Price of Veneers in Turkey

Price of Veneers in Turkey


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The price of veneers in Turkey is a sought-after issue for many patients who want high-quality treatment at an affordable cost.

The cost of veneers in Turkey ranges from £90 to £250, and you can find out more about this below!

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Dental Veneer Explanation

A veneer is a thin but durable and aesthetically pleasing layer of dental material bonded to the front teeth’ surface.

It is used in cosmetic dentistry to change the teeth’ colour, shape, size and alignment. Veneers can be manufactured from different materials (ceramics, composite resins, or lithium disilicate).

Veneers allow patients to correct aesthetic defects of the teeth, such as staining, unevenness, chips, or shape imperfections. They also have high strength and durability.

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How Much Are Veneers in Turkey?

Veneers Turkey  is more affordable compared to the UK and other countries. It makes Turkey an attractive place to get quality dental services.

Price in Turkey
Price in UK
E-MAX Veneers
£200 - £250
£790 - £1.460
Zirconia Veneers
£150 - £200
£625 - £1.250
Porcelain Veneers
£110 - £160
£500 - £950

Veneers cost Turkey ranges from £90 to £250 for one veneer. However, Turkey teeth veneers price depends on the selected material, the quality and reputation of the clinic, and the additional services included.

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Dental Veneer Packages in Turkey

All-inclusive packages include a full set of veneers cost Turkey, which ranges from £2520 to £4180.

All-inclusive packages also include the following services:

  • consultations and diagnostics (examination of the oral cavity, X-rays and other procedures);
  • dental impressions and planning;
  • preparatory procedures (removal of a thin enamel layer from the front tooth’s surface or other preparatory procedures);
  • veneer manufacturing based on the shape and colour of the dentition of the patients;
  • veneer installation and cementation;
  • follow-up care and control;
  • tourist offers (hotel accommodation, transfers, excursions, etc.);
  • provision of an interpreter if necessary.

16 E-MAX / Empress VENEERS

£ 3380
  • 16 E-MAX Veneers
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)

20 E-MAX / Empress VENEERS

£ 4180
  • 20 E-MAX Veneers
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)

Types of Dental Veneers in Turkey

Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Laminate veneers are one of the veneer types that are used for cosmetic correction of dentition to achieve the perfect smile appearance.

Laminate veneers are made from high-quality dental material, usually ceramic or lithium disilicate, which provide strength and aesthetic appeal.

All-inclusive packages for laminate veneers usually offer a wide range of the following services:

  • consultations and planning;
  • diagnostics and examination;
  • preparatory procedures;
  • veneer manufacturing and fitting;
  • veneer installation and glueing;
  • postoperative care and follow-up visits;
  • accommodation in a four- or five-star hotel;
  • transfers;
  • provision of an interpreter;
  • assistance with completing paperwork.

E-max Veneers in Turkey

E-max veneers are one of the dental veneer types that have gained wide acceptance in the cosmetic dentistry industry.

E-max Veneers in Turkey

They are made from a homogeneous and durable material called lithium disilicate, which is highly transparent, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks to their transparent material and aesthetic refinement, E-max dental veneers create a natural and attractive smile while retaining natural light and reflecting in the actual tooth.

Lithium disilicate material has high strength, which makes E-max veneers durable and resistant to mechanical stress.

Due to the strength of the E-max material, minimal tooth preparation is required for the veneer installation. It means that more tooth enamel remains intact.

Zirconia Veneers in Turkey

Zirconia Veneers in Turkey

Zirconia veneers are another type of dental veneer that has become popular in cosmetic dentistry.

They are made from zirconia, which is durable, biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing.

Zirconia is a popular, common and durable material used in dentistry. These veneers have high strength and durability.

Zirconia veneers are highly translucent, so they create a natural-looking smile. They usually require minimal tooth preparation as zirconia has high structural integrity.

How The Process Looks Like

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Dental Veneer Pros and Cons in Turkey

Treatment with dental veneers has both pros and cons.

Veneer Pros

Dental veneers have several significant benefits:

Veneer Cons

Dental veneers have some following disadvantages that patients should be aware of:


Dental Veneer Risks

1. The risk of violating the integrity of the tooth. There is a possibility of damage to the tooth when grinding off the top layer of enamel, especially if the tooth already has any problems, such as caries or cracks.

2. The risk of developing caries. If the veneers are not properly installed or if they are not cared for, there is a risk of bacteria getting under the veneer and developing cavities.

3. Incomplete compliance with expectations. Some patients may expect perfect results with veneers. However, in rare cases, there may be slight differences in colour, shape, or texture between the veneer and adjacent teeth.

4. Allergic reactions to the materials used in the veneer manufacture.

Why Is It Cheaper to Get Dental Veneers in Turkey?

Several factors contribute to lower prices for dental veneers in Turkey:

Reasons to Choose MedicaSmile for Dental Veneers Treatment

If you are wondering how much are Turkey teeth and want to find the cheapest option, remember that, in this case, you need to look for a qualified dentist and a reliable clinic.

It is for this reason that our clinic will come to your rescue! You can choose us for the following factors:

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