Tooth implants during pregnancy

Pregnant woman is getting implant treatment

If you want to know about getting tooth implants during pregnancy, read this text. We will tell you all the important details about this item. It will be useful information for patients who plan to combine pregnancy and dental treatment. Well, let us inform you if getting new teeth during pregnancy is possible and when it is better to abandon this idea. Also, we have prepared a list of prices for dental implants in Turkey. 

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Cost of implant treatment in Turkey

Straumann Dental Implant£480 per tooth

Nobel BioCare Implant £598 per tooth 

All-on-4 implantation £1.600 per jaw

All-on-6 implantation  –  £2.400 per jaw

3-on-6 implantation  £4.520 per jaw  

Medica Smile clinic offers reasonable prices for implant treatment. You will be able to treat your smile at a low price here, thanks to this. Additionally, you can be sure of the excellent quality of the final result. In addition, you can get full-mouth dental implantation that allows correcting a full jaw at once. The cost for dental implantation varies from £1.600 to £2.400 per jaw.  

Dental implantations that we offer

Our clinic offers 4 types of implantation. We provide Simple, All-on-4, All-on-6 and 3-on-6 implantations. You will be able to choose the most suitable one for you. If you do not know which implantation is better for you, you can consult with our dentist about it. They will tell you about every option and help you to choose one of them, considering your oral health. We also tried to make your choice easier. That is why we have prepared a short description for every implantation. That is why if you plan to get implant treatment, this information will be useful for you.  

Simple/multiple implantation

Simple dental implantation

If you lost a tooth because of bad damage, you can replace it with simple implantation. This method involves placing a titanium screw in the place of tooth extraction. The dentist makes a small incision into the jaw for it. It allows them to see the bone and place the screw. At the end of the operation, the dentist will stitch. When the recovery period passes and the jawbone is healed, the doctor will cower screws with a crown. 

All-on-4 implantation

All-on-4 dental imlantation

All-on-4 implantation is a suitable method for patients who lost more than 4 teeth. This method is a simple solution that helps to return an attractive appearance for a smile. The dentist will place 4 screws into the jawbone. Then you will need to wait until the recovery period passes. It can take 3-5 months. It depends on the individuality of the organism. That is why even the dentist can not say an exact time. After a recovery period, the dentist will cover crews with a full denture. 

All-on-6 implantation

All-on-6 dental implantation

If you lose most of your teeth, you can get all-on-6 implantation. This option will help you to correct a full smile. This procedure involves placing 6 screws into the jawbone. They will take root with the bone and will perform all tooth functions. After the recovery period, you will need to visit the dentist. They will cover screws with a full denture. As a result, you will get teeth for a full jaw at once. Dentists like this type of implantation, because of the large number of screws that provide excellent support for dentures.

3-on-6 implantation

3-on-6 dental implantation

If you suffer from toothlessness, you can get 3-on-6 implantation. It will be the most suitable option for you. All-on-6 implantation involves placing 6 screws that will perform perfect support. As a result, you will get reliable and durable new teeth. Additionally, it is a quick method to correct a full smile. At the end of the treatment, the dentist will cover screws with 3 brides. In addition, you will be able to replace one of them at any time. It is the main advantage of this method.   

Pregnancy and implant treatment

Pregnant women can visit a dental clinic to check their oral health and do teeth cleaning.  Gynecologists and the American Dental Association recommend not to start implant placing before a second trimester. However, there are occasions when you need to break these rules. That is why it is better to consult with your doctor about this item. They will give you advice considering your well-being.

Risk of implant treatment during pregnancy

Getting implant treatment can involve tooth extraction. This step is necessary if your tooth is too damaged. The next step is placing screws. This procedure involves using general anesthesia. It allows performing this surgery without discomfort. After this step, you will be able to get rest for 3-5 months. Your jaw will be healed for this time. The next phase will involve placing crowns or a full denture. 


Checking oral health is an important phase of implant treatment. That is why the dentist will ask you to do an X-ray. It will allow checking your jawbone and teeth better. That is why this step is necessary. Gynecologists say that X-ray is safe for pregnant women. However, doctors warn about the risk of exposure to even a small amount of radiation. For that reason, most women try to avoid this procedure. It can be the first reason why patients postpone implant treatment. 


Local anesthesia is safe for pregnant women. However, if you plan to get implant treatment, you need to be ready for the surgery, which involves using general anesthesia. It can be dangerous during pregnancy. Sometimes, implant treatment can be performed with local anesthesia, but some dentists recommend using general option. It is because the surgery involves placing screws into the jawbone. That is why it is better to use general anesthesia that will help to avoid discomfort during the procedure. Well, you need to agree on the type of anesthesia with your dentist. 


Dentist treatment can be a serious stress. It is because even a simple visit to a dental clinic can be stressful for someone. That is why it can be dangerous during pregnancy. That is why it is better to consult with your doctor to decide if implant treatment is safe for you. It is because stress can be risky for pregnant women. For that reason, if you suffer from dental phobia, it is better to postpone implant treatment. It is because the stress can cause gestational hypertension which can be dangerous for an unborn baby.   

When can implant treatment be necessary?

There are occasions when patients need to place an implant during pregnancy. This option can be necessary if you want to correct your appearance. Implant treatment is the best method to get new teeth that will look and feel like natural ones. That is why if you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, because of bad damage, you can replace it with an implant. It is especially important if you need to extract a front tooth. It can affect your appearance and self-confidence. You can stress because of this. As a result, it also can badly affect an unborn baby. On such occasions, it is better to get implant treatment if your doctor did not find out that you have any contraindications to this procedure.  

Preparing to implant treatment

Prepare to dental implant treatment

If you want to get implant surgery during pregnancy, you need to prepare for this procedure. Also, it is better to plan every step of treatment. It will help you not forget about any important thing that you need to do before the procedure. That is why we want to help you and have prepared short information about preparing for the implant placing.   

Well, first of all, you need to visit your doctor and consult about the opportunity to get implants during pregnancy. They will give you permission to get this procedure. The next step involves consultation with the dentist. They will check your oral health to decide if they can allow you to get an implant treatment. The dentist will agree with you on all the treatment details. It will allow you to avoid any complications during the procedure. Additionally, it is important to care for your teeth. Your daily routine should include brushing your teeth with a dental brush and floss. Also, it is necessary to do professional cleaning in the clinic and visit the dentist to do schedule checking. These simple steps will help you to avoid new diseases.

Post-surgical complications

You need to remember that your immunity can be compromised during pregnancy.  That is why you can meet some complications after implant treatment. As a result, the dentist will warn about a higher risk of screw failure. Foe that reason, you need to be ready for some complications. Additionally, you need to be ready for an infection that can be after the procedure. The dentist will try to help you with it without antibiotics because it can be dangerous to an unborn baby. In addition, an infection can cause serious pain. That is why dentists prescribe painkillers and antibiotics. However, they can be harmful during pregnancy. That is why your doctor can recommend you suffer pain.   

Why is it better to get implant treatment in Turkey?

Happy pregnant woman after getting dental treatment

If the quality of treatment is important for you, visit our clinic. We will offer you the best result that will make you happy. We guarantee a high-quality performance of the treatment. Additionally, we use only the best materials that will serve you for a long time.  That is why you can be sure of the durable and long-lasting final result. Our dentists will care about your oral health. They will try to make your smile pretty and durable. In addition, you will have a huge selection of materials. For that reason, you will be able to choose the option that will be suitable for you. Well, if you plan to get implant treatment, visit Medica Smile and get saved implant placing!    


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