How much does a full set of veneers cost in Turkey?

Dental veneer treatment in Turkey

“How much does a full set of veneers cost in Turkey?” is the most popular question among patients who want to correct their smile abroad. Turkey is the best place where you can get cheap and quality dental help. For that reason, foreign patients choose this country and try to get more information about the treatment process here. That is why we have prepared the article about getting veneers in Turkey and the cost of this procedure. Also, we will tell you about Zirconium, Lumineer and E-max veneers.  

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15 years


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Cost of dental veneers in Turkey

Zirconium crowns£180 per tooth

E-max laminate veneers £215 per tooth

Lumineer veneers£237 per tooth   

Sometimes people associate a low price with a low quality. That is why the cheap cost of dental veneers can cause the wrong thing about dentistry in this country. We want to tell you the real reason for a reasonable price and inform you about dental treatment in Turkey. Well, the cost of living in Turkey is lower than in the US or UK. As a result, the price for dental treatment is also cheaper. That is why do not compare the cost with the quality of dental care in Turkey. Additionally, we will tell you about the benefits of dentistry in Turkey. It will help you to understand that you can be sure of the result that you will get here. 

What affects the cost of veneers?

The price of veneers can vary from  £180 to £237 per tooth. This cost depends on the materials. You will be able to get Zirconium, E-max and Lumineer veneers in the Medica Smile clinic. Also, the price for veneers depends on the number of teeth that you plan to cover with shells. Well, you can choose the option that will be suitable for you. Also, our dentists will help you to choose the variant that will meet your expectations and will fit your budget. 

Cost of a full set of veneers in Turkey

If you plan to correct several teeth at once, you can get a full set of veneers. This option is popular among patients who want to get a Hollywood smile. A full set of veneers can include 6, 8, 12 or 16 dental shells. It is an excellent opportunity to cover the front or all teeth in one procedure. That is why if you dream about a perfect smile, a full set of veneers is a suitable option for you. The cost for a set of veneers varies according to the number of shells and materials.


If you visit Turkish clinics, you will be able to choose a suitable option from a huge choice of dental veneers. We offer Zirconium, E-max and Lumineer veneers. These materials are popular because of their quality. They provide durable results that serve patients in the long term. However, every material has its own features and is suitable for different patients. That is why your choice will depend on your wishes and your oral health. If you can not decide which of the materials is better for you, our dentists will help you with it. They will check your oral health with an X-ray or tomography. It will allow them to decide which materials will be suitable for your teeth. We want to tell you more about every material to help you with your choice. We collected the most interesting and important information about the Zirconium, Emaxs and Lumineer veneers that we provide.

E-max laminate veneers

E-max veneers in Turkey

E-max laminate veneers are one of the most popular types. It is because this material has several benefits. Let us tell you about them. First of all, patients pay attention to the appearance of E-max shells. It is the main reason why they choose this type of veneer. The reason for such an attractive appearance of E-max veneers is their thickness. Thanks to it, shells are light and transparent. As a result, your smile will be attractive. Despite the fact that the price for this type of veneer is higher than the price for another type, patients choose it. The reason for it is the high durability of E-max shells. They will serve you for 15-20 years. 

Lumineer veneers

Lumineer veneers in Turkey

Lumineer veneers are popular among patients who want to get a quick result. The second name of this type is Lumineers. This material is durable and will serve you for 5-7 years. The dentist will place this type of shell in 1-5 days. Placing Lumineers does not involve long term teeth preparation. It is because shells are super thin. For that reason, you will get veneers that will look like natural teeth. Additionally, you will not suffer from discomfort after getting Lumineers. That is why if you want to get a perfect smile in a short term, this type of veneer is a good variant for you.  

Zirconium veneers

Zirconium veneers in Turkey

If you dream about a smile like Hollywood stars, Zirconium veneers are the best option for you. This material is popular because of its appearance. Zirconium veneers are snow white. It is because this type of shell does not contain metal. That is why you will get a perfect smile without yellow shade. Also, it is a suitable option for patients with allergy to metal. In addition, Zirconium veneers are extremely durable. That is why owners of this type of veneer do not need to worry about them eating hard food. You can be sure that your shells will withstand the press.

Performance of veneer treatment in Turkey

Veneer treatment process

If you want to get a dental veneer you need to check your oral health before the procedure. This step is necessary and allows the dentist to decide if you are a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. You need to be sure that veneers are the right solution for you. The next step involves preparing your teeth. This procedure does not take a lot of time. The dentist will prepare your teeth and take a measure for veneers in just 1-2 hours. 

