What Do You Need to Know About Turkey Teeth Before and After Results?

What Do You Need to Know About Turkey Teeth Before and After Results_

You can find out in advance what your smile will look like after the transformation with the help of Turkey teeth before and after photos.

The dental veneer placement is a profitable investment in the health and beauty of your oral cavity, as Turkey offers the most pleasant and competitive cost.

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Transforming Smile at MedicaSmile: Teeth Before and After

Your smile may be good, but you may want to make the perfect finishing touch! You can visit our clinic if your teeth have various problems.

After the treatment , your smile will undergo an amazing change! We will start by cleaning and whitening your dentition to achieve brightness and whiteness. If there are small imperfections, such as stains or cracks, we can use dental veneers to make your smile even and smooth.

Phenomenon of Turkey Teeth

“Turkey teeth” is a term describing an aesthetic dental problem seen in some people. It means a smile that looks too unnatural.

Phenomenon of Turkey Teeth

However, our specialists will be able to make your teeth look natural and lifelike!

There are the following ways to transform a smile:

  • improving oral hygiene;
  • professional whitening at the dentist;
  • dental veneer installation.

Consult our specialist for a more accurate assessment of your situation because aesthetics and dental health issues are crucial!

How Is the Turkey Teeth Process Performed at MedicaSmile?

The procedure for dental veneer placement is as follows:


Veneers Before and After Results

Turkey veneers before and after show impressive results, significantly improving the smile and self-esteem of people.

Before dental veneer installation, patients may have misaligned dentition or small interdental gaps that affect the aesthetics of their smiles. Teeth may also be yellowish or stained due to diet, smoking, or other factors.

After dental veneer placement, patients can expect the following:

  • ideal shape and size of teeth;
  • whiteness and brightness of a smile;
  • natural and aesthetic look;
  • self-confidence and increased self-esteem.

What MedicaSmile Do to Avoid “Turkey Teeth”?

Our clinic successfully avoids the “Turkey Teeth” phenomenon, as you can see from Turkey teeth veneers before and after photos.

What MedicaSmile Do to Avoid “Turkey Teeth”

To do this, we use several strategies:

How The Process Looks Like
Get in touch with us
Receive your free treatment plan
Attend an appointment


  • Why Is Dental Treatment Cheaper in Turkey?

    Dental treatment in Turkey can be cheaper for the following reasons:

    • lower cost of labour, equipment, rent of premises, salaries of specialists, and so on;
    • high competition among dental clinics and a large volume of patients;
    • the existence of tax policies and government support programs in the medical field;
    • favourable exchange rates and tourism.

  • How Safe Is It to Get Veneers in Turkey?

    Dental veneer installation in Turkey is a safe treatment. However, it is always worth remembering that choosing a quality and reputable clinic is essential.

    Look at the people’s reviews about the clinic, and take an interest in their rating and reputation. It will help determine how reliable and professional the place is.

    Find out if the clinic has the necessary certificates and licences. It indicates that they meet the standards.

  • How to Avoid an Unsuccessful Dental Treatment?

    . Explore the clinic and doctors. Check out their experience, qualifications and ask them for veneers in Turkey before and after photos.

    1. Discuss the procedure in detail. Find out how the treatment will go, what materials will be used, and what expectations the doctor and you have.
    2. Share your medical history. It is important to tell your doctor about your medical history, allergies, and other medical conditions.
    3. Discuss prices and warranties.
    4. Trust your intuition: feel free to ask questions and voice your concerns.

  • Can I Trust Turkish Dentists and Why?

    Trust in Turkish dentists is justified. You can trust them for the following reasons:

    • high quality of dental treatment (many Turkish specialists are highly qualified and trained in prestigious educational institutions);
    • many years of experience and involvement of experts with extensive experience;
    • use of modern, advanced equipment;
    • warm hospitality and concern for the comfort and convenience of patients;
    • affordable cost and medical tourism.

    Our dentists will not disappoint you with their professionalism, so sign up  for a free consultation at our clinic to check it out!


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