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MedicaSmile is one of the best dental clinics in Antalya providing a wide range of services. We have all the necessary materials and equipment: latest generation dental units, innovative equipment for X-ray sensors, certified materials for filling, restoration, prosthetics and professional teeth cleaning. Our dental therapists and orthopedists provide all-inclusive packages of services for the treatment of teeth and gums.

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Depends on procedure


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Cost for dental treatments in Turkey

Dental implants£480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – 237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – 180 per tooth

Gum contouring £120 per jaw

Sinus lifting£149

Bone grafting £149

Surgical tooth extraction £60 per tooth

Which types of dental treatment do we provide?


Dental diagnostic in Turkey

High-precision diagnostics is the first and important stage of successful treatment. In the Smile Dental clinic, informative images are obtained thanks to the digital dental visiograph Dexis. Targeted digital intraoral contact radiography is the “gold standard” of dental diagnostics. Obtaining images on a dental visiograph is both making the correct diagnosis and ensuring safety for the patient’s health. When examining at this facility, our clients receive a radiation dose during the examination, which is hundreds of times less than with conventional X-rays.


Dental therapy in Antalya

Dental treatment and prevention of diseases of the masticatory apparatus in MedicaSmile dentistry is carried out only according to well-established methods and certified materials for filling, restoration, and remineralization of teeth. All painful manipulations are effectively anesthetized with certified and side-effect-free local anesthetics of the new generation. Our specialists carry out preventive measures. We offer the following treatments:

  • We save patients from hypersensitivity of teeth.
  • We eliminate cracks, chips, enamel erosion and other types of defects of non-carious origin.
  • Remove tartar and plaque, which prevents the development of caries and inflammation.
  • Filling allows you to restore the shape of a damaged tooth, restore its functionality and protect damaged areas.
  • Thanks to the control of the condition of the periodontal and oral mucosa, many diseases can be identified and eliminated at an early stag.


Prothetic teeth in Turkey

Dental prosthetics in our clinic is performed by an orthopedist that performs both aesthetic and functional restoration of the masticatory apparatus. The following prosthetic techniques and structures can be offered to our clients:

  • Crowns: metal-ceramic, metal-free zirconium dioxide, all-ceramic E-max, with stump inlays of zirconium dioxide or E-max, temporary.
  • Teeth: ceramic-metal with inlays or in a fixed bridge.
  • Removable structures: partial, full, nylon with an arc, removable nylon, rigid micro-prosthesis, flexible clasp.
  • Micro-prostheses are made individually, so you can make the restoration of teeth along the entire smile line or install a veneer on one tooth.
  • Crowns on implants.
  • Dental bridge and bridge structures.
  • Prosthesis on implants.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Do you want a smile like that of actors or Hollywood stars? It’s quite real. Today, unique teeth whitening systems have been developed that do not harm the enamel at all. With the help of properly selected systems, you can achieve teeth whitening up to 8 tones! We offer the most popular whitening methods:

  • Laser whitening
  • Whitening with home kit

Our advantages

In MedicaSmile you will find high-quality dental treatment, prices of a moderate and affordable nature, as well as polite staff. We are responsible for the performance of work duties.


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