Cost of teeth treatment in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey

A Visit to the dentist is recommended at least 2 times a year. Oral health monitoring, possible detection of caries and other diseases requires the choice of a deserving doctor for painless and productive dental treatment. You will not make a mistake if you choose to become a client of our clinic. We guarantee that you will receive the greatest medical treatment at the most affordable prices.

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Depends on procedure


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MedicaSmile prices start from:


  • E-max ® Laminate veneers £215 per tooth
  • All-on-4 implantation £1948 per jaw
  • All-on-6 implantation £2613 per jaw
  • Inlay / Onlay ceramic£200 per tooth
  • Metal fused porcelain crown£120 per tooth
  • Zirconium crown£180 per tooth

In addition, our clinic provides free services, like:

Be careful! Free consultation is not possible in every country. Particularly with professionals in a good dental clinic. For instance,  panoramic X-RAY will cost €400 – €1200 in Germany, these services will cost €700 in the UK and in general €600 in France! Treatment in these countries will be even more expensive. Dentistry in Turkey prices are our advantage! 

Dentists in Turkey are the best professionals

Dental treatment

For the past 10 years, treatment  has become very popular in Turkey. During this time the country has invested more than 30 billion for the development of medical tourism. Doctors are highly professional specialists here, who have good experience in diagnostic, therapeutic and aesthetic treatments with the help of the demand Turkey clinics.

Dentists in Turkey are educated in prestigious universities and undergo an internship in the best clinics around the world. All processes of modern diagnostics and treatment are carried out with the help of modern equipment.This allows cost savings, which is leading to a reduction in the cost of teeth treatment in Turkey.

Doctors in Turkey are famous for building good friendly relationships with their patients and at the same time they are experts in treatment.

Free accommodation and free transfer services

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In 2021, Turkey entered the TOP 10 leaders in healthcare according to Medical Tourism. Index: 750,000 foreign patients choose local hospitals every year.

Are you from another city or country? Are you looking for a decent dentistry with the best professionals and an acceptable price?

MedicaSmile Clinic at your service!

Our dental clinic provides a full range of necessary treatment procedures which are selected individually for each patient.

After agreeing a dental treatment plan you will be advised on accommodation, transfer and if necessary, we will organize everything by ourselves.

We will meet you at the airport, take you to the hotel and ensure your comfortable stay.

We will accommodate you in the best hotels that are nearby our Clinic to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.


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