Root Canal Treatment in Turkey: Costs and Procedure

Root Canal

There are many different goals in modern dentistry, and one of the main ones is to save the tooth until the very last moment. It is because of this that the root canal treatment was created, and many other procedures that prolong the life of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is one of the most common procedures that patients need when visiting Medica Smile dental clinic  Therefore, our doctors have rich experience and many skills in working with this type of treatment.

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1 day


£ 49


Depends on procedure


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Cost for dental surgery in Turkey

Root canal treatment – £49

Surgical tooth extraction –  £ 75

Dental implants£480 – £598 per tooth

Dental veneers £215 – 237 per tooth

Dental crowns £120 – 180 per tooth

Root Canal Treatment in Antalya, Turkey

Root canal treatment in Turkey is a procedure that treats the pulp of the tooth. The dental pulp is made up of the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth. If therapy is ignored for a long time, the pulp infection threatens irreparable consequences for the tooth, such as tooth loss. Root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth is inflamed or infected. Often this is due to the fact that the patient ignores the symptoms of caries in the tooth for a long time, and kicked the therapy into the long grass.

When is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

Root Canal in Turkey

Root canal removal is necessary in cases of severe caries on the patient’s teeth. Quite often, people ignore regular visits to the dentist. This leads to the fact that caries, which could be cured by simply polishing the tooth and using a filling, have to be treated by removing the roots of the tooth.


Sometimes there are cases when caries causes suppuration in the tooth pulp. In this case, in addition to root canal therapy, the doctor cleans the tooth pulp as well.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful in Turkey?

Root canal removal is completely painless, as it is done under local anaesthesia, which is included in the root canal Turkey price. At the beginning of the procedure, anaesthesia is injected and the patient may feel only mild discomfort during the procedure. Dentists at the Medica Smile dental clinic always care about the comfort of our patients, so you have nothing to worry about. We will do our best to get you back on your feet as soon as possible after the therapy.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey

treatment rool canal

At the Medica Smile  dental clinic, all prices  are set at an affordable and fair level, for example, root canal treatment cost in Turkey is £49. However, it is worth considering the fact that the final price for the entire treatment may differ, since in order to completely cure a tooth, not only root canal treatment, but also other types of procedures may be required. Your doctor will tell you the final cost.

All-Inclusive Dental Packages in Turkey

Not many dental clinics offer all-inclusive dental packages , however Medica Smile clinic does. We provide a range of free services such as:

zirconia crowns in turkey
  • transportation of our patients from the airport and from the hotel to the clinic;
  • free accommodation in hotels;
  • free panoramic X-ray examination;
  • consultation;
  • temporary fillings and dental crowns, if needed;

We try to do our best to make our clients feel comfortable undergoing high-quality dental treatment with us. For more detailed information, please contact  our managers via feedback form or online chat.

Why is it not recommended to just remove the tooth in Turkey?

There are several reasons why it is important to keep the presence of a tooth in the mouth. First, each tooth has its own function. This can be compared to the removal of an organ that is not vital. A person can manage, for example, with one lung or a kidney, but all doctors prefer to fight to the last for these organs. Because everything that is in the human body is important and necessary. If some part of the body is removed, then the functions of this part fall on other similar ones and increase the load on other organs. This, in turn, reduces their service life to a person and increases their wear and tear.

Secondly, the teeth have the ability to move in the oral cavity. The absence of one tooth in the oral cavity can affect the placement of teeth in the entire row. Therefore, it is so important when extracting a tooth, if it cannot be saved, to put a dental implant  in this place as soon as possible.

How is Root Canal Treatment Done in Turkey?

Root canal removal usually takes place over several visits to the dentist. Usually, everything happens in three stages:

Before After Canal
  • examination of the oral cavity and the condition of the oral cavity;
  • preparation for a root canal therapy;
  • root canal treatment;
  • closing a tooth with a temporary or permanent filling;

Examination of the oral cavity and its condition

At this stage, the doctor discusses the therapy plan, examines the patient’s oral cavity and discusses the final price of the procedure. For a better result, the dentist may prescribe additional examinations.

How Much is a Root Canal in Turkey?

Many are interested in How Much is a Root Canal in Turkey and what is the final price the doctor can say. It depends on the individual problem in each case. However, it should be understood that the therapy in any case will be cheaper than in Great Britain, and certainly will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Preparation for root canal therapy and the procedure itself

The best dental treatment

To remove the roots of the tooth, the doctor needs to clean the damaged tooth enamel using a special dental drill. Next, the doctor removes the roots, or cleans the pulp of the tooth and lays the medicine. Depending on the complexity of the case, this visit to the dentist may be the last. However, in cases with suppuration or inflammation of the pulp, the tooth can be treated with several visits to the dentist.

The final stage of the root canal procedure

After the root canals are removed, the doctor expands each of them to fill them. The tooth is then sealed with a permanent filling. The whole procedure lasts about two hours if the case is not complicated.


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