Is Pain After Dental Implants Normal?

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Is pain after dental implants normal? You can find the answer to this question in this article. We have prepared these tips to help you prepare for the recovery period after dental implant surgery in our MedicaSmile clinic.

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1-3 days


From ₤1600


15 years


local or local with sedation

Dental implants£400£598 per tooth 

All-on-4 implantation £1.600 per jaw

All-on-6 implantation£2.400 per jaw

All-on-8 implantation£3.200 per jaw

3-on-6 implantation£2.400 per jaw

Can you feel the pain and discomfort after dental implant surgery?

Patient suffer from the pain after implant surgery

The pain is a normal reaction of the organism after the implant surgery. It is because the procedure involves putting titanium screws into the jawbone. The dentist will make an incision on the gums for it. Thus, you can feel the pain and discomfort after the procedure. Moreover, you can suffer from swelling and bruising in the first 24 hours after placing dental implants. However, you can get prescribed painkillers that will help you to relieve the pain after the screw placement procedure.

You will feel slight relief after 3 days. You will still feel discomfort in the implant area but the pain will begin to fade. After 1-2 weeks the healing process will pass. Of course, your recovery period after a dental implant operation may take longer. However, the pain and swelling should pass after 14 days. 

If you still suffer from strong discomfort in the implant area, you need to inform your dentist about it. It can indicate the complication after the implant surgery. The most common reason for the pain is infection. It can be caused by inappropriate oral hygiene. Well, if you notice that pain does not pass 2 weeks after implant surgery, it is better to visit a dental clinic and consult with your dentist. 

How can you relieve the discomfort after a dental implant operation?

The example how to brush the teeth

If you suffer from pain in the second week after the implant surgery, you should call your doctor. To relieve the discomfort feelings, you can take painkillers. However, it is also better to consult with your dentist about the pills. Moreover, you can suffer from swelling in the first few days after a dental implant operation. You can use an ice pack and press it to your chin to reduce it.

 The healing process can take 1-2 weeks. You can feel the pain in the implant area during this period. To speed the recovery,  you should follow dentist’s tips. They will help you to relieve the pain that can prevent you from returning to a normal life after the implant operation. Addedly, following the dentist’s advice, will allow you to avoid complications after the procedure. They will tell you how to clean the implant area properly to predict the appearance of infection. Thus, it is super important to perform all prescribed rules after the procedure of getting implants.  


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