How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?

Dental Hollywood smile

Let us tell you how much a Hollywood smile costs in Turkey. It is a super popular question among patients who plan to visit a Turkish clinic to get perfect teeth. Thus, today we will tell the most interesting facts about dental treatment in this country. Moreover, we will inform you about the three main benefits of dentistry in Turkey. 

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MedicaSmile clinic offers reasonable prices for dental care

Dental crowns £120 £180 per tooth

Dental veneers  £215 £237 per tooth

Dental implants£480£598 per tooth

Teeth whitening £40 £120 per full mouth      

Reasonable prices and high quality are two of the main benefits that you will get if you choose a dental clinic in Turkey. Dental trips allow patients from other countries to visit our clinic and get a Hollywood smile in a super short term. Moreover, you can be sure we will care about you during the whole treatment process. Our clinic has prepared the best services for our foreign patients. You will get a free transfer and accommodation. It will make your treatment experience more comfortable. Furthermore, we offer a free consultation with our high-quality dentists. 

Why do people dream about a Hollywood smile?

Patient with a perfect smile

A perfect smile allows people to feel comfortable talking with someone. They do not feel ashamed and do not try to cover their teeth with their hands. Moreover, a Hollywood smile improves a person’s appearance. As a result, your self-esteem will be higher. It will help you to be more confident when introducing yourself to new people. 

Well, what is a Hollywood smile? First of all, a perfect smile provides healthy teeth. It is necessary to visit the dentist on time and treat tooth diseases in advance. The most spread dental disease is tooth decay. It harms tooth structure and leads to tooth failure. To avoid this problem, you should care about your oral health.

You can correct the appearance of your smile with several dental methods. Each of them is suitable for different patients. It is necessary to get a consultation with the dentist to find out which of them is a good option for you. They will inspect your oral health and decide which procedure will help you to get a Hollywood smile.

Which dental procedure will help you to get a perfect smile?

Our MedicaSmile clinic offers several types of dental treatment. The most prevalent procedures are dental veneers, implants and crowns. Each of these methods helps patients to have a Hollywood smile. However, only after a detailed inspection of your mouth, the dentist can decide which of them is suitable for you. Also, our patients usually do teeth whitening in our clinic. It is a quick option to get a perfect smile. But it is important to learn more about this procedure to decide if it is a safe and good variant for you. Thus, we have prepared information about the most popular dental treatments to help you learn more about each of them.


Dental implant

If you are tired of dentures, you can replace them with tooth implants in Turkey. This option has several benefits that will make your life more comfortable. You will be able to forget about harmed and red gums. Moreover, you will not need to do special daily care. Dental implants are artificial teeth that dentists attach to the bone using titanium screws.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Turkey

If your teeth do not have serious damage, but you want to correct their colour, you can bleach them in Turkey. This procedure is super prevalent among our patients. It allows them to correct their smile quickly and for a long period. You can get professional bleaching in our clinic or a special kit to correct your smile at home. 


Dental veneer

If you dream about a Hollywood smile, you can cover your teeth with veneers. These are thin shells that look like natural enamel. This option will serve you for the long term. The main advantages of veneers are the excellent final result that they provide. They will cover all tooth imperfections and correct their form and colour.


Dental crown

If your teeth have been repaired several times and have lost too much natural material, you can correct their appearance with crowns. They will allow you to return an attractive appearance to your smile and make it healthy. Moreover, you will be able to wear crowns for 25 years with proper care. 

How long does it take to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey?

Dental care and treatment

The duration of treatment depends on the method that you will get. If you want to correct your smile with veneers or crowns, you will get a final result in 3-5 days. To get teeth whitening, you should spend 30-60 minutes in the dentist’s office in Turkey. The number of your visit depends on the final result that you want to get from bleaching. To get a Hollywood smile with implants, you will need to visit our clinic in Turkey. The whole implant treatment takes about 1-3 months. However, the time duration can change according to the individuality of patients’ organisms. 

The benefits of dental care in Turkey

Turkey welcomes visitors from all over the world to provide a Hollywood smile for them. Let us tell you why this country is so prevalent among people who want to get dental care. We have prepared the three main benefits of dentistry in Turkey.

Quick results

You can get a Hollywood smile in less than a week in Turkey. Our dentists will check your oral health and provide quality treatment in a short time. It is because we care about the time of our patients. For that reason, if you are busy and do not have enough time to treat your smile, visit our clinic in Turkey. We will provide a quick final result for you.

Qualified dentists

Only the best specialists work in our clinic in Turkey. They are prevalent among patients from other countries because of the quality of treatment that they provide. You can be sure that you will get the best final result that will improve not only the appearance of your smile but also your self-esteem.

Reasonable prices

The prices for dental treatment are lower than in the UK or US. Thus, patients from this country prefer dental trips, which allow them to get a Hollywood smile at a reasonable price. Visit our MedicaSmile clinic and get the best and most affordable dental care. 


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