Toronto bridge all-on-four in Turkey


The term “Toronto Bridge” refers to a fixed prosthesis that can be used to replace all of the teeth in a dental arch. This complete prosthesis with flange—or, if you prefer, fake gingiva—can replace up to 12 teeth per arch and is attached to titanium dental implants via abutments using either the immediate loading implantology technique or, in more conventional dentistry, delayed loading implantology.

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1-3 days


From ₤1600


15 years


local or local with sedation

The Toronto Bridge has some benefits.

-It costs less than other options since it uses the fewest implants; 

-The prosthesis is immobile while being chewed; 

-It can take the role of removable dentures and is best for entire arches; 

-Time is saved because all permanent teeth can be attached to one prosthetic device in a short period of time; 

-Surgery involves less intrusion;

-Fast way to get a new smile. 

Who is a good candidate?

Generally speaking, any patient with a healthy bone can have surgery to apply a fixed prosthetic. Its distinguishing feature is that, frequently, just 4 implants are used overall in comparison to the number of missing teeth (all-on-four).


Application times are shortened, and the immediate load is applied. After the dentist appointment,  All-on-four enables a safe escape from the clinic without worrying about the prosthesis coming loose. 

This type of implantation is not always the ideal option, and individuals with extremely high gums are not advised to use it. Anyhow, the implantologist will determine if a specific patient is a good candidate for a prosthesis.

One of the finest ways to treat a mobile denture is with the Toronto Bridge prosthesis, which is anchored to Osseo integrated implants and gives the patient a sense of security and trust in all facets of his everyday life.

What are the stages of an All-on-four prosthetic application?

Every implantology intervention starts with a planning session during which the patient’s suitability for a certain technique is evaluated and their fingerprints are taken. 

The placement of the four implants, which will be set in between the inner and outer mandibular foramina, will then be planned to prevent any injury to the mandibular nerve that could result in a temporary or permanent loss of sensitivity in the lower lip. 

Due to the instantaneous load, it is possible to have a new smile within 24 hours.

Are fake gums required?

The Toronto Bridge prosthesis is distinguished by the presence of a flange (fake gum) that serves two purposes:


It is nearly impossible to tell where the real gum begins and the prosthetic gum stops because the flange is positioned beyond the smile line.

However, prosthesis’s flange is one of its drawbacks because it makes it simple for food particles to collect underneath it. As a result, your dentist needs to continuously check your dental hygiene practices.


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