New Teeth Cost in Turkey

New Teeth Cost in Turkey

Turkey is the most popular country when it comes to getting new teeth cost in Turkey. Every year, people go here to get their new teeth in Turkey at a reasonable price.

“What is the price of a particular service?” and “What affects the price the most?” are the first questions our clients ask. So today, we will tell you how much it costs to get a new smile in Turkey and what influences this price.

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How Much Do Teeth Cost in Turkey?

Some factors can impact the cost of a new smile in this country. These factors include:

However, even with the available costs in this country, individuals can save up to 75% in costs compared to what they would pay for similar procedures in other countries. Let’s find out the prices for the most popular procedures in our clinic.

The Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

For people seeking to replace their missing teeth, dental implants have become a favoured choice. Here the price of dental implants may fluctuate based on several factors. Some of them include the type of implant employed, the materials used in the procedure, and the expertise of the dentist conducting the treatment. On average, dental implants in our clinic cost around £450 per tooth, while in Great Britain, people can pay upwards of £1500 per tooth.

Cost of Veneers in Turkey

Alternatively, dental veneers are a viable option for people seeking to enhance the look of their smile. The expenses associated with getting veneers in Turkey may also differ depending on several factors. Some of them include the type of veneer utilized, the materials employed, and the level of dentist’s expertise. For instance, the price range for porcelain shells in our clinic can be around £100 per tooth. On average, a single veneer in Turkey can cost between £150 to £250.

Price in Turkey
Price in UK
£1.600 - £3.200
£7.000 - £14.000
16 Porcelain Veneers
£1.710 - £3.420
£8.120 - £16.400
16 E-MAX Veneers
£2.390 - £4.100
£10.250 - £19.150

Who Needs to Make Dental Implant in Turkey?

Dental implantation is an affordable option for those who need a new smile. There are several indications for the installation of dental implants in Turkey. These include missing or damaged teeth and that ones that are beyond repair.

Who Needs to Make Dental Implant in Turkey

For individuals with multiple dental problems, dental implants are a flexible solution that can support bridges and dentures. Implants can help with problems such as difficulty chewing, speech issues, and self-consciousness about one’s appearance due to missing teeth. For individuals seeking to enhance their dental health and overall quality of life, dental implantation in this country presents itself as a viable solution.


Who Needs Dental Veneers in Turkey?

These are well-known solutions for people who desire to enhance the appearance of their smile. In Turkey, dental veneers are considerably cheaper compared to other countries, rendering them an appealing option for those who are seeking budget-friendly dental care.

Who Needs Dental Veneers in Turkey

These shells treat various dental problems, including smile discolouration, chips, or cracks. If a person has a discoloured smile due to medication use or injury, veneers can enhance their appearance. They can also be used to correct teeth that are misaligned or have gaps between them, which can improve the smile’s appearance and functionality.

Advantages of Traveling to Turkey for Dental Care

In addition to being more affordable than in other countries, the quality of dental care in Turkey is high, with many dental clinics offering state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professionals. Let’s talk about the benefits of dental implantation in Turkey. Numerous dental clinics provide comprehensive packages that comprise a consultation with a physician, an abutment, an abutment screw, and the implant, all included.

New teeth in Turkey before and after

Getting dental veneers in this country can also offer numerous benefits.

Why Should You Choose the MedicaSmile Clinic?

If you’re looking for quality service and highly professional doctors to give you your new smile in Turkey, then our dental clinic is for you. We have all the necessary licenses and permits from the official authorities in Turkey. Our top priority is your comfort and the affordability of treatment. With us, you will get veneers for an affordable price, and they will not cost you a fortune. 

Our clinic offers dental packages that give our patients several free services on top of reasonable prices for all other treatments. We offer free hotel accommodation, VIP airport transfers, and some other free services, which you may find out more on our website.

Furthermore, one of the main advantages of our clinic, which many clients mention, is our English-speaking team. This is a really important aspect that improves the quality of communication between doctor and patient and, therefore, the quality of treatment.

Do not kick your dream of a whiter smile into the long grass. Write to our consultants today and start planning your treatment.


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