcelain veneers

The best veneer treatment

Disadvantages of dental porcelain veneers


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