Turkey Veneers Package and Cost

Turkey Veneers Package and Cost

Turkey veneers package is often used to transform the patient’s smile by changing the visible colour and shape of the patient’s teeth. The procedure has all the aesthetic benefits of dental crown installation while being less invasive and expensive. Nevertheless, this treatment requires the dentist to be experienced to have the best results, which can make the final price of the procedure very high. This is why more and more people choose to go to Turkey for dental veneers, as they can get quality treatments for an affordable price.

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What Is the Cost of Veneers in Turkey?

Turkey is the leader in dental tourism because clinics here can offer their patients world-class treatments for a much lower price than what they can get locally. While the final cost of the veneer installation procedure depends on many factors, the patient can be sure they will pay much less than if they were installing the same veneer in a clinic at home. To better show you how affordable dental veneers at Turkish clinics are, the average price for a single dental veneer at MedicaSmile is ₤200.

Price in Turkey
Price in UK
Composite Veneers
£90 - £175
£500 - £950
Porcelain Veneers
£110 - £220
£625 - £1.250
E-MAX Veneers
£150 - £250
£790 - £1.460

Our clinic uses the same imported veneers that are used in the UK, and our doctors are very experienced in dental prosthesis installation, so for this price, you will get a treatment that is equivalent in quality to a procedure that will cost up to seventy per cent more in the UK.

Why is the price for veneers lower in Turkey?

The main reasons why dental veneers and all other dental treatments are so much more affordable in Turkey are the country’s low cost of living and government support for medical tourism. Turkey’s government offers clinics many kinds of aid to allow clinics to get the best materials and equipment without raising their prices.

The low living costs mean that all the prices in Turkey are, in general, not as high as in a country where living is more expensive, especially for local goods and services. This is because renting a space for your business does not cost as much as in the UK, and the various costs of operating a business are also lower. As a result, clinics can offer their services and have good profits without making the price as high as in the UK and other countries of Western European countries.

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What Affects the Price of Veneers in Turkey?

The price of a dental veneer treatment depends on many factors. Firstly, it depends on how many veneers a patient needs to have installed.

As a matter of course, the more veneers a patient needs, the higher the price will be. The number of veneers the patient will require is dependent on the patient’s smile line. A smile line means the number of teeth visible when you smile or grin. As the installation of dental veneers is primarily a cosmetic procedure, there is little reason to install more veneers than will be visible most of the time.

What Affects the Price of Veneers in Turkey

Another factor that determines the price of veneers is their material. There are many types of dental veneers, and their prices differ depending on their material and how they are manufactured. Dental veneers are applied to the front of the teeth and usually are made in the lab after the dentist prepares the patient’s teeth for treatment and makes three-dimensional scans.

Composite Veneer

Veneers made of composite resin are the most affordable veneer type, the same kind as used for composite fillings and boning. The resin can be applied directly to the patient’s tooth, in which case the procedure will be even less expensive. Alternatively, the dentist can make composite veneers separately from the tooth. This way usually results in more durable veneers, which is why it is more expensive.

Porcelain Veneer

Another popular type of material for veneers is porcelain. It is more expensive than composite resin but not as much as proprietary ceramics. Ceramic is more durable and stain resistant than resin. Proprietary ceramics, such as Emax, are the most expensive type of veneers, but they are also the most natural-looking of them all because of their semi-translucency. The Emax material is more durable than ordinary dental porcelain. Still, veneers made from it tend to be thinner, so they are about the same in terms of durability once installed.


What Benefits Does a Package Deal for Veneers in Turkey Have?

A package deal for dental veneers is advantageous because it allows the patients to get their treatment without worrying about every aspect of their stay in Turkey. Our clinic will deal with most of them. Furthermore, every service in a deal will cost less for the patient than if they were buying them separately.

Because of this, such deals allow the patient to save money and time. In summary, the benefits are:

What Is Included in the Dental Veneer Package in Turkey?

There are several different package deals, but each of them will contain some common services outlined below.

16 E-MAX / Empress VENEERS

  • 16 E-MAX Veneers
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)

20 E-MAX / Empress VENEERS

  • 20 E-MAX Veneers
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)

Each deal contains a certain number of dental veneers, as well as a warranty for them. The package includes the price of consultation, anaesthesia, X-ray or other scanning method and medication required for installing veneers. It also includes supplementary services, including accommodation in a hotel and local transfers.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Veneers?

A suitable candidate for the treatment is someone in generally good shape and whose teeth have enamel that is strong enough to support the veneers. They should have sensible expectations of what the installation of veneers can achieve. Dental veneer installation usually does not have age limits, but the patient should be aware that veneer installation is a permanent change to their teeth.

How Long Does It Take to Get Veneers in Turkey?

Getting dental veneers takes about a week. The precise time depends on how many teeth the patient will need to treat and the type of veneers installed, among other criteria. At the fastest, dental veneers can be installed in a single visit to a clinic, but this is usually only possible with directly installed composite veneers. More often, the patient will need to wait at least two days between visits as their veneers are manufactured. The patient can treat their visit as a holiday and enjoy the sights and nature of Turkey in the meantime.


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