Then you will need to wait until your dental shells are ready. Our clinic’s laboratory provides quick work. That is why you will not need to wait a long time for veneers. The final step of treatment involves fitting shells to teeth considering your wishes.          

Advantages of dental veneers

  • Dental veneers are the best method to get a perfect smile.
  • You will get a quick result with shells.
  • Dental veneers allow covering all tooth defects.
  • You will be happy with a new snow-white smile.
  • Veneers provide a long-lasting result.
  • You will forget about stains on your teeth.  

Who is a suitable candidate for veneers in Turkey?

If you dream about a Hollywood smile, dental veneers are one of the most suitable variants for you. Additionally, This method provides a quick result. For that reason, you will be happy with a new smile in just 4-5 days. Also, this method is a perfect option for patients who want to correct teeth imperfections such as yellow shade, small cracks or shrinkages. Shells will cover these problems and allow you to get a perfect smile.  However, if you suffer from such dental diseases as deep filings or your teeth are badly crooked, it is better to prefer getting crowns. This method will help you not only to hide imperfections but also will protect them from new diseases. In addition, dentists do not offer veneer treatment if the patient has such bad habits as gritting teeth or biting nails. This can harm your shells. That is why we advise you to consult with our dentist and choose the method together with them. They will check your oral health and will decide if you are a good candidate for veneer treatment.  

How to care for a dental veneers

If you want to increase the time of dental veneer lasting, you need to remember about your daily routine. Simple rules like brushing your teeth twice a day will help you to maintain oral health. Also, dentists advise using mouthwash and dental floss to clean teeth better. In addition, you need to be polite with new teeth. That is why it is better to try not to harm shells with hard food. Also, you can choose a soft toothbrush that will be safe for your dental veneers. If you do not know which products are better to use for cleaning teeth, you can ask your dentist. They will tell you how to care for dental veneers.

Why do people prefer dental implant treatment in Turkey?

Happy patients after veneer treatment

Why do you need to visit Turkey if you plan to treat your teeth? Well, the first reason is perfect services. Turkish clinics try to satisfy foreign patients. That is why your treatment experience will be comfortable. The staff in the Turkish clinic is English-speaking and very polite. That is why you do not need to worry about complications with the communication process. That is why you can be sure that you will get help immediately. If you have any questions you can easily ask them to any of the employees. Additionally, you will not meet complications organizing your treatment. It is because Turkish clinics have client coordinators. They will give you all the important information about veneer treatment in Turkey. Also, they will tell you about the dental clinic. You can ask them about the dentist’s qualifications or ask them to show the results of their work. In addition, Turkish dentistry is known for its high quality. It is one of the main reasons why patients from other countries choose this place to get dental veneers. Turkey provides quick and long-lasting dental help. That is why if you want to get reliable veneer treatment, visit Turkey.  

How to reduce the cost of veneers in Turkey?

Low prices for dental help are another reason why people visit Turkey. It is an especially advantageous offer for patients from the US and UK where the cost of living is higher. They have an excellent opportunity to get veneer treatment for a reasonable price and be sure of the result that they will get. In addition, you will be able to reduce the cost. Well, let us tell you how to save your money. 

Get a cheaper flight tickets

First of all, it is better to choose a cheaper method to get Turkey and back. A plane is a quick option that will allow you to be in the country in just 4-5 hours. You can reduce the cost of veneer treatment by getting cheaper flight tickets. You can search the price for a trip to Turkey and choose a more suitable variant. It will allow you to save money.  

Ask about special proposals

If you plan to correct several teeth at once, you can get a set of veneers. Ask the client’s coordinator if the clinic provides any special proposals. Medica Smile clinic offers special package deals and discount deals. Additionally, we arrange flight tickets, VIP airport transfers and hotel accommodation. Such special packages will not only allow you to reduce the cost of dental veneers but also make your treatment experience more comfortable. 

Get the help of an insurance company

If you do not have enough money, you can use the insurance plan. It is an excellent opportunity to reduce the price of dental veneers. If your insurance company works with clients abroad in the UK or US, it can pay part of the whole price for treatment. It is better to contact this company and decide all the details. We are sure that it will help you to get your veneer treatment and correct your smile for a reasonable cost. 

Dental loan

The dental loan is another method that will allow you to get dental veneers even if you do not have enough money. This option allows you to correct your smile now but pay a whole price letter. You can ask a client’s coordinator if the clinic offers such an option. It will allow you to divide into the part the payment for treatment. 


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