Turkish Teeth Implants

Turkish Teeth Implants


5-6 days


from ₤450




local or local with sedation

Turkish teeth implants are a durable and quality investment in your smile. The implantation surgery at MedicaSmile in Turkey has a favourable, affordable, competitive and knock-down cost compared to the UK.

The implantation process is not easy and takes a long time; however, the result is worth all the efforts and expectations!

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Why Do Foreigners Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

There are several following reasons why foreigners choose our clinic for Turkish dental implants:

  • high quality of medical services (modern clinics, state-of-the-art technologies and skilled dentists);
  • low prices and savings (patients can save significant amounts of money, even after accounting for travel and accommodation costs);
  • medical tourism and a high level of comfort and quality of service;
  • the rich history and unique culture of Turkey;
  • trust in Turkish doctors due to their quality education and extensive experience in dentistry and, specifically, dental

What are dental implants in Turkey?

What are dental implants in Turkey

A dental implant is a titanium screw inserted into the jaw instead of a missing tooth root. It creates a reliable basis for dental prosthetic structure installation in the future.

An implant is a pin or screw-shaped form inserted into the jawbone at the site of a missing tooth.

The abutment is attached to the implant and creates a kind of foundation on which a dental crown or other prosthetic structure will be installed.

A dental crown is made individually for each patient, taking into account their anatomical smile features and aesthetic preferences. It is attached to the abutment and makes the implant a fully functional tooth.

Dental Implants in Turkey Cost

In general, cheap dental  implants Turkey are more profitable than in the UK and other countries. Teeth implants Turkey price ranges from £450 to £600 on average.

The price depends on the number of dental implants required to restore the dental arch. The more implants are needed, the higher the cost of treatment can be.

Price in Turkey
Price in UK
All-on-4 Implants
£1.600 - £3.500
£5.000 - £16.000
All-on-6 Implants
£2.400 - £4.000
£6.200 - £17.100
All-on-8 Implants
£3.200 - £5.500
£7.500 - £20.000

There are various brands and types of dental implants on the market. They can vary in quality, durability, and Turkey teeth implants cost. More expensive implants usually have longer warranties.

All-Inclusive Full-Mouth Dental Implant Packages in Turkey

All On 4
With Straumann
Neodent Implants

£ 1630
  • Free Hotel Stay
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)
Per Jaw

All On 6
With Straumann
Neodent Implants

£ 2430
  • Free Hotel Stay
  • No Charge Transfer
    (Airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel, clinic)
Per Jaw

Full-mouth dental implants Turkey price at MedicaSmile is very affordable and beneficial as it ranges from £1630 to £3230. You can purchase an All-inclusive package for full-mouth implantation at our clinic, which includes many of the following additional services:

  • initial consultation (oral cavity examination, X-ray or computed tomography);
  • surgical procedure for placing implants into the jaw;
  • covering the costs associated with the surgical procedure, including anaesthesia and operating room;
  • production of individual abutments and production and attachment of dental crowns and prosthetic structures;
  • medical transfer and hotel accommodation;
  • postoperative care.

Indications for Dental Implantation in Turkey

The placement of dental implants is considered an effective solution for restoring dental architecture in patients with the following dental problems:

A dentist at MedicaSmile will evaluate your oral health, bone structure, and other factors during a consultation to determine if implants are the suitable solution for you.

Dental Implants Surgery in Turkey

Dental Implants Surgery in Turkey

Dental implantation at our clinic is performed in four main stages: planning, preparation, surgery and healing.

Treatment Planning

Planning before dental implantation plays a decisive role in the successful treatment process. During the initial consultation, the implantologist evaluates the patient's oral health and also performs some diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays or computed tomography, to better understand the situation. The implantologist conducts a detailed analysis of all the information collected, including the results of a diagnostic examination, the state of the bone tissue, the position of adjacent teeth, and other factors to make an informed decision on implant planning.

Preparation for Implantation

If the patient has gum disease or other problems such as periodontitis, these must be treated before implantation. Dental cleaning, infection treatment, and other dental procedures must be performed to provide optimal conditions for implantation. During preparation, special attention is paid to the planning of anaesthesia. Usually, implantation can be performed under local anaesthesia, but in some cases, a general one may be required. Before implantation, the implantologist will develop a temporary rehabilitation plan. It may include the placement of a temporary prosthesis or other temporary structures.

Surgery Stage

The surgery stage of inserting the implant into the jawbone is a key moment in dental implantation. The implantologist makes an incision in the gum to gain access to the bone tissue. This incision creates space for the insertion of the implant. The specialist inserts the implant into the jaw. The implant is then fixed into the bone and protected by a temporary cap or capsule. After inserting the implant, the implantologist carefully closes the incision with sutures.

Healing Process

The main stage of treatment and healing is osseointegration, which occurs over several weeks or months after implantation. An implant becomes firmly connected to the surrounding bone tissue during osseointegration. The bones are formed and fused to the implant surface, providing a strong and stable attachment. The dentist installs a permanent prosthesis at the end of osseointegration.


Dental Implants Advantages in Turkey

Dental implantation has many of the following benefits:

How The Process Looks Like
Get in touch with us
Receive your free treatment plan
Attend an appointment


  • 1. How Safe to Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

    Getting dental implants in Turkey is safe. This country is known for its developed medical tourism and high-quality dental services.

    Before deciding to have a dental implant in Turkey, it is always a good idea to study the qualifications, experience and reputation of the doctors who will perform the treatment.

    Research also the reputation of the dental clinic or centre where you plan to have dental implants. Read the reviews of other patients and ask for the opinion of medical specialists.

  • 2. Are Dental Implants Forever?

    Dental implants can last a very long time, but it can be said that they are a long-term rather than a permanent solution for replacing a tooth.

    Some studies show the success of implants for 20 years or more. Therefore, dental implants have long-term stability and durability.

    However, just like with natural teeth, you may experience problems in the future. For example, a change in the structure of the jaw or bone atrophy can occur with age.

  • 3. Can Dental Implants Fall Out?

    Dental implants are very durable and usually do not fall out if they are properly placed and maintained.

    However, as with any medical surgery, there is a certain percentage of possible complications. Possible reasons why an implant could potentially fall out or cause problems could include:

    • insufficient healing;
    • lack of proper care;
    • mechanical impact (for example, injury from a severe blow or accident).

  • 4. How Long Does It Take to Get Dental Implant Treatment?

    As for time, the process of dental implantation can take different periods.

    The osseointegration process can take about 2-3 months for the implant to fuse with the bone and create a solid foundation for the future tooth.

    Thus, the total time required for dental implantation at our clinic can be about 4-9 months.


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