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new teeth

Are you thinking about getting crowns, implants, teeth whitening, or another dental procedure from a Turkish dental clinic? This is a well-liked destination for dental vacations since it has a large number of dentists and offers quality dental care at significantly lower costs than the UK.

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Advantages of Turkish dental clinics


The cost of dental care is the primary justification for the trip. Patients can save 50–70% on dental implants. Naturally, the more involved and expensive the procedure, the more money you stand to save, which is why tooth procedures in this country are so well-liked. 

Patients can save money on procedures including implants, veneers, whitening, crowns, bridges, and dentures. Simply put, dental tourism may be your best option if your teeth are in poor condition and the necessary treatment looks pricey in your own country.

There are hardly any waiting times, as well. If you require immediate dental care, you should be able to make an appointment with your preferred dentist soon.



Due to the wealth of history, culture, shopping, and beaches, many dental patients decide to prolong their visit into a dental holiday in order to maximise their time there.

Standards, requirements, and legislation

The rise of dental tourism in Turkey is due to a number of factors, including affordability. To retain a positive reputation, the business also depends on the quality of the country’s dentists. Each year, more than 500,000 visitors travel here for medical care, including dental implants and aesthetic procedures. 

Turkish food

The majority of us appreciate a quick kebab pleasure, but Turkish cuisine offers much more. Every region has a unique flavour thanks to the many distinct civilizations that have affected Turkish cuisine. After your journey, the taste of the cuisine will still linger in your mouth!


Every element you need for outstanding photography, from street photography to landscape photography, is available to you in this vibrant nation! If you have a passion for photography, you should look into photography tours and reserve one before your trip. 

No matter what season of the year it is, everybody may enjoy a trip.

Turkey's most popular dental procedures

Dental Implants

As previously said, dental implants are a very common procedure because they may be done for up to 70% less money than they might have been charged back home. 

You may require two or three visits for your implants, depending on the type of implants you’re getting and any necessary pre-operative procedures (such as extractions, a bone graft, or a sinus lift). Each of these situations will likely necessitate a stay of a few days or a week. According to your specific needs, your dentist will go into further detail regarding your implants treatment plan.

dental implant

All-on-4 full mouth dental implants, which require fewer implants rods in the jaw than conventional varieties, may be chosen for a somewhat shorter course of treatment. These implants are also less expensive, but not everyone should use them. 

If you require a whole mouth of replacement teeth with implants, getting dental implants overseas could help you save thousands of dollars. When deciding whether a dental vacation is actually worth it, remember to account for the cost of your flights, meals, and lodging for each trip.

Implants placement stages:

Dental Veneers

The dental veneer procedure is a cosmetic procedure. Turkey has identical veneers to every other country in the world. The procedures are the same, and the supplies are the same. In addition to the low cost, many choose this country for its superior medical care as compared to other nations.


The procedure takes just two visits to the dentist and less than a week. 

It takes 5 to 7 days to complete the entire dental veneer procedure and receive your brand-new, gorgeous smile. They can be installed in just two visits to the dentist. As long as you aren’t at the dental clinic, you may completely enjoy your trip.

Types of veneers:


These are frequently the choice for patients who want to change the size, shape, or colour of their teeth or make minor adjustments to them. The following are a few advantages of porcelain veneers: 


Patients frequently choose porcelain veneers to address specific esthetic or structural problems with their teeth, such as: 


One of the most widely utilised types of veneers is ceramic, and many patients find them to be a fantastic option because they: 



Some people prefer composite veneers because they are more affordable. Additionally, they can frequently be implanted in a single procedure, eliminating the need for many dental appointments. Additional benefits of this kind of veneer include: 

Teeth whitening


You could save hundreds of dollars on a professional whitening procedure due to the low cost of the whitening. The savings, though, certainly aren’t great enough to warrant a trip only for teeth whitening. It’s worth investigating if you’re already on vacation.

Other treatments

Turkey has a substantial market for aesthetic dentistry, but patients also travel there for less attractive procedures like:

Almost all treatments are less expensive than in the UK, therefore it is worthwhile to complete all the necessary work while you still have the opportunity.


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