Turkey Veneers Before and After: Photos and Reviews

Turkey Veneers Before and After_ Photos and Reviews

Turkey veneers before and after photos are essential if you are still hesitant about getting veneer and want to form an idea about this procedure in advance.

Dental veneers  in Turkey are installed with high quality and at the most affordable cost.

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Why Is It Essential to Check Before and After Veneer Photos?

Checking Turkey teeth before and after photos is a crucial part of deciding to undergo the procedure.

First, photo comparison helps patients better understand what the result will look like after veneers are placed. It allows an informed decision to be made whether the patient’s expectations are in line with the desired outcome.

Secondly, photo verification helps the doctor plan the veneer placement process more accurately.

Third, these photos can serve as proof of the quality of the work. They are visual evidence of how successfully and effectively the veneers have been placed.

Dental Veneer Expectations

When it comes to the teeth veneer procedure, there are the following things to expect:

  • consultation with a doctor (the dentist will ask you about your expectations and goals, conduct a teeth examination and decide whether the veneer installation is the right solution for you);
  • teeth impressions and preparatory work (dental impressions are needed to create individual veneers);
  • preparatory work (removal of a small amount of enamel from the surface of the teeth);
  • temporary veneer creation and placement that will be worn before the preparation of the final ones, allowing the patient to get used to them;
  • final teeth veneer preparation and installation;
  • aftercare.

What Factors Influence the Result of Dental Veneers?

When getting a veneer installed, several factors can affect the outcome of the procedure.

How Long Does Veneer Placement Take in Turkey?

How Long Does Veneer Placement Take in Turkey?

On average, the veneer procedure takes several stages and may require several visits to the dental clinic.

The consultation phase can take about one to two hours, including time for diagnosis and planning. Preparatory work (removal of the top layer of enamel) takes the same time.

Teeth veneer manufacture can take approximately one to two weeks. Installing temporary veneers takes about one to two hours. Installation of the final ones also does not take much time: about a couple of hours.

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Dental Veneer Reviews in Turkey

Patients leaving reviews about teeth veneers in Turkey before and after usually highlight several essential aspects.

Many patients note that Turkish doctors are proficient in modern methods and technologies, which guarantees high-quality work.

People also describe that the results are above and beyond. Turkish veneers are made taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient, allowing them to achieve a natural and attractive appearance.

In addition, patients note the availability and price competitiveness of the Turkish veneer service.


  • Why Choose MedicaSmile for Dental Veneer Placement?

    Our clinic has specialised in veneer installation and other dental procedures for many years. We offer these benefits:

    • high-quality work of experienced dentists;
    • use of the latest technologies and techniques;
    • competitive cost;
    • availability of all-inclusive packages;
    • long-term and high-quality results;
    • individual approach.

  • What Teeth Veneer Types Do We Offer?

    We offer several teeth veneer types:

    • ceramic veneers, which are made of high-quality ceramics, which makes them very strong and durable;
    • Emax veneers, which are made using a special technology that provides high strength and aesthetic appeal;
    • composite veneers, which are an alternative to ceramic ones and are made from a special composite resin.

  • How Is the Dental Veneer Placement Performed at MedicaSmile?

    The procedure for veneer installation in our clinic usually includes several of the following stages:

    • consultation with a dentist in the clinic (dental examination, X-rays and the use of 3D scanning for more accurate planning of the procedure);
    • preparation of teeth (removal of a small layer of enamel from the front surface of the teeth);
    • dental impressions and veneer manufacture (teeth impressions are sent to the laboratory, where master technicians will make veneers individually, taking into account the shape, colour and size of your dentition);
    • verification and installation;
    • aftercare.

    Contact us and sign up for a free consultation if you want your teeth to look like a million dollars!


